Who says I have problems with other dogs?

Posted: February 17th, 2014

Really, cannot believe how quickly Emmett is learning the ropes! Guess that’s what being a good trainee is all about. Today Emmett met The Duck. Duckie knows the ins and outs of dog speak and pretty much what it takes to be an awesome dog. (Case in point: Duck shows how a lady gets into a car. I really thought she was going to latch the kennel door.)

Having seen Emmett’s initial reactions to a balanced dog, I held my breath while watching this. No need. So I asked the trainer, what’s going on here? Is Duckie telling Emmett to cut out his pushiness?

Dave had this to say, “Emmett is very responsive to everything I have tried so far. … I am seeing more of just a young dog with no social experience. She [Duckie] is not so much telling him to cut it out, but to “hey dude, relax, lets play”.”

I’m guessing it won’t be long before we see a video of Emmett rolling around having fun with other dogs.

We’re on Day 3. Imagine Day 30. Interested in fostering or adopting Emmett? Click here for his adoption page.