Zoey’s Happy Tail

Posted: September 3rd, 2010




Hey Jodi and The ABR!!,

On the eve of Zoey’s 1st birthday (8-8-10), I just wanted to to give you all an update on our beautiful baby girl’s status…
Well, this little girl has been through a lot since Holly and I picked her up from you guys back in November 2009. All the while, she has ALWAYS had a wagging, happy tail!! As we do our daily walks, most people on the street have no idea that she is blind. Whether happily trotting next to me in the cooler weather or dragging her lazy self behind me when it’s hot, she is a traffic stopper with her great looks! And, it is quite funny to see the reaction on people’s faces when after Zoey has been sitting looking at them for 4-5 minutes and they finally realize that she has no eyes!
Our Vet found us a perfectly matched playmate for Zoey to have playdates with to get rid of some of the extra puppy energy she has. We hook a small cow bell to Ranger’s collar and the two girls wrestle and play until they both are lying, panting on the ground. Zoey can run after Ranger following the sound of the bell, it’s GREAT! She also runs and fetches rubber balls that have bells inside of them. It’s amazing to watch her “grid” out the area she last heard the ball make a sound from in order to find it. However, most times she is romping right with the ball and finds it immediately. We are still working on the “drop it” command. She thinks “drop it” means buck around like a horse and tease Mommy until she grabs me.
Our Zoey is ALL American Bulldog…smart, loving, playful, and, of course, stubborn. She is a very confident girl despite her handicap and has made a great impact in our lives. We love her and thank you for allowing us to adopt her!!

Sharon Long

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