Tyson’s Happy Tail

Posted: June 6th, 2009




Since Tyson is a big “Facebook”fan We decided to tell his story in the “ 25 things about me.” Game.

  1. I am an American Bulldog mix. I was born in Georgia but now live in Philadelphia with my adoptive family.
  2. We kept the name I came with.. Tyson but my mom added Beauregard to honor my southern heritage.
  3. I star in a series of comics titled “The adventures of Tyson Beauregard  a rescue dog from Georgia”
  4. I was dropped off , by animal rescue,  at a “kill shelter” after they found me running loose with a mangled tail.
  5. I traveled to Newtown,  Pa,  and Lived with Jodi Specter at ABR while I had two surgeries to repair my tail.
  6. My adoptive family had lost their American bull dog mix suddenly to heart failure and wanted to adopt a girl named Ladybug. When they came to meet ladybug,  Jodi thought I would be a better match,  and they decided to take me. My tail was still bandaged.
  7. I went to live in a big Victorian house in the Germantown section of Philadelphia with a big yard.
  8. It was all new to me so for the first few weeks I went around the house and yard marking my territory but I soon learned better manners.
  9. I attended doggie training but most of the dogs there were too pushy and I sat under my mom’s chair most of the time.
  10. I was very anxious especially about thunderstorms, loud noises. Highway sounds like those big trucks.  I had an exaggerated startle reflex
  11. At first I would only walk until I could no longer see the house and then I would want to go home. I now walk around the block and anywhere Matt (my human Brother) will walk me.
  12. Once I got settled in I got very territorial and took up a rather annoying habit called “resource guarding.”
  13. I went after a couple of people who came to work and visit my house and my mom got me an appointment with a doggie behaviorist.  We had to have a couple of consultations over the first 9 months and I am doing much better now.
  14. The first summer was busy. I spent most long weekends at the Jersey Shore
  15. I learned to swim. I like the lake and the bay.  The ocean waves kind of scare me . Its not true that bulldogs sink only the English ones do.
  16. I also drove across country to Portland, Oregon to meet my Human sister and my cousin LOLO a baby bulldog.
  17. I saw Yellowstone, Glacier National Park  the Oregon coast and other fun stuff
  18. I really enjoy the car and traveling. I stayed in 12 different hotels without incident.  
  19. For some reason I developed a phobia of cameras and every time my mom took the camera out I would try to hide and start shivering.
  20. One time I ran into a toilet with a strange lady trying to hide from the camera.  Mom thought I might have been afraid because I thought it was a gun.
  21. I visited Dog parks all over the country. I met other dogs and did pretty well.
  22. I have two girls that are in love with me. my next door neighbor,  Lana a silky German Shepard and my #1 soul mate, Saba  a spunky Airedale.
  23. I wasn’t socialized very well as a puppy.  I approach humans like they were another dog, poke them and try to get them to chase me which scares some people who are not used to dogs.
  24. I am very loving to my family and will jump up on my mom’s chair and sit on her lap like I was a little lap dog.
  25. I am very thankful to have been rescued and adopted and my advice to people who want to adopt is be patient it takes about a year to work out all the stuff but it’s worth it in the end.

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