Two is a Date. Four is a Party!

Posted: February 26th, 2014

The videos below were posted by Emmett’s trainer Dave today. Who doesn’t like watching dogs romp around? The best thing about these is to see Emmett having such positive interactions with other dogs, male and female. With some of what we were hearing, there was concern that Emmett would have to be an only dog and maybe have limited exposure to other dogs.

You know what he has to say to that? “Whatever!”

Here’s a warm up of his first play¬†group:

Then check this one out. Here he is playing more and he even throws an appropriate correction to one of his playmates.

Trainer Dave of Show Me YOUR Dog Training sent an update tonight that Emmett’s playgroup has welcomed another dog.

Check out this guide on Dog Park Body Language. Good info for understanding your dog’s body language when playing with other dogs. Of special note: a wagging tail is not always a happy tail!