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Posted: August 5th, 2011

This will be an ongoing section for special needs dogs.
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Kate was pulled from a shelter in TX . They didn’t think that she would survive one more day in the shelter. Lucky for her, Fallon and Melissa stepped up and got her to the vet. Here is the report so far: Just got off the phone with the doctor she is very sick.  Kate is heart worm positive and her red blood count is 13% which should be 40%.  Dr. Shelton wants to check her next Thursday (cbc).  The good news is that she has new red cells forming.  Now the other bad news, he white count is 26000 it should be 12000.  I am starting tonight giving her amox. 250mg twice a day.  With her food I will be adding goat milk.

Sweet and wonderful Vinnie was rescued from a kill shelter in Florida.  He was found as a stray and sat at Animal Control for one week without any medical attention, pain meds or antibiotics until we rescued him and took him directly to a vet.  It appears Vinnie had his face slashed by a knife, machete or some other thin and sharp object.  Due to lack of medical attention from the shelter, Vinnie now has to have his eye removed.  Per the vet, he had to be in incredible pain while sitting in the shelter for a week but that didn’t seem to matter to the staff.  They never took him to one of their 2 full time vets.  There was a chance to save his eye had they treated him immediately or, at the very least, gave him pain medication and antibiotics.  Vinnie was sent to an opthamologist for a second opinion and the doctor agreed.  The sad part is that Vinnie is the sweetest and most docile dog and the vet said he probably just sat there looking up at his abuser and was just smacked in the face!  This is horrendous and it just breaks our heart.  Everyone that’s met this little guy falls instantly in love with him. Vinnie’s bills are quickly piling up and he hasn’t even had his surgery yet.  Can you please help Vinnie?  http://americanbulldogrescue.chipin.com/please-help-save-vinnies-gashed-eye

Thanks from Vinnie to:

Tempy Wright   •   Louise Wilkinson   •   Nicole Breitbach  •  Sheila Avilla  •  Vicki L Childs
Timothy Hatten   •   Gwen Bartlett   •  Brandy Cloud
Kristen McCullough   •  Jennifer Schweitzer  •  Timothy Hatten   •  Kristin Mattsen   •  Sharon Long
William Fuller   •  Bobbie Gianguzzi    •  Tara Trainor   •   Rose Marie Saunders
Kourtney Jones    •   Chris Allyn Fritsch   •  Patricia barberry   •   Catherine Wagner
Gay Bishop   •   Dawn Springsteen   •   Jennifer Fazio   •   Mary Smith    •   Donna Darling
Stephanie Combs   •   Debby Cornacchia    •  Tamara Baxter    •   Tia White
Kelley Gargiulo    •   Tracy Hastings   •   Alana Whitney   •   Joseph Warnagiris
Kimberly Forsberg    •   Michelle Godfrey    •   Nancy Kerper    •   Thedra Perry
Barbara Wellner    •   Paula Lubbe    •    Iris Lambka

I just wanted to send a special thank you to everyone that contributed to Vinnie’s surgery.  His eye was removed Monday after all hopes of saving it were exhausted.  He responded so well to the antibiotics and drops and the swelling was going down.  But unfortunately his retina was detached and starting to leak into the socket.  Vinnie is responding like the wonderful little gentleman that he is.  He will stay at the vet’s office for his post op and if all the swelling from the trauma of surgery is gone by Saturday, he has a temporary foster set up until the stitches are removed.  He has another foster home waiting for him in South Florida once he’s released from vet care.
I had hoped to have updated pictures by now but unfortunately………they’re not very pretty.  I will try to get updates and pictures this weekend when he leaves the vet’s office.   Carey

Darla with pain patch dated 8-3-11

^ ^ Darla had been turned in by her family when they found out she had a torn cruciate in her left rear knee. The corrective surgery is expensive and the shelter really doubted that a rescue would commit to taking Darla knowing the financial burden that went along with her. The shelter volunteer sent an email again the following day and raved about Darla’s sweet personality. She greeted every person and dog with a wag of her tail as she stumbled along on three legs. We sent Darla’s photo to a local vet and she agreed to do the surgery for $650, less than half of her normal fee. We found a loving foster family and Darla was saved! Her visit to the surgeon confirmed the torn cruciate in the left leg and, surprisingly, also in the right leg. We’ve had the surgery done on the left knee. The surgeon told us it was the worst knee she had ever repaired and must have been horribly painful. Darla is two weeks into her eight week recovery period and doing fabulously. The poor girl now faces surgery on the other knee (another $650), then, 8 weeks later, will be spayed. It’s been a long road for little Darla and she shows her gratitude with kisses.  We did post a Chipin for Darla’s last surgery and we only raised $250.  Here is Darla’s Chip In: http://americanbulldogrescue.chipin.com/darlas-cruciate-surgery
Thank you from Darla to:
Alana Whitney   •   Tracy Rooney   •   Margaret Knowles

^ Meet Roxy! After living on the streets when an area business closed, she is adjusting well in her new foster home. At just 1 ½ years old, Roxy is Heartworm Positive and will receive treatment. She is about 20 lbs underweight, but is getting stronger each day. Though she’s had a rough past, you would never know from her gentle and loving personality. She loves to play fetch, knows simple commands, and is friendly with other dogs. And she is potty trained. Zero accidents to date. Roxy is located in S. Florida. Please contact Carey at hhicarey@yahoo.com if interested in adopting Roxy when she feels better.