Skinny Minnie

Posted: February 13th, 2009

February 13, 2009

Jodi: This girl probably has cancer. She is at Donna’s house. She came from NYC. The vet took blood this AM. I think we are going to have another memorial. She will not eat anything. Donna is giving her fluids : (((

Kim: I’m crying…… this is just so incredibly sad. Bless her heart. What’s her name? I’ll put her on the website. 

Jodi: She is Minnie as in “Skinny Minnie” the vet is hoping to find something in her bloodwork but he doesn’t think that anything he finds will be fixable. She is 11-12 years old and has tumors everywhere.

Kim: where did she come from? what’s her story?

Jodi: Brooklyn, as a stray.

What more can be said? We’ll post updates on Minnie.

02/16/09- There was nothing in the bloodwork that came back but we still don’t know what’s wrong with her. Jodi is taking her for a full body x-ray this week. She didn’t eat for a couple of days. Donna offered her a bite of her tuna fish sandwich and she took that. Donna’s daughter offered her some plain chex cereal with milk and she ate that. So now she’s eating tuna and chex cereal. Not the healthiest of foods for her but at least she’s eating a little bit now.

02/18/09- It is with much sadness that I write…. Minnie crossed the Rainbow Bridge this morning. She suffered from advanced diabetes that had gone untreated for too long. She will be cremated. A page for Minnie will be added to our “In Memoriam” section to honor her. Poor Minnie.