We need help!

Posted: October 23rd, 2010

We (everyone at ABR) all knew it was coming and we all knew the situation is bad….. too  many dogs in the shelters needing help and everyone having a hard time saying no (surely there’s always room for just ‘one‘ more), too many owner surrenders, too many of our dogs in boarding, too few foster homes, donations almost to a grinding halt, adoptions are down and on and on.

Well, we all learned from Jodi just how dire it is last Monday. Twelve thousand dollars worth of bad and that’s just for past boarding bills and a vet bill for 1 dog in MD alone. That doesn’t even take into consideration current boarding and medical bills in the other States where we have dogs. We currently have 9 or so dogs that are either undergoing heartworm treatment or are getting ready to. It’s bad, really bad and we need help.

The message to the volunteers from Jodi- we are unable to take any more new dogs until we get some of the dogs currently in our care adopted (or at least out of boarding) and get some of these bills taken care of. Period.

Jodi was in tears as she hit the send button on that email. I know, I was on the phone with her as she was typing it.

The inboxes for each and every one of our volunteers are packed daily with emails from shelters, desperate families that need help and other rescue groups who need help with a dog. It is quite a gut wrenching experience to see the photos of the beautiful creatures and then have to reply that we cannot help, especially when you know what their fate is going to be. There have been many sleepless nights and tearful phone calls amongst ourselves. 

Then something amazing happened- One of our volunteers (Deb Cornacchia) posted this on our Facebook page:

Ok, here is another plea. I won’t say exactly how much we are in debt (but it starts with a 12 and ends with THREE zeros) ARGH!!! If everyone who “likes” us or is a fan/friend would give just $5 or $10 dollars it would be an IMMENSE help. For everyone who does this, please leave us a comment on here so you can be recognized and thanked wholeheartedly. WE love you all and we really need some help. XOXO Bully lovers~”

And the donations started coming in. We have received close to $500 this week (YEAH!!!!). That’s a long way from where we need to be but you have no idea how much we appreciate everyone coming to our rescue. Thank you so very much from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

10/29/10- $545 this week. Woohoo! Thank you everyone!

We’d like to acknowledge the following people (and we hope the list keeps growing):

Gina Wilson Daryn Jones Bob & Paula Sipe Hilary Herd
Paul Stewart Kara Cobb Susan Thacker Naomi Recore
Roberta Bryant Angela Jones Terry Wesenick Tara Eisenhard
Mike Giuffre Charissa Geoffroy Jay Parrott Mary Fox
Thomas Stark Lisa Rimmer Rebecca Trout Chris Rice
Bobbie Gianguzzi Tara Hackman Carol Tutor Jennifer Gallagher
Susan Thacker Steve & Debby Lycans Rebecca Smith Andrew Holtz
Jade Mellor Jessie Swedberg Paul Matthew Zaldivar Robin Bisi
Sara McConnell RA Reed Clara Whalen Jennifer Hoopes
Dichroic Jewelry Barberry Handcrafted Cabinets Waldemar Duszyk Tara Eisenhard
Anna Gardner Kay Russell Matt Lettiere Alyson Trotter
Aurora Larios Naba Jim McCarthy Susan Thacker Carol Tutor
Michaeleen Nutley-Prusa Sharon Robb  Michele Taylor Chris Picha
Pamela Dietz Jennifer Schwartz Deborah Beracha Bailey Pearl Davis-Evans
Nancy Kwaiewski Lussnigsn Ruth Collery English Bulldog Rescue
of Georgia
Monique Abbate
Gail Witt Gail Garza Adrienne Mack Ali Idec
Alissa Whelan Elizabeth Clark Mary Irving Jennifer Hoopes
Theresa Walker Angelique Kuchta Charissa Geoffray Jodi Hunter
Idelso Quintero Linda Curtis Lis Kidder Heather Henderson
Maria Kendall Maggie Rosinia Debby Jane Lynn Stafford
Carolyn Emerson Katie Konek Lindalee C.Wald Naomi Recore
Sharron Sample