Posted: November 13th, 2009

Willa is our girl who was hit by a car and had her jaw and knee reconstructed. She surprised everyone yesterday by delivering 3 healthy puppies- 2 girls and 1 boy. What little troopers….. they survived their mom being hit by a car and a plethora of surgeries. And Willa, with all she’s been through, is simply amazing. Congratulations Willa!!!


Willa, Willie, Grace & Faith


Grace, Willie & Faith


Important note: We had NO idea that she was pregnant. She had a sonogram and it wasn’t picked up.  ABR does not adopt dogs out without being spayed or neutered. ABR wanted to have Willa spayed at the time of her other surgeries but the Orthopedic surgeon strongly advised against it as it would be just too much for her…. and, thank goodness for that.

Since posting Willa’s miracle babies, we’ve received emails from people wanting to know if they will be available for adoption. Grace, Willie & Faith will be available for adoption but not for several weeks…… they’re a day old 🙂

11/15/09- Received a picture of Willa & babies chillin’ on the couch today with “dad”, added a photo album for them