Bella & Her Babes Are Out of MDAS

Posted: August 26th, 2015

Please welcome Bella and her litter of 6 beautiful babes. They were in Miami-Dade Animal Shelter. Not a good place for a new mom and newborn pups! We are so grateful that one of our foster homes has stepped up and opened her home to Belle & her babes.

They just arrived here (8.25.2015) and we are getting them to a vet today (8.26). Mom needs antibiotics and one of the little guys is sounding a little gurgly.

We will be asking you for support with this group! We will be posting an Amazon Wish List soon. This is the foster family’s first time fostering a mom and her litter. This also may be the first full litter we’ve had in Florida so we don’t have a lot of pup-rearing supplies to share. Please follow us on Facebook for updates on our new arrivals!

Thank goodness Bella and her litter were saved. We don’t say this to pat ourselves on our back, but because it was very possible that Bella and all her pups would’ve been euthanized. Please, spay & neuter your dogs. We don’t need more unwanted dogs ending up in shelters. Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers about the importance of sterilizing their pets!


Mom Bella and babies day 1

This is Bella and her litter all lined up on day 1 in their foster home.

Mom Bella freedom ride

Bella & The Babes with their foster family on their freedom ride.

Mom Bella whole litter

What’s in the box? Six adorable puppies!