American Bulldog Rescue needs your help! We ALWAYS need volunteers to assist with home checks, transport dogs throughout the East Coast and in other ways.

Interested in volunteering? PLEASE COMPLETE THE FORM BELOW IN ITS ENTIRETY. Thanks for your support!

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    Is it okay if an interested person comes to your home to look at the dog? (required)


    Do you understand that all placements must be done through the ABR application process? (required)


    Do you understand that any ABR dog that you foster as an ABR volunteer is the sole property of ABR and must be returned if requested to do so? (required)


    The dog shall reside at the Foster Family's address and may not be given to anyone else or placed in any other home or facility. If the dog cannot be kept by the Foster Family, said Family shall notify American Bulldog Rescue immediately. the dog may not be sold, abandoned, relinquished to a pound or shelter or another rescue group, transferred or given to any other person, persons, group, organization or institution.

    By pressing the "Submit" button at the bottom of this application, you attest that you have read the above and agree to the terms therein.

    Care of the Dog

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    What sort of training do you plan on providing your new dog? (required)

    Are you agreeable to having a home-check done prior to adoption? (required)


    Home Placements

    Are you willing/able to do preliminary home-checks and post adoption checks for dogs placed in your area?


    All paperwork for placement homes (e.g. applications, contracts) must be forwarded to ABR within 5 business days of completion. Are you able to meet this requirement?

    Is there anything else you would like to add?

    Note: Please answer all questions. An incomplete questionnaire will delay you application. Also, please do not submit this application unless you are of legal age in your state.

    American Bulldog Rescue thanks you for your application!

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