Urgent- Winnipeg Beauties need your help!

Posted: December 13th, 2009

01/01/09- Note from Tonni- Sorry for missing a couple of days -the boys are doing well! I have called the kennel each day from Toronto to check on them – they are now in separate runs – next door to each other. They are together in the exercise area once to twice a day for 1/2 hour at a time.  Bentley is getting drops in his left ear 2 x daily – he is due to have it cleaned out on Tuesday again – so I will be back  to do it for him. The handlers now admit they are much easier to handle separately – Bentley being the easiest. Apparently they are getting lots of attention from the general workers because they are so funny and cute!  They are not barking too much except when another dog passes or people come up to them – so they are okay with their throats – per workers. I have advertised on usedwinnipeg and kijiji for used kennels – with the adjusted size – lots of hits but not responses yet.  I will go to/ call other shelters and second hand pet supply stores when I get back – also need to determine exactly what paperwork needs to be done for the flight – will call fellow Mark? if I remember right – when I get back. I will also arrange for dogs health certificates per whatever regulations after I get back. Wow – so wonderful that there is a happy ending pending!

12/29/09- Update on the Winnipeg Beauties:

Finally, after countless hours of work on this situation by Jodi and Tonni (the Winnipeg Beauties’ angel in Canada), the boys were signed over to ABR today. We are just thrilled!!!! Tonni has been amazing and very focused on her personal mission of getting these dogs to safety.

Their names are Boss and Bentley.

After Tonni picked them up today, they went to the vet to get the shots they will need to cross the border into the States. They will be staying in a boarding kennel until January 12th. On the 12th, the boys will fly from Winnipeg to New York where Jodi will pick them up. (update- Our ABR friend, Al, will be taking care of the van rental and transport of Boss and Bentley from NY to PA when they arrive. Thank you so much Al!)

Our estimated costs for the boys :  the flight is $689.95, the boarding costs are unknown at the moment, we have the vet bill from today, we will need to purchase 2 Series 700 VariKennels  (approx $200/each) for their flight and then we will have the cost for them to be neutered once they’re here.

We’ve received donations to cover a good portion of the flight, but here we are again with hat in hand, asking for more help to cover the additional costs we will have for the beauties.

Thank you to all of our readers for your patience with this story. We truly didn’t mean to ask for donations and then drop the issue. We really were not able to post any information for fear of it jeopardizing their chance for safety.

If you are able to help us with “the boys”, it would be greatly appreciated.

Imagine you’re in Winnipeg, Canada where it’s, as of this writing, -9 degrees. Now imagine that your human abandoned you and the house where you live and left you all alone. Take a look at these two beautiful babies and know that this is their plight at the moment.




We’re unable to provide the details at the moment because of the situation but will be able to once they’re in ABR’s care. There are two very special people in Winnipeg working with ABR so we can get them to Jodi’s safely. The rough estimate to get them to the States is $1,000 and we could sure use some help here.

We know it’s the holiday season and everyone’s short of money right now but please consider making a donation to help the Winnipeg beauties get to a safe “Home for the Holiday”.

Our thanks to the following folks in helping to bring these babies home for the holidays!

Jessie Carroll
Baltimore, MD
Mary & Gracie Fox
Little Silver, NJ
Karen Snyder
Schwenksville, PA
Annie Prescott
Debby & Rich Cornacchia
Willowbrook, IL
Eric Koester
Milwaukee, WI
Kerry Kibort
Sterling, MA
Maria Ralski
Gardner, MA
Loreen Pittman
Galloway, NJ
Ashley & Chad Walling
Fulshear, TX
Sharon Long
Absecon, NJ
Robert Gilliam (twice!!!)
Virginia Beach, VA
Diego Rico
Norwood, NJ