The Kingston Challenge

Posted: May 25th, 2010

We struggled with this…. The Kingston Challenge….. the Kingston Cookbook…… ?????

The point being, he will eat something ONCE. We can’t seem to find what it is that he wants to eat. Here’s the run down of what has been tried so far (from his rescue angel)-

Ok so here’s the list….

Thurs he gets here and won’t eat….
Friday he has barium study and can’t eat…
Friday night eats trippett tripe
Sat am 1/2 lb raw food w all the fixings
Sat lunch 1 bag stella and chewys beef freeze dried raw
Sat night ID
Sunday am stella n chewys lamb
2 small cans ad
Sunday nite medley (didnt eat much)
Monday am perdue oven baked chicken strips 1 package
Monday lunch brown rice, chicken broth, chicken and peas
Monday nite oven roasted turkey

Plan for tomorrow….
Ground beef (making meatballs)
Evangers hunks o beef

Btw- as a 13 yr vegetarian this is sooo much fun! That’s how you know I really love this guy lol

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