Willow’s Happy Tail

Posted: September 5th, 2009

Well, you wouldn’t believe the transformation in the last few days. She’s already a delight, and she’s only going to be more wonderful as she continues to settle in to her new home and learns that she doesn’t have to be nervous anymore. 

Willow is a changed dog. Her sweet nature is shining through her ever-shrinking nervousness, and she’s an absolute joy to have around. She LOVES being inside, and is just so happy to have a family (pack) to hang out with. She is a complete pleasure to have in our home. I can’t understand how this sweetheart of a dog ended up in such a bad situation. She’s just a love-sponge and a non-stop wag-machine.

She has made herself at home faster than I could have imagined. She loves her two crates — one in our family room and one in my bedroom. She is still trying to sort out her relationship with our two cats. All she wants to do is play, and she can’t understand why one of them keeps hissing. Oh well, the hissing one will learn to get along sooner or later….

The change in temperament in just three short days is amazing. I’m just so happy we made this choice. I only hope she has a good long life with us. Thanks again for helping us adopt her. She’s happily snoozing at my feet as this is written. I’ve taken a couple of pictures which I’ve attached to this email. Thanks again, Theresa. A great pairing of dog and home.


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