Trash or Treasure?

Posted: January 30th, 2012

I was putting away the decorations from Christmas and my daughter was helping. She was also going through some boxes and came upon some trinkets that hadn’t been seen for years. She was thrilled with her find and I was happy that she could make use of these objects that no longer meant anything to me. While visiting with my daughter I noticed she had cleaned up and displayed what was to her new and worthy of displaying. I began to think about how people love to find little treasures at yard sales and flea markets, take them home and clean them up, then proudly display thier finds. Shortly after the holidays we picked up a new foster dog at the kennel. This dog was so sad for her life had changed drastically. Her owner had to surrender her because he could no longer care for her. Her name is Pearl we were told. She wasn’t feeling well so we started her on some medicine, gave her a warm bed to rest, lots of good food to eat, and caressed her with loving hands. With each passing day we’ve noticed an improvement in Pearl. She is so sweet, loving and a little playful! We are happy to say that this gem of a dog will be ready for the right person to find her, see and admire her wonderful qualities, and take her home where she will be loved and treated like the treasure she is! I’d like to believe that Pearl’s previous owner was hoping that someone would find her and that she wouldn’t sit somewhere unnoticed and unloved, and worse yet, discarded like trash. Each week we at American Bulldog Rescue proudly display our dogs who come to us a little worn and a little dusty and we clean them up in hopes that they will shine like the diamonds they are!       Thank you, Trish

“Seek and you will find the treasures that lie within each of them waiting to be found” Trish Barberry

Donations: Maggie Sims on her second birthday  • The Brownyards  •  Sean Spacek
Michael Mazur  •  Lorraine Castro  •  Jason DiMartino  •  Eric Buchanan
Eileen Ritmiller  •  John Yeager  •  Kate + Thomas Hoffmann
Linda M Goodell  •  Andrew Manburg  •  Lorraine Castro•  Technology Exchange, Inc.
In memory of our beloved Gilligan. miss you everyday, buddy  Kathleen Spiewak
Tami Nadeau  •  Alexis Chapman  •  Alicia Cardello  •  Naomi Recore
With gratitude and thanks from our family for caring for Spikey & Junior,
and in memory of their father, Zeus. – Donald Wood
Randy Graves  •  Svetlana Adamovsky  •  Sydney Banch  •  Linda M Goodell
This donation is made in memory of our beautiful AB Lucy, who went across the
Rainbow Bridge on 1/16/2011.  We miss her every day. Lucy (aka Lulubelle Correll)
Life just isn’t the same without you!   Love, Corey, Suzie, Michael and your best pal Ziggy
Staci Chastang  •  Wendy Wells  •  Kristen McCullough  •  Niccole Brown
From Otis Gillespie and family 🙂  •  Joseph Warnagiris


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Cannot Ship This Product To AL, AK, MD, MS, PA, UT or outside the US.
PA orders should be shipped :
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Lambertville, NJ  08530

You can also call in orders (978)297-5477


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They are $10 (this includes postage!). They measure 4 inches across are are made by laser inscribed on hardwood. You can purchase them using, or by mailing a check made payable to American Bulldog Rescue to: Nancy Freitag, 14729 Gainesborough Ct. Orlando FL 32826. With just 50 ornaments available, they will go fast, so make sure to order yours today! All donations go towards helping the dogs.

All of our dogs are spayed/neutered, up to date on shots, flea, tick and heartworm preventative.

We Need Foster Homes:

Fostering a dog for a rescue group requires commitment. Foster families must be willing to invest time, attention, TLC and offer a safe environment for a dog who is in need. Aside from the day-to-day schedule of feeding, exercise and grooming, some additional responsibilities may be required. Placing a dog in a foster home allows us to assess the dog’s personality and determine the type of permanent home we should be looking at for that particular dog. The foster parent provides love, attention, some basic training (which we help with), and a regular report on how the dog is doing. We are always in need of foster homes because the bottom line is the more foster homes we have available, the more dogs we can help.” American Bulldog Rescue provides food (if needed), supplies and take care of all the medical needs and veterinary costs. You just need to give it a try and you will be hooked! It’s the most rewarding experience to know that you helped a homeless dog find a fantastic family!

Bogart was rescued from a Miami kill shelter after being surrendered (in this condition) by the man that adopted him from same shelter last September.  Bogart left the shelter with an Elizabethan Collar also referred to as an E-collar or the cone of shame that all dogs must wear after spays/neuters or simple surgeries to keep them from licking the surgical area.  This ‘adopter’ apparently left the hard plastic cone (e-collar) on for several months.  The gash in his neck is one inch deep from the cone digging into and growing into his neck while he slept, ate, etc.! The one inch deep gash and his eye injury didn’t happen over night! These inuries took months to manifest.  Can you imagine how excruciating that must’ve been with that horrible eye getting worse and worse and cone digging into his neck while sitting in a miami back yard. He must’ve just sat and suffered for months. The eye cannot be saved.  His vision is forever gone from the injury to his eye.  Due to the neck injury, he’ll have to wait two more weeks for the surgery to remove his eye. Poor Bogie. But he’s happy and safe and in good hands now! Welcome Bogie!


Droopy Movie

Florida: Droopy is such a sweet, inspirational dog that truly has so much to offer. He was rescued from Miami Dade AS on his last moments, and THANK GOODNESS! Someone would have missed out on one awesome dog. While Droopy may not be a huge stud like Yogi (see happy tails), he is a living breathing version of the Little Engine That Could. His mind is that of a happy puppy, but his body missed the memo. Droopy has a deformity of one of his back feet- he’s missing all of the bones that should be in the foot/toes. It doesn’t cause him any pain, just looks special =) He chugs right along like nothing is wrong. He also has learned how to accommodate and play with other dogs (he loves to play!). He’ll roll right over on his back and wiggle around and play upside down. Droopy is 4 years old and a fabulous boy with a heart of gold.
Pennsylvania: aka Miss Wonderful is probably as close to a perfect Lady as you get. She is 100% house trained, good with other dogs and cats. She is perfect on a leash, a laid back 6 year old who will not give you an ounce of trouble but will fill your heart with love! She will need drops in her eyes 2-3 tines a day but she will sit there and wait for you to put them in like a lady! Help us give this girl the happy ending she deserves! She is located in Bucks County, PA. 

Maryland: Gracie is House broken, crate trained, gentle with small children, needs work on a leash, recovering from HW’s, no cats, fine with other dogs Gracie’s story: I knew about this purebred American Bulldog from staff, and they said the usual “she’s sweet”. Well, you can take that info for a grain of salt- they’re almost ALL sweet.. but I went down to pick up a dog Friday and met this girl in person and she is a full-out HEARTBREAKER. Clearly bred for puppies, this girl is as personable as they get. She was trying to climb up in the kennel attendant’s lap while he was on the phone. A big couch potato. Loves to give amazing kisses. Tested a-ok with males and females on leash.
She was supposedly brought to a friend’s house for them to keep for awhile, and that person in turned dumped her at the pound.
Pennsylvania: Yoli got hit with the “Ultra Cute Stick” She is a 3 year old girl who’s owner was having landlord problems and Yoli couldn’t stay. She is incredibly social and friendly and melts for attention. She could use a foster home without cats.
Pennsylvania: Kano is a playful Old English puppy about 9-10 months old and he needs a foster home. He is happy and playful and loves other dogs.
Jersey Girl made the long trip from Mississippi to Pennsylvania and was everyone’s best friend including all of the dogs she met on the way! She could really use a foster home in PA/NJ/DE area to prep for her forever home. Please consider giving her that start.
Pennsylvania: SugarGurl is a young girl and very sweet, she loves to give kisses. She rides well in the car, knows sit, shake, and will catch treats when you toss them to her. She gets along with other dogs and walks well on the leash. She is currently in boarding and the owners have had nothing but good things to say about her and her behavior. She is a very pretty girls and loves to get attention. She is very happy around kids!!!
Pennsylvania: Buttercup Is stuck is boarding in Maryland. She is anxiously waiting for better photos of herself bleaned up happier. She loves other dogs and people! Please consider giving her a taste of happiness and the good life. 



Pennsylvania: Duchess now named Ducky (because she is) is a beautiful 4 year old female who is house trained, lived with other dogs and kids. Her family has no time at all for her and her housemate Debo. Duchess loves her family. she is so loyal and as you can see from the look in her face, she lives to please. They are living in crates most of their lives. They are spending over 20 hours a day there. The family can not afford to keep them any longer.
Pennsylvania: Smoke is a happy girl who is a joy to be around! She is 6 months old and loves other dogs big and small. She is doing great in her foster home and learning lots of good stuff.
Philly PA: Nemo Come find Nemo!!!
Planes, trains, automobiles! Nemo’s a traveler. He flew up to Philly on a small plane from NC. He was a piece of cake. Then hopped right in the car and drove to his new foster home. He settled in immediately, like he’d been here for years. Nemo is so sweet—fun loving and goofy, always wagging his tail. He gets along fabulously with our dog. He’s fully trained and heads right to the door when he has to go out. He sleeps quietly in his crate at night. He takes treats incredibly gently! Nemo’s a big handsome mush that would be a great addition to any home.
Florida: Jefferson is PERFECT with dogs, cats, PERFECT in the house and all this after coming from a living HELL. He was saved at the last second from euthanasia in a Louisiana shelter. Emaciated and battling against all of the emotional damage this level of longstanding abuse can cause. Some, like Jefferson, instead completely shut down as their way to cope. We know for certain that Jefferson’s case was one of the very worst. As his wounds slowly healed, we (Jefferson and a huge crew of dedicated staff) worked very hard with an incredible trainer to help Jefferson reintegrate or maybe even just integrate for the first time, into what would be his new life. He would stand emotionless as you pet, touched, talked to him. I’m very happy to say that this is no longer the case…at ALL!!! He likes to be in the company of other dogs, walks spectacularly on lead, has been a wonderful house guest at his fabulous foster home- he has made us so very proud! . If you think you are worthy of this incredible, beautiful, majestic, kind, gentle, smooshy, drooly love muffin please send in an application. Jeff has fought so very hard, now he just needs his “happy tail”! Jefferson and the kids playing videoThe top photo is a after photo. After Jefferson gained 25 pounds!

Pennsylvania: Lolly, Lolly, Lolly get your bulldog here! (Anybody remember what that is from?!) Lolly is a wonderful dogs, wonderful with kids! Check out her video, she is 3 years old and was turned into a Philadelphia shelter because the familie’s landlord thought she was too big…and she is one big gurl.She has lived with a slew of children and is in a foster home with small children, a male chihuahua and doing fantastic!See Lolly’s video:
Pennsylvania: SILLA is ready or her new home. She is fantastic, not perfect but sweet, and as good as they come. SILLA is about 1 1/2 to 2 years old and just as pretty as she is sweet. She would be great with a older (3 – up), calm male dog and older children. Make an appointment to meet this sweetheart. She has Overcome her horrible beginnings thanks to her wonderful professional training supplied by: BLITZ PET PROFESSIONALS, located in BUCKS COUNTY PA. SILLA is doing great as you can see by her pictures, she has gone through intense training in Neutrilization, Socialization, & Desensitization training. WE FEEL SHE WOULD DO BEST IF SHE IS ADOPTED TO A HOME WITH A NEUTERED MALE CALM DOG SINCE SHE JUST LOVES THE COMPANIONSHIP OF A FRIEND. If interested in her and the wait, (if approved you can visit her)
Florida: Remember the 4 beauties that came in together as “strays” but were amazingly bonded….hmmm. Well Rainbow and Sheriff went to Texas and Duke and Rambo remained in Florida. Duke and Rambo were finally sprung from boarding and have a wonderful foster mamma that couldn’t believe the ease of introducing 2 more dogs to their 2 other dogs. They are that good and well behaved. Bo came to us from a high kill shelter, as part of a group of 4. He’s a stunning bulldog who has wonderful AB physical traits (extremely muscular- large build) as well as a lot of the typical personality traits…he is VERY proud and quite stubborn when he wants to be. He is very loving and sweet though and likes to be the center of attention. Bo seems to be happiest as an only dog. I am hanging out in Tamarac, FL

New Arrivals:

Florida: Dozer is an 11 month old American Bulldog and BIG baby! He loves cuddles and walks. He knows basic commands, is crate trained, house trained and gets along very well with the kids and the other dogs. He learns *so* quickly. This big boy is an amazing dog! He attracts attention everywhere I take him and he cuddles right up to anyone who wants to pet him. He is neutered, micro-chipped and fully vetted. Bulldozer is such an awesome dog!! I was a little worried about high energy with the kids – but he is doing great! Obedience training has been a breeze and he is doing well with the children and with the other dogs.  He is learning to play gently with the kittens. He doesn’t go after them – just doesn’t realize how big he is when he is playing with them. You will absolutely fall in love with this sweet boy!
North Carolina: MeatBall Louie is one of those surprise dogs. His happiness is shining through no matter what you do with him. He is happy all the time and a fun guy to have around. MBL is one handsome guy needing that one special home to call his own. He gets along well with other dogs and doesn’t mind a game of chase the ball, however bringing the ball back is another story. He is a avid duck hunter (decoy ducks that is). He creeps up on the decoys in our swimming pool and is very sneaky and a bit fearful of those ducks… but he creeps up on his tummy as not to startle the ducks. MBL is house trained, crate trained, and does well with dogs… He needs to work on not jumping, which is coming along but he is a strong boy so he’d do better in a home with older children. He’s totally is GREAT! If you miss MBL you will miss a lifetime of fun. Meatball Louie is located in Raleigh, NC. If you’re intested in adopting Louie, please go to to submit an adoption application.
Florida: Chili is such a sweet boy and very happy and thankful to be safe in a home! He is approximately 2 years old, vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. He was saved from a high kill shelter where many other unlucky dogs were euthanized! We are very happy to have this sweet boy. There is not a person that’s met him (including the staff at the vet’s office where he was neutered) that hasn’t fallen totally in love with him. Chilli’s foster family loves him so much!  He was transported from Miami to Ft. Myers and all the driver’s said he was so good in the car, just looked out the window or relaxed in the back seat. He is very friendly with our pups, house/crate trained and just a joy to have around. We will have an updated bio and pictures coming soon.

She sits by your side watching what you watch, maybe the bird, or the tress blowing from the wind… nothing all all is better in this whole wide world than the time she has with you… and you can see how happy she is to be at your side and most of all to be loved.Her eyes smile the entire time with pride to be your dog and to be loved.
Tess is located in Temple, TX. If you’re interested in adopting Tiggy, please fill out an adoption application at
Texas: Tess came to rescue like so many of our dogs. She was picked up by animal control and no one came to claim her. She had about a 15% chance of rescue or re-claim. Lucky for us she is in that 15%. Tess is one of the sweetest dogs ever. Tess is happy to just be part of a family. She is what I call a very easy keeper. She crates well, never complains about anything. She seems to get along well with male or females and totally thinks it is the GREATEST thing on earth to have her head rubbed. You see I don’t think Tess has ever had a home with love before. Even though I am her foster home, Tess feels loved. She knows she is going to be fed… loved on and given a warm dry place to sleep that is safe.Tess came in with bones showing and some pressure sores on her hind area. She now has a full beautiful coat. She has one of the most pleasant personalities you could ever ask for. She runs with her tail straight up in the air with pride to be a loved dog….the twinkle in her eyes that was once lost is back.Tess is a natural love! She gives all she has to you and with that she can sit on the patio with no words at all between you or her…
Pennsylvania: What a character! Bolo will keep you smiling! He is so happy and extra friendly, he is not phased by other animals and although he was once living on a chain, was attacked by another dog and spent some nights shivering with temps in the teens he holds no grudge. He meets other animals like a gentleman, we have funny piggy and chicken photos to prove that he an angel!

Pennsylvania: Pearl loves other dogs and cats, she is house trained, calm and great on a leash.
North Carolina: Bubba is stunning!! Huge head, gorgeous bully stance….I’m in love. He is a doll baby too….loves all dogs & doesn’t react when other dogs growl at him right in his face. He was great with my 2 year old….he gave her plenty of space even though he wanted to play with her.
i Maryland: Gracie is House broken, crate trained, gentle with small children, needs work on a leash, recovering from HW’s, no cats, fine with other dogs Gracie’s story: I knew about this purebred American Bulldog from staff, and they said the usual “she’s sweet”. Well, you can take that info for a grain of salt- they’re almost ALL sweet.. but I went down to pick up a dog Friday and met this girl in person and she is a full-out HEARTBREAKER.
Clearly bred for puppies, this girl is as personable as they get. She was trying to climb up in the kennel attendant’s lap while he was on the phone. A big couch potato. Loves to give amazing kisses. Tested a-ok with males and females on leash.
She was supposedly brought to a friend’s house for them to keep for awhile, and that person in turned dumped her at the pound. Could have been that person’s dog or a true story, but this approx 5 year old girl needs help regardless. Hopefully the pictures convey what a great girl she is.
Florida: Sweet Tater is a big goofball. He is a lover boy and all he wants is attention. That’s not surprising for this very loving breed. They love their people! He is still patiently waiting for his forever home. Tater is located in Sebring, FL. Please fill out an adoption application if you’re interested in making Tater a permanent member of your family.
Pennsylvania: Evelyn Lynn is a 4 to 5 month old pup who was thrown into a NYC shelter (yes, NOT signed into the shelter, just door opened, thrown in) and she is in rough shape. She has demodectic mange, she is 20 pounds underweight, she can not start the treatment for her mange because she had head tremors from all of the antibiotics she was initially on gave her head tremors.We will keep you posted.

Happy Tails:

Pennsylvania: Look its St. Nick!!!! Meet Nicolas a 4yr old American Bull Dog/Boxer mix who just blew into town from Ohio, we think he was a stray. Nicolas has big beautiful brown eyes and a loving heart to match. Nicolas is a quiet, loving, gentle soul who loves to sit on anyones lap.
Cookie has a lot to live up to. She was adopted by the Purcaro family who have given so many American Bulldog great foster and forever homes! Please try to live up to Moose and Tonka…it will not be easy.
Yay Dukie Mercy!!!
And yay Cuddles!!!
Florida: Tom jumped on a plane from NY the minute he knew his application was approved for adoption. He landed last night at 9:00 pm and was on his way to meet his new puppy this morning. As you can see, the puppies swarmed all over him making the decision to choose just one puppy a very difficult decision. Lucky Sarah is now in a rental car and making her way back to NY to her new family!!!
Pennsylvania: Mike is a smart and playful kid with a big attitude, he is a fast learner and wants to please. He is doing great with his crate training and after an active day and snuggle time Mike is more than willing to crash in his crate. Mike is such a great boy!
Sweet Lucy and her babies had been in a shelter for weeks. The staff thought she was such a great dog and decided to hide her so Lucy and her family of 10 babies wouldn’t be euthanized. Lucy was 30 lbs underweight and did her best to feed her babies but unfortunately, she had to watch 4 of her babies die and the others were ripped away from her. She was a very sad girl and there’s no telling what her life was like before and how much she had endured. She’s safe now and living in a wonderful foster home where she’s gained all her weight and learning what love is. She has a gentleness about her and can be shy at first, but once she gets to know you she turns into Velcro puppy. She enjoys playing but it also just fine cuddling on the couch with you.
Florida: Burkley! It’s so nice to see that big smile on his face.
Thanks so much to Kelli who stepped up to foster this great guy and spring him from months of boarding. The only thing that could make Burkley’s smile bigger is his forever family. He’s doing beautifully with a bossy English Bulldog and a cat and stunning little human sister. He’s just an all around great guy!

Before and After



Tribute to Augie adopted in 2003:


Awesome pics of the week

Cheetos would never go on the furnitire or get on a bed, we tried forcing her for weeks
Now she feels worthy!!!!


Buckus (adopted in 2009)is famous!