Yogi’s Happy Tail

Posted: February 20th, 2010



Yogi- formerly known as Mack:

We wanted to share Yogi’s successful story with everyone. Yogi is now at his forever home. He is adapting well and loves his two housemates Chelsea and Moses. Yogi went from shy and distrustful of his new surroundings to bouncing around with his tail straight up in just a couple of days. Between the daily walks and all the visitors who want to meet this local celebrity, his days are full. We want to thank Carey and trainer Dave for all their hard work and effort to get Yogi to his new home. We will keep you posted!

Kevin & Dana 

March 5, 2010 Update:

Yogi Update : Yogi is doing fantastic! He has settled into a routine and is enjoying his life. He went to the vet and got a check up and met Dr.Reeves who was super impressed with Yogi. Yogi has a little bit of hid displaysia and is 10 pounds over weight and is lacking muscle tone. The weight and muscle tone being corrected as we speak and Yogi is on Glucosamine Chondrotin for his hips. We discovered Mr. Squirrel and have been having a blast chasing him! Talk to ya soon!

March 14, 2010 Update”
Yogi Bear is doing great! He is scheduled for Gastroplexy surgery this Tuesday. Due to his size and his constant playing with Chelsea (who has already had the proceedure) we are afraid that Yogi’s stomach may flip and cause him serious injury or worse. He is the King of the house now and is completely at ease with his life. Yogi loves peanutbutter on his Nyla bone and never misses a chance to go for a ride! We will check in after his surgery. 


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