Snowball’s Happy Tail

Posted: May 13th, 2011

I just wanted to drop a quick note to let you know that Snowball a.k.a. Emmais doing well.
I spent all day Wednesday, Thursday, Friday with her and Suki to make sure that she
transitions well to the new environment and also to reinforce the housebreaking work that you all so kindly did. She has been doing well.

We had her checked out by our vet, who said that she was well muscled and in good health overall. Our vet thinks she will be about 70 lbs in another two months, so her and Suki will be about the same size. She seems happy playing with Suki and going out in the back yard. We have taken her for a few walks with Suki and they are learning to walk together side by side. She is currently teething, so is chewing on everything she can get her paws on. And she still struggles at times with following the hand signals, but she is learning fast. She snores like a champ and snorts a lot, but our vet says that is common inAmerican Bulldogs. All in all she is in good health and good spirits and she is well loved.


Snowball with her hero Mickey !