Tex’s Happy Tail

Posted: December 31st, 2010


Hi American Bulldog superfans,

Hope you all are doing great. Tex, Chris, Remy (Tex’s brother/the cat) and I wanted to wish you all the best of holidays! I’m attaching a few newish photos with an update. The first two are from the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Dogs are allowed in one day each year and they have a Reindog Parade. We didn’t subject Tex to a costume this year, but maybe next year we will! The other, as you can probably guess, is his Halloween costume, and just one that shows off his awesome underbite.

As of this morning, Tex weighs 59 lbs. He’s such a joy. He’s with us everyday at the office except for a day trip to Barking Hound Village at least once a week. He gets attention from everyone he meets. He has several girlfriends who visit the yard on their walks. He seems to prefer petite ladies… one’s a Bichon and the another is a Yorkie/Maltese mix. He has rasslin’ time with Zoe, my sister’s 60 lb. English Bull Terrier, until they’re exhausted.

Training is going well. We still need to work on heeling on a leash, but we can use a slack long training leash outside and he sticks with us. If he gets sleepy, he’ll simply walk off and curl up in his crate. We have lots of snuggle time on the floor, not to mention on the couch and bed (that’s by invitation only). He and the cat have moments of love where the cat walks around him and rubs up against him while Tex sits straight up, completely still except for a furiously wagging tail.

Gosh, what else? I guess nothing except that he’s an amazing dog.

Also, I’ll have some amazing portraits to send soon. A friend of ours who is a professional commercial photographer asked if he could photograph Tex to show a potential client. I’ve only seen a few unedited shots, but they are amazing. Stay tuned!

I hope Roxy and all the other dogs in your lives are are doing just great. And the people! All the best for the new year.


Tex’s photo album