Sheba’s Happy Tail

Posted: January 29th, 2011



Within minutes, she made herself at home.  She is following the lead of our dobi/rotweiller mix and things are going great.  We cleaned her up with a welcome bath and are keeping her belly full (my wife goes over the top with food . . . Sheba’s had breakfasts and dinners of beef brisket with hard food and sprinkled cheese and pork with hard food topped with cheddar cheese . . . I got a taco!) not to mention the treats throughout the day.

She’s an absolute doll.  She is sleeping with our son Jack and loves all of the walks (I don’t even need a leash for her).  We need to do some work with the 4 cats (she has a keen “interest”), but she will understand.  She wants to please and, as you know Teri, loves the attention (which she is getting a lot of).  It’s sad because most people wouldn’t get past the exterior and see the inner beauty.  She reminds us so much of our prior Bull.

She’s found a home. 

Sheba’s photo album