Tail Wags for Our Foster Dads!!

Posted: June 18th, 2011

We come to you scared, we’ve been in terrible places that no dog should be, and you cradle us beside you on the sofa. We come to you hungry, and you let us eat from your strong, yet gentle hands, while you tell us that we will never be hungry again. We have bad dreams while we sleep and you comfort us to make them go away, your voice and your warm breath are soothing. We tend to be shy when you try to play with us, but we try because your so nice and you make us laugh, our tail begins to wag! We need to have surgeries, we need you to ease the pain and you do it with such love and kindness, we are stronger because of you. We are growing stronger, and healthier, we love to wrestle with you, and our favorite place is alongside you on the sofa. We have to be going soon they say, to our new homes, they called it our forever homes, we don’t understand. We are in your arms when the people come, please don’t make me go, but they do seem nice, and I’m not so scared, you made me strong. We are in our new homes now, and life is good, but we still think about you and the fun times we had together. We are much stronger now, we let our food sit in our bowls a little longer, we know they’ll be more, we aren’t shy about wrestling, we look forward to it.
We still have dreams, but they are all good dreams of you! We thank you for taking care of us, we know it wasn’t always easy with your work and family.
We want you to know that we love you, and we won’t ever forget all the good times we shared. Love and sloppy kisses your foster dog xo

Mickey B and Stinky 1

Mike M and Flower under the covers

We at ABR want to wish all of our foster dads a HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!! We applaud you for your support and strength, but most of all for your love and dedication. These dogs come to us so desperately needy of just the basic nurturing, and you provide it unselfishly. Enjoy your day and we encourage you to keep doing what you do. We are strength in numbers, they need the love, trust and support of men, women, and children, Thank you to all our foster families, have a great week, fondly, Trish

Below is a list of all the wonderful men that help ABR to rehabilitate our dogs, to prepare them for their new life, far away from the despair they’ve known.
Mickey (Charles) B • Joe K • Bob L • Kevin R • Jason O • Randy B
John F • Phil W • David T • Louis B • Andrew M • Ron S • Kip B
Mike J • Paul R • Garrett W • Roland W • Mike M • Marty W
Johannes • Bob H • Frank E • John D • Justin H • David D
Justin R • Mike J • John K • AJ • Jerry S • Rob F • Cam B • Chris A

P.S. We have dogs in MD and PA who need over $4,000 in surgery.
Please help cover ChiChi and Darla and Isabeau’ surgeries

Thank you to:
Our Bobbie G • Lois Keats • Barbara Scinto • Andy Vlahos • Brad Walker • Nancy Kerper •
Eric Buchanan • Joel Yarbrough • Stacey Marriott •Robin Bisi • Stacey Topkin • Jesse Guy
Terri Williams • Eileen Ritmiller • Jennifer Fazio • Naomi Recore • Stephanie Combs
Tarkan Roberts • Vickie Payne • Tracy Rooney • Lorraine Castro • Elisabeth Kidder
Teri Bell • Michelle Albert • Alison Dobesh • Judith Feldmann •Heather Hudson
Terri Williams • Kelly Bryson • Angelina Frangiosa • Rebecca Davis • Richard Tate
Marisa de la Fuente • Nancy Kerper • Victoria Jacobs • Tracy Rooney • Carl clemko jr
Eileen Ritmiller • Lisa Rees • Tanya Cervone • Nicole Mitchell • Christopher Woodside
Thedra Perry • Andrew Holtz : )

We Need Foster Homes:

Sassy is the sweetest sassbucket you could ever meet! Actually her name should just be SWEETHEART. Sassy is a approxomately 2 yr old spayed female who is up to date on all her vaccinations. This bundle of love was dumped at a shelter with two other bulldogs and needs a home to learn what it is like to be loved. She is a friendly, very sweet, small for her age and QUIET (does not even bark in the kennel) baby. She is working on her housetraining after never being allowed in a house or getting any real attention. She will need to start with crate training 101. But she is a fast learner and eager to please! Sassy walks great on a leash, no pulling, just happy to have someone to walk with her. Sassy tends to be submissive and does better on a grain free diet. This sweet baby needs to be in a home without the kitties, but she would love some stuffed animals (and you!) to love on! This is a dog who clearly finds the joy in her life just having someone to care for her, a simple thing she has never had. Sassy is in MD
JADE is a gorgeous 1 1/2 year old American Bull Dog mix who isi n desperate need of a foster home. She’s very sweet and friendly big moose who loves people. Without ever working with her I was able to jump right into her dog run and play with her and snuggle. She loves attention and having her rear end scratched. She also loves to play and give kisses. If you are looking for a loving addition to your home look no further than Jade. She met tons of kids last weekend and loved every single one of them. Apparently, one of the kids who met her was afraid of dogs and chose Jade to be the one who changed that. What a brave kid! He chose Jade as his first dog to play with even though I’m sure she looked scary to him. He soon discovered how sweet and awesome she is.Jade is good with other dogs and is in PA
Jefferson is a sweet unique boy who is around 2-3 years old. He came from a high kill shelter after the time was up. We think Jefferson had limited positive interactions with people. Initially he was very stand offish and would not respond to any talk, touch, or love you tried to give him. He’s come a long way and will give you kisses and sit in your lap for pets and praises. Jefferson is believed to be a cross between american bulldog and alapaha blue blood bulldog. He is very intelligent and typical of the breed, has a high prey drive. Because of this, it’s best if Jefferson is an only dog. Jefferson would be best for a home with bulldog experience as he can be stubborn and persistent. He does learn very quickly and is eager to please. I am in FL.
Baby is a 5 year old who has had it really rough. She was turned into a shelter with a Bishon and absolutely LOVES other dogs, pigs and people. She is slightly arthritic in her hips and knees so she will not be a walking companion but she does love strolling around in the grass. Baby could use a retirement home who will keep her on some suppliments for her arthritis and tell her how pretty she all day (she loves that!).She can do steps and get into a car and adores car rides, hanging out with the other dogs and long naps. She will also need to stay on medication to control seizures. The medication is about $20 per month. Baby is in PA
Bubble Gum was found at a school and signed over to animal control by the police.  She is about 1 year old and seems to be fine with other dogs. Bubble Gum will sit at the front of her kennel and squish herself into the chain link as people walk by so they will pet her. She is the most adorable girl I’ve seen in a long time. She is transitioning between MD and PA.
Chopper is 11 months old and  walks fairly well on a leash, appears to be house
broken, great with large and small dogs, loves kids and cuddling, he can be a little barky when he wants attentionhe loves the car and is calm cool and collected for rides. He is very happy and very healthy. Poor Chopper is stuck in boarding in MD until he finds a foster family.
O’Malley is a sweet and wonderful slobbery kissing stray that was found in Pasco County AC, FL. This is a high kill shelter that just couldn’t pull the trigger on this wonderful boy! The rescue volunteer was so excited as he’s the first bulldog that has ever made it out of there alive! Although we are beyond full, we had to save him. He was transported by a wonderful volunteer that named him O’Malley because ‘he just looks like someone you can hang out and have a drink with’….lol He’s vaccinated and neutered. We will have to put this sweet boy in boarding because we do not have a foster home for him but it was a matter of save him today or he dies today. As you can see, he was very relieved to get out of the shelter….O’Malley is located in Orlando, FL.
Doesn’t Tango look wonderful? He’s had his eyes fixed and been neutered and now the only thing he’s waiting for is his very own home!Tango is approx. 2-3 years old and is such a fantastic boy! He definitely had a Guardian Angel watching over him when his GREAT (not good-GREAT) samaritan literally saved his life.
She witnessed him falling into a canal in Florida at midnight. She convinced 2 guys to jump in and save him. This was the first miracle in this sweet boys life. He was very lucky that an alligator didn’t snatch him. He’s also very lucky Patty was there because most American Bulldogs don’t swim and will sink like a rock. His second miracle is Patty herself. Patty has taken great care of Tango and got him all fixed up and delivered to our boarding facilty until a foster home opens up for this wonderful guy.Tango is going to be a big boy and now weighs a skinny 80+ lbs. I expect him to reach 90-100 easily. He pays no attention to other dogs or cats and just wants to be with people and LOVED. He obeys commands and just wants to please everyone.Tango is located in Hawthorne, FL.


Sweet and wonderful Daisy has waited a very, very long time and hasn’t had one single person interested in making her a part of their home forever. I had the pleasure of spending the entire day with her yesterday (her foster family has to move out of state) while bringing her to a new foster home and shopping at Petsmart for a new bed and manicure and then lunch at a wonderful Mexican restaurant. She greeted her new foster family with wiggles and smiles and lots and lots of hugs and kisses. They are absolutely smitten with Daisy as is every person that stopped to tell her how beautiful and well behaved she was. Daisy truly is an easy going and fabulous dog. I don’t understand why no one wants to adopt her.
She’ll never be anyone’s jogging partner but seeing her greet you at the door with a huge smile and lots of wiggles is so much better in my eyes. She really is the perfect dog.
Tiny is a quiet, shy 3 year old who came to us when her family relocated and could not take her. She misses them very much and seems sad at the kennel. Tiny is housebroken, walks nicely on a leash and is a well mannered girl. She lived with teenage children and enjoyed playing with the neighbor’s dog.
HI! I’m Piper and trust me, I am as cute in real life as I look in these pictures. I am super happy, fun, love my tennis balls & rides in the truck, and most of all I love my people and my doggie buddies. Cuddling up is my favorite past time. I play nice with kids and other big dogs but, not so good with cats ( they’re really fun to chase though). My foster family said my obedience is coming along nicely and I am working hard at being a good girl. I guess I won’t get away with my good looks all my life so I better shape it up. It’s kind of hard since I have had such a rough time so far. I know sit, wait, and come and we are working hard on my kennel training. I am still a bit of a work in progress but I am soooo worth it, after all I’m still a puppy. I’m very thankful for lots of love, good food, and tons of belly rubs and even though I’m tan and white, I promise you I am true blue!


Hi! I’m Mojo. I’m living in New Orleans. Down here in Mojo here and I’m doing awesome with my foster family. I get along great with the old grumpy fat cat and my sister Pumkin Head. My foster mommy just loves me and tells me how good I’m doing. For a little puppy that had a really crummy life….I hit the jack pot with ABR and my wonderful foster family. I like the picture with my halo on as I’m such an ANGEL but mommy had to put the Devil costume on me too. I’m glad SHE thinks it’s funny. Ha ha ha mommy. I’m living in Louisiana now and taking applications through Florida and Texas. MOJO UPDATE/6/14/11 Mojo has truly blossomed. From the feral little puppy 1 year ago to a fabulous and well trained little girl. Thank you to Mary and Kathy who brought her out of her shell and turned her into the friendly and well adjusted young lady she’s become. Mojo is ready for her forever home! She’s fabulous!!!! 


PERCELLA is just 12 months old now and was found virtually blind. Her eye lids turned under and she wouldn’t open her eyes since it hurt her so much. She has since had surgery and can see, a whole new world opened up for her and she’s like a BABY. She loves to play and always has a sqeaky toy in her mouth. She treats her toys with much respect and handles them gently. She’s very frightened of new things and people but will warm up after a time. She needs lots of socialization but discovers new things every day and once she knows you will become your good friend. She was most likely a back yard breeders dog who saw her problem eyes and just left her outside to fend for herself. She finally escaped and was found at the young age of 7 months by the ACO and when brought to the shelter, she was skin and bones, had mange on her upper body from trying to dig her way out (which she did) and of course couldn’t see. She Loves, just Loves others dogs, especially male dogs. She also loves to go for car rides so she can see the world.
How can you resist this face? Well we couldn’t. Little Julie is a small girl and still needs to gain some weight but is just as loving and sweet as she can be.
I’m so happy that Sun Kiva Kennels had room to take her in. She’s been spayed and vaccinated and can’t wait to find someone to love her furever!
Julie is located in Hawthorne, FL until a foster home becomes available.
Remember the 4 beauties that came in together as “strays” but were amazingly bonded….hmmm. Well Rainbow and Sheriff went to Texas and Duke and Ramboremained in Florida. Duke and Rambo were finally sprung from boarding and have a wonderful foster mamma that couldn’t believe the ease of introducing 2 more dogs to their 2 other dogs. They are that good and well behaved. Bo came to us from a high kill shelter, as part of a group of 4. He’s a stunning bulldog who has wonderful AB physical traits (extremely muscular- large build) as well as alot of the typical personality traits…he is VERY proud and quite stubborn when he wants to be. He is very loving and sweet though and likes to be the center of attention. Bo seems to be happiest as an only dog. I am hanging out in Tamarac, FL
Rusty is cool. Rusty knows he is cool. At 18 month he went from being an adorable puppy who was allowed to do whatever he liked because it was probably very cute and very funny …to a 100 + pound puppy who doesn’t understand why anyone it telling him what to do! Lucky for Rusty his foster dad is an amazing trainer and he is learning how to do everything he is supposed to without a treat. He is housebroken and crate trained. He does not chew or ruin anything, when left alone and will go to his new family with training classes for life. He should live in a home as an only dog. He is located near Quakertown PA.
Well Lovely Lydia is in Florida and great with other dogs and spectacular with children! She is a Cinderella story. Please look her up on our Florida Petfinder page.

New Arrivals:

Isabeau here, just wanted to let you all know that I was sprung from the shelter and safe in my new foster home in PA. WOW, what a welcome! I met Jelly, Marlon, Butter, Bacon, Heather, some chickens, and I was so scared at first, but they liked me and I really really like them! I am house broken and have had my surgery and I feel stronger and happier by the minute. Check back with me because I am so totally adorable and perfect that you would definitely want to know more about me.
Little Gifford was an owner surrender to a kill shelter by a breeder!!!! He was only 5 weeks old when dropped off in very bad shape. The shelter originally thought he had water on his brain (hydrocephalis) and was going to euthanize him. As it turns out, this little cutie appeared to have been attacked by a large dog and the attack left him with a large abscess that,(as you can see), disappeared with good medical care and antibiotics. Unfortunately, one of Gifford’s beautiful green eyes was too badly damaged and will have to be removed. But this doesn’t stop this little guy from wanting to hang out with the ‘big dogs’! He wants nothing to do with playing with the other little tykes at his foster home….no, not Gifford. He goes charging out the door to play and run with all of the adult dogs. He is such a little stinker….lol
Gifford is located in S. Florida
These poor pups were left in an overnight drop box at a shelter overnight.
I am so full of disgust with people and can not even imagine the life that these pups poor parents are having to live. They are safe now and we will will be spending a lot of time and money to get them healthy again. I can not wait to see these 4 kids open their eyes without the sting and goop, to play without taking scratch breaks and to have a peaceful nights sleep without crawling out of their skin.Waldorf Chipin

We were contacted about an emaciated dog that was found as a stray when someone dumped him in front of a dog park just before the park opened. Shock was the first thing that came to us when we saw his pictures. This poor boy was at death’s door. The wonderful woman that found him drove him from vet to vet and even her own vet. They all refused to help him. We couldn’t turn our backs on Beaumont. He was picked up from animal control and driven directly to a wonderful clinic that we’ve used many times. Braumont is in FL
Kyra is 3 years old. She is great with Kids, other dogs, cats and strangers. She is house trained, leash trained she LOVES to go on walks and for rides in the car 🙂 she sits in the car like a little person with her belly hanging out. Kyra has a ton of personality and will make you laugh all day with her little noises. She grunts, snorts, and I think at times even tries to talk. Kyra needs to eat a grain free food because she is prone to itchy skin if she eats corn, wheat soy or rice.She is a typical Bulldog who needs her ears cleaned and needs to eat good food. She is in PA
Darla had been turned in by her family when they found out she had a torn cruciate in her left rear knee. The corrective surgery is expensive and the shelter really doubted that a rescue would commit to taking Darla knowing the financial burden that went along with her. The shelter volunteer sent an email again the following day and raved about Darla’s sweet personality. She greeted every person and dog with a wag of her tail as she stumbled along on three legs. We sent Darla’s photo to a local vet and she agreed to do the surgery for $625, less than half of her normal fee. We found a loving foster family and Darla was saved! Her visit to the surgeon confirmed the torn cruciate in the left leg and, surprisingly, also in the right leg. We’ve had the surgery done on the left knee. The surgeon told us it was the worst knee she had ever repaired and must have been horribly painful. Darla is two weeks into her eight week recovery period and doing fabulously. The poor girl now faces surgery on the other knee (another $625), then, 8 weeks later, will be spayed. It’s been a long road for little Darla and she shows her gratitude with kisses.

Happy Tails:

Here are some pics of Cash’s first two days at home with us. As Anita told you earlier he is doing much better than we ever anticipated with his initial adjustment. We have dedicated all our time with him over the last two days in order to make it as easy and comfortable for him as possible for
the transition. His ability to acclimate is in no doubt to the love and care he received over the last few months from the best foster family ever!!! It was a pleasure to meet you, and we look forward to keeping in touch and inundating you with pictures of Cash as he grows up. We can’t thank you enough for all your efforts with him during that time. He is a very special boy who we look forward to nurturing and
sharing our love with everyday. A huge thanks, among all the things, to his
leash training he LOVES his daily walks!
Thanks again for everything!
Bill, Anita and Amelia
CoCo is probably one of the happiest dogs around. He LOVES other dogs of all shapes and sizes. He is housetrained and a joy to be around…we are so lucky to have you . We are sorry that your former family had no time for you, we promise you the best life ever. CoCo is hanging out with lots of other dogs in PA
Sara is a 4-5 year old perfect angel who is being fostered in PA. She is GREAT with dogs of all shapes and sizes, great with cats. great at the dog park and pretty much just perfect. Sara is just a victim of people who didn’t care, and we feel so so honored to have her with us. She is a big girl at 88 pounds, but a teeny tiny lapdog at heart.

Here is a picture for you- isn’t he (Deacon) handsome? Tilly is on the right and Bosco is on the left. They are definetely his partners in crime!! He is such a sweet boy. He is still a great snuggler and kisser. We have been working with him, so he knows how to sit,shake, come, down and speak. The “speak” is really funny because he tries to do it softly-he’s a really smart boy.
He weighs 75 pounds!! He is in geat shape. He walks a few miles a day, plus he gets alot of play time with Tilly. He loves meeting people and dogs on our walks- he has good manners for a 6 month old pup.
At 4 months old and 51 pounds, Po was the biggest of his brothers, and will definitely be a big boy. He is so sweet, easy going, and laid back. He loves to tussel (play) with his brother Saylor. He is smart and such a love bug, loves to give kisses. He loves to play toy, loves to snuggle, and loves to romp and play. He is doing great at potty training and is working on perfecting it. He is great in the car, on walks, and was also a star at the Vet. He is just incredible, so sweet, and he too will melt your heart.

Clara checkin’ in to let you know that I’m doing fantastic! No more trips to the emergency room, no more oxygen tanks.
I was the kid who was rescued from the yucky pet store, I had pneumonia and a hypoplactic trachea. American Bulldog Rescue did not give up on me. I am so loved. so worshiped and crazy spoiled. 

Thank you all for all of your well wishes and donations..it really worked!


IN THE NEWS: http://www.animalalliancenyc.org/newsletter/2010-09/bully.htm

Awesome photos of the week

Jelly and Delysia Flower hard at work as usual