Stinky 1 & Stinky 2

Posted: January 16th, 2010

We wrote last weekend about a HORRIBLE travesty in which a beautiful loving Mom American Bulldog froze to death. This poor soul had no food, no water, no shelter, and was chained with a very heavy logging chain that probably weighed more than she did. Her miracle babies, Stinky 1 and Stinky 2 survived thanks to Pam and Cheyenne who rescued these two boys from a very despicable excuse of a human being. Their forever names won’t be Stinky 1 and Stinky 2, but the names are kind of growing on us 🙂

We are forever thankful to Pam and Cheyenne!

They wrote this to us today with an update:
The boys are doing great. They have been vaccinated & wormed today. We will boost the vax & re-worm in 2 wks. Then they will be ready for loving forever homes.The other dogs are looking forward to this as well because they are spending all their time pouting and being jealous of the puppies. It is amazing how quickly they have progressed, they are feeling so good they have become quite a fun handful (two). They are progressing fast with being housebroken. Stinky #1 is using his back legs to run, jump, and climb. There is the possibility he’ll only have a lasting issue with one front leg – which certainly does not detract from his cuteness. He & his brother are at this moment trying to climb into the dishwasher of all things. This is after failed attempts of climbing up our bodies, trying to climb into the fridge, tug us a different direction with their mouths, etc.  Pam is wondering is this the breed?

Anyway, Stinky #2’s coloring is different each day. He now has a beautiful black patch on his right ear. Each day we discover a new colored spot on the white background of both.They both have become very vocal & love to grab anything they can with their teeth & pull it. They have learned to scratch at the door to come in after going outside for the restroom.


Stinky 1-

As Cheyenne wrote, Stinky 1 certainly isn’t camera shy!!!!This little survivor has issues with his legs (1 front and both back legs). Pam and Cheyenne think that his front leg was broken… probably from getting wrapped up in the heavy chain that his mom was chained up with.
Stinky 2-
He’s the smallest little guy, the one whose temperature didn’t even register on day one. He’s stable, socialized very quickly although a little bashful. He’s not growing as fast as Stinky 1, but has discovered how to bark! He appears to have no long lasting health issues, but we suspect that as an adult he may look like a miniature American Bulldog. He is truly a survivor, and may initially have been the runt of the litter.


Please note- we have not arranged transport yet and these little guys will not be available for adoption for a few weeks.

More photos of Stinky 1 & Stinky 2 are here.

Thank you again Pam & Cheyenne!!!!!