Tipping Point- version 2

Posted: October 20th, 2010
Our fans/friends/follower/supporters may remember when I went off on a tear with the Tipping Point. It was a late Sunday afternoon and someone needed their dog to be saved immediately!!!!!!! Was going to put it down in the morning…. threatened us if we didn’t help, the dog was going down. Never mind that this particular person knew that he had to move for well over a month but we get the email the Sunday evening before moving day.
We do great things here at ABR. Really. I am SO blessed to be a part of this organization. I cherish it….. seeing all of the dogs saved, seeing them get into new homes, it is TRULY amazing. The volunteers are relentless when it comes to saving these beautiful creatures and it’s a gratifying experience to be a part of. You have no idea how good it feels until you’ve helped to save a dog in need. 
Tonight my rant is about excuses…. which brought me to this particular tipping point.
The first was (email from today)- ‘we have a baby and there’s no room for the dog’. I’m kind of speechless on this one. The dog is now taking up too much space? Oh, she wrote, he’s a really a good dog….. but presumably taking up too much space (?).
We have first hand knowledge on how much space a dog takes up. It’s not too much as we’ve seen them starving in cages. … perhaps it’s the space in one’s heart that’s in question.
Then there was the next email…. it had to do with a cage and a rope, because of the children of course.
Well, I present to you the following video…. about ‘excuses’. Let me preface this with- 2 dogs are euthanized in this video. So, warning, warning, warning. This is not for children or the faint of heart. We, at ABR, feel it’s high time for people to see what happens to those poor souls that rescue groups are unable to save.