What’s Emmett Been Up To?

Posted: March 12th, 2014

Trainee Emmett and Trainer Dave are working on Emmett’s comfort with public spaces. Last week they took another field trip to Bass Pro Shop. Trainer Dave said it was a stressful hour for Emmett. He got a nice reward at the end with getting cozy with the cashier, giving the guy tons of kisses. Here are some shots of him practicing his stays at BPS. Notice trainer Dave is not holding the leash. If I were to guess based on my brief experience with Emmett when we went to the vet together, I bet Emmett wanted to be glued to Trainer Dave’s side where everything is safe. Seeing these shots, it’s not hard to imagine that it was difficult for scaredy cat Emmett to leave Dave’s side and give his anxiety over to listening to his training. That’s a good dog there!

emmett sitting at fireplace emmett in sit emmett

And of course, Emmett is continuing to work on his doggie social skills. In this video of play time, he has a buddy who likes to play at Emmett’s level. Do you have dogs at home that sound like a battledome when they play? Than you know it’s not necessarily a scary interaction. If mouthy, loud, rough play unnerves you, check out theBark’s article, Is Your Dog’s Rough Play Appropriate?


Thanks go to Dave at Show Me YOUR Dog Training for all these great photos and video.