The forgotten victims

Posted: September 30th, 2011

I think that everyone is aware of the growing number of homes foreclosing in this country. I’d like to talk about a problem that everyone may not realize, the pets that are being left behind. ABR rescued a dog named Daisy this week from a foreclosed home. The realtor who found her, along with another dog has been involved with rescue before and took the right steps towards getting them to safety! We thank you Jamie! Daisy who is about ten years old is a sweet girl who is obese, and also has ear and eye infections which are definitely hindering her ability to see and hear. Her nails were so long she can barely walk! The dogs were left outside with no water. The man who left them was apparently coming by to feed them. So sad and common is this dilemma that it prompted a woman in Texas to start an organization to help the animals and the owners in this situation. This woman, Cheryl Lang is the founder of NO PAWS LEFT BEHIND. Cheryl herself is a realtor who became so upset and frustrated with the problem and decided to do something about it. I learned today that Cheryl is sponsoring Daisy to help get her on the road to recovery!

Daisy is currently with Carey in Florida and Carey says that she is scared but so sweet and eager to love! Daisy is eating healthy, taking short walks, and will be ready soon for a foster home. We are awaiting results of some blood work, lets keep our fingers crossed! Daisy’s brother, a Pit Bull breed is also safe. Thank goodness for organizations that care. Financial disaster is unfortunately a very real and ubiquitous problem that many families are facing. I can’t imagine the desperation, the shame, and embarrassment. I can’t imagine getting into the car with belongings and kids and driving away from the family home leaving the pets behind. We would like to believe that these are not all bad people, just people who are going to places and can’t bring their pets or cannot afford them any longer. These people need to understand that the realtors and banks are not getting to these homes right away. These animals are alone for weeks to fend for themselves without food and water, and in some cases no air conditioning in very hot climates. We hope that people in this circumstance can have the courage to do the right thing and contact someone immediately before leaving their pets in an abandoned home. We would like to thank Jamie, the realtor who found Daisy and Cheryl from No Paws Left Behind for contacting ABR and bringing Daisy into our family of bullies looking for love! We will watch over her and make sure she is given all the best that she so deserves. We hope that this story raises awareness of a very real and growing problem. With the help of many people, we can help to make this somewhat easier on the people and pets in this terrible predicament.
Thank you friends, Trish
Courage is grace under pressure –– Ernest Hemingway

“Almost all wild apples are handsome. They cannot be too gnarly and crabbed and rusty to look at. The gnarliest will have some redeeming traits even to the eye.” — Henry David Thoreau, Wild Apples

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We Need Foster Homes:

Florida: Porky Daisy was abandoned in a foreclosed home in Orlando, FL.  She is the sweetest and most adorable chunk of love.  We believe Daisy is approximately 10 years old and that she could be a large English Bulldog or a Victorian Bulldog as she’s built and has the stance of a pure English Bulldog.  We had a complete blood panel done and all the blood work came back perfect.  Other than her hearing (minimal but still treating an ear infection), she’s healthy as a horse.  Liver, kidneys, thyroid, etc.,  of a young and healthy dog.  Daisy LOVES to go for walks and will crawl all through the grass to tickle her belly or roll on her back with all four feet in the air to just roll around and soak up the beautiful sunshine.  Daisy is one grateful dog and didn’t deserve to die at Animal Control.  She has a few good years left her and just wants to be loved and petted.  She will reward you with a huge goofy smile and gentle snoring when she falls asleep at your feet.
Please consider giving Daisy a nice soft bed and lots of love for the remainder of her life.  If you’re interested in fostering or adopting Porky girl please contact Carey at
Maryland: Cornflower Blue is sweet and friendly and good with other dogs. She is searching for a foster family to entertain! She promises smiles and laughter!

Maryland: I knew about this purebred American Bulldog from staff, and they said the usual “she’s sweet”. Well, you can take that info for a grain of salt- they’re almost ALL sweet.. but I went down to pick up a dog Friday and met this girl in person and she is a full-out HEARTBREAKER.
Serena clearly bred for puppies, has some hot spots or flea allergy issues, a funky tail, but what is horrifying is it looks like someone filed her front teeth and canines down. Why? I have no idea, this girl is as personable as they get. She was trying to climb up in the kennel attendant’s lap while he was on the phone. A big couch potato. Loves to give amazing kisses. Tested a-ok with males and females on leash.
She was supposedly brought to a friend’s house for them to keep for awhile, and that person in turned dumped her at the pound. Could have been that person’s dog or a true story, but this approx 5 year old girl needs help regardless. 

Please consider fostering this sweet girl!



Florida: Meet Chunk the Hunk, a 1 year old neutered male American Bulldog. We believe he was a stray and found by someone who could not keep him but wanted to find him a good home. He is very friendly towards all people he has met so far. He plays well with most dogs. He enjoys his walks with our two girls and is learning to walk on a loose leash. He still sees cats as a live furry play toy, so at the moment he would not do well with cats, but we are working on what is appropriate dog-cat behavior, so this may change. He is doing very well with house training and learning that a kennel is a good thing and is his space. He loves to play with soft squeaky toys; throwing them in the air, pushing them with his nose to get them to squeak, and doing a happy squeal himself in the process. He does not food or toy guard with us, humans, but he is a bit protective of his toys with other dogs so far. He is a very sweet guy and loves a good scritch. He seems to be a “leaner” and likes to come up and just lean against you or come up from behind and stand between your legs, kind of just to say “hey, I’m here…” Please help Chunk the Hunk from Miami find his furever home soon.
Pennsylvania: Tahnee‘s life did not get off to the best start.
Living in a fenced in cow pasture with her mom and brother for the first 6 months of her life is not how we picture the idyllic life of a cute little puppy. She missed all the fun things to do and see that most puppies get to experience. When you meet most dogs, you are greeted with a wiggly tail and probably some big sloppy kisses. When you meet this beautiful girl, you’ll be looking at her from across the room. She is slow to trust new people, but let me tell you. Once she does, she is the most amazing dog you’ll ever meet. She is warm and snuggly, playful, and full of life. She will go for walks with her tail held high and do play bows with you with abandon. If you have the time and love to give, please consider making your home Tahnee’s forever home.
Maryland: Mima ia a laid back beautiful princess. She is just a lovely soul who needs a forever or foster home. She does know some tricks and seems to be house trained. We are so so full and Mima is just sitting in a boarding kennel waiting for her turn to get into a family environment and get to show a lucky family what it is like to be loved by a Bulldog! Mima is in the DE/MD area.
Pennsylvania: SPECIAL NEEDS: Poor Tulip was confiscated from a hoarding situation. She is not in the best shape. She was living in a filthy home with 8 other dogs and a lot of reptiles. Tulip has some eye issues and was seen by a regular vet, has been getting drops which have not been enough. She will be heading to the Opthomologist as soon as we can get her an appointment. She could really use a foster home. She is in boarding where is getting her drops but she needs alot of loving. She is like a little stuffed animal, very snuggly and rather calm. She is located in Bucks County, PA.
Maryland: McIntosh is a big goofy young boy who is headed to our boarding kennel in MD. He would really rather be heading into a foster home, so let’s try to make his dreams of having a familt come true!

Any contributions to his care would be greatly appreciated as he is a great dog and is going to make someone a great pet in the future! He is available for adoption at Thank you.

Help Bosco here!

Pennsylvania: Bosco came from a NC shelter . He is completely emaciated. He is fantastic with other dogs and cats. A few weeks ago some of you saw the post about Bosco, the dog that had a full size bath towel removed from his stomach. There were complications and he was touch and go for several days. Well I am happy to report that Bosco is getting better day by day and continuing to put on weight! What you might not know is the background story on Bosco. Bosco was turned into a shelter and adopted out to people that only had him for two weeks. During that time he was chained outside where he ingested an inner tube, which he was able to pass on his own and a bath towel. Which leads us to believe that he was without food or water and was terrorized during this ordeal. After two weeks he was returned by these people to the shelter because they claimed he was too much work and needed too much attention. It was stated by the shelter that he left a normal dog and was returned anxious and sick. Luckily he was taken to the vet where they discovered that he had the towel in his stomach. The vet said that if not given the medical attention that he needed he only had about two days to live. Bosco is currently being fostered by us and it has been amazing to see the resilence he is showing day by day! He is eating normally and beginning to understand how to walk on a leash and be a dog once again. He has also shown no interest in eating anything but food since we have had him as well.
Maryland: This beautiful girl lost her family when they relocated and could not take a large dog. Daisy is only a year old. She’s 70 lbs. and has the sweetest disposition. Daisy Garden is quiet, healthy, loves playing with other dogs and warmly greats everyone she meets. She is spayed, vaccinated and on a heartworm preventative.


Florida: Sweet and wonderful Daisy has waited a very, very long time and hasn’t had one single person interested in making her a part of their home forever. I had the pleasure of spending the entire day with her yesterday (her foster family has to move out of state) while bringing her to a new foster home and shopping at Petsmart for a new bed and manicure and then lunch at a wonderful Mexican restaurant. She greeted her new foster family with wiggles and smiles and lots and lots of hugs and kisses. They are absolutely smitten with Daisy as is every person that stopped to tell her how beautiful and well behaved she was. Daisy truly is an easy going and fabulous dog. I don’t understand why no one wants to adopt her.
She’ll never be anyone’s jogging partner but seeing her greet you at the door with a huge smile and lots of wiggles is so much better in
my eyes. She really is the perfect dog.
Pennsylvania: Chubba is the biggest clown around. He is great with chickens, dogs, cats, pigs you name it! Chubba is 18 months old and is great on a leash and funny funny funny!
Pennsylvania: Oh Mercy is Mercy looking fine! She is impressing her foster family with how smart she is and how accepting one can be after having such a traumatic beginning.
Florida: Vinnie is doing fabulous! His foster family says he couldn’t be more perfect! He’s house trained, crated trained and will sit and give paw. He has an appointment on Thursday to remove his stitches and he can be adopted or moved to another foster home to await his forever family!Sweet and wonderful Vinnie was rescued from a kill shelter in Florida. He was found as a stray and sat at Animal Control for one week without any medical attention, pain meds or antibiotics until we rescued him and took him directly to a vet. It appears Vinnie had his face slashed by a knife, machete or some other thin and sharp object. The sad part is that Vinnie is the sweetest and most docile dog and the vet said he probably just sat there looking up at his abuser and was just smacked in the face! Everyone that’s met this little guy falls instantly in love with him.
Pennsylvania: Sierra loves other dogs, she loves cats and she is calm and low-key. Sierra had a really rough life and really needs a foster family to show her what love is all about! “a beauty queen in training”. She is just lovely!
Pennsylvania: You have no idea what you are missing! Chopper is a 1 year old who is the life of the party! He loves people and other dogs and is just so so so ready to be a part o a family. 

the kids playing

Florida: Jefferson is PERFECT with dogs, cats, PERFECT in the house and all this after coming from a living HELL. He was saved at the last second from euthanasia in a Louisiana shelter. Emaciated and battling against all of the emotional damage this level of longstanding abuse can cause. Some, like Jefferson, instead completely shut down as their way to cope. We know for certain that Jefferson’s case was one of the very worst. As his wounds slowly healed, we (Jefferson and a huge crew of dedicated staff) worked very hard with an incredible trainer to help Jefferson reintegrate or maybe even just integrate for the first time, into what would be his new life. He would stand emotionless as you pet, touched, talked to him. I’m very happy to say that this is no longer the case…at ALL!!! He likes to be in the company of other dogs, walks spectacularly on lead, has been a wonderful house guest at his fabulous foster home- he has made us so very proud! . If you think you are worthy of this incredible, beautiful, majestic, kind, gentle, smooshy, drooly love muffin please send in an application. Jeff has fought so very hard, now he just needs his “happy tail”! Jefferson and the kids playing video

LQQK there are no more bones! Roxy is gaining lots of weight!
Florida: Roxy Meet Roxy! She was living with a homeless gentleman after an area tire shop closed the doors and no longer wanted her. Roxy is adjusting well in her new foster home. At just 1 ½ years old, Roxy was Heartworm Positive and about 20 lbs underweight, but is getting stronger each day. Though she’s had a rough patch, you would never know from her gentle and loving personality. She loves to play fetch, knows simple commands, and is friendly with other dogs. Roxy has had a long recovery from pneumonia and starvation but was finally healthy enough (after weeks of antibiotics and homeopathic remedy) to start her heartworm treatment! Roxy is looking better each day. She now has a healthy appetite and is gaining weight. From her foster mom: I’m being more careful with leaving food on the table or the counter. If an unsupervised opportunity should present itself (meaning your sausage sandwich), she is happy to take it. She will also wash it down with a fresh cool drink from the toilet, so now all lids must be closed (lol).
Pennsylvania: Kane is one of Mercy’s little boys . He loves, loves, loves to give
kisses! He is neat, clean, happy and smart!!!! He sleeps all night in his crate and loves his nap times during the day!!

Percilla is overcoming her fears with the help of
Blitz Pet Pros and is making great progress. She needs to go into a home with a male K9 companion.

Pennsylvania: PERCELLA SILLA is ready or her new home. She is fantastic, not perfect but sweet, and as good as they come. She would be great with a older (3 – up), calm male dog and older children. Make an appointment to meet this sweetheart. UPDATE: PERSILLA (aka SILLA) IS BEING PROFESSIONALLY TRAINED BY: BLITZ PET PROFESSIONALS, located in BUCKS COUNTY PA. SILLA is doing great as you can see by her pictures, she going through intense training in Neutralization, Socialization, & Desensitization training and she will continue to Basic & Advance Obedience, thus creating a stable dog,( not perfect) but she will be rehabilitated to her best instincts. SHE MUST BE ADOPTED TO A HOME WITH ANOTHER NEUTERED MALE CALM DOG SINCE SHE JUST LOVES THE COMPANIONSHIP OF A FRIEND. If interested in her and the wait, (if approved you can visit her) please copy and paste:
Florida: Remember the 4 beauties that came in together as “strays” but were amazingly bonded….hmmm. Well Rainbow and Sheriff went to Texas and Duke and Rambo remained in Florida. Duke and Rambo were finally sprung from boarding and have a wonderful foster mamma that couldn’t believe the ease of introducing 2 more dogs to their 2 other dogs. They are that good and well behaved. Bo came to us from a high kill shelter, as part of a group of 4. He’s a stunning bulldog who has wonderful AB physical traits (extremely muscular- large build) as well as a lot of the typical personality traits…he is VERY proud and quite stubborn when he wants to be. He is very loving and sweet though and likes to be the center of attention. Bo seems to be happiest as an only dog. I am hanging out in Tamarac, FL

New Arrivals:

Mississippi: PorkChop is a big beautiful bully boy, approximately 3 years old and super friendly. He is a very big guy at around 100 lbs – and he wiggles all hundred pounds when he gets excited. He does fine with other dogs and is very sweet with everyone that he meets. He is heartworm negative, and ready for adoption. You will absolutely love this boy. PorkChop is so deserving of a second chance at a happy life with a wonderful family who will love him forever. He is so worthy of lots of love, because he surely has lots to give to a loving family lucky enough to have him in their life.
Pennsylvania: Poor Plumpy’nut was found as a stray very early one morning in the Philadelphia suburbs, She resembles a 3 month old puppy at weight weighing in at only 44 pounds and she is between 9 and 18 months old, she should weigh at least 75-80 pounds. She had demodex mange, fleas and cherry eye, ear infections coccidia and can barely walk her feet are so swollen.
More problematic is her grade 3 heart murmur and a tennis ball size mass hanging under her neck. She has allready spent 3 days at the Vet, we have done blood work which revealed she has major skin and other infections, skin scrapes, fecals which reveal many parasites. She is on Baytril (a very strong antibiotic), Metronidazole (parasites) , Rymadyl for pain, Albon (parasites) and will start Ivermectin for her skin. She will need to be bathed 3x a week with special medicated shampoo. She will need to see a cardiologist, have her cherry eye fixed, eventually be spayed, and have lots of follow up bloodwork. Please send her good vibes. She has suffered more than any dog could endure and we can’t believe she is alive today.
Pennsylvania: OK…we know that Bridgett is not a Bulldog.But she might as well be, she is bad to the bone and tough as nails. She is a little ole’ lady who was pulled off of an urgent list from a PA shelter. We just couldn’t stand to see this perfect lil lady die. Bridgett was turned into the shelter because she was getting old, it was time for a newer model. Bridgett is great with EVERYONE and EVERYTHING. Her eyes are not as great as they used to be, and she will not race around your house but boy is she a great companion!
Pennsylvania: Here is a picture of the bully we have at the shelter. Possibly an English Bulldog/American Bulldog mix?? He is about 9-10 months old and he weighs 50lbs, he has a docked tail. He tested positive for Demodex and he also has entropian. His skin is horrible and he will need eye surgery but he is VERY SWEET. He also gets along well with every dog we have tested him with. He is a wiggle bug! Please let me know ASAP if you can take him. Well, he is coming. Going to the vet to have his skin cared for and his eyes fixed. He will need a forever or foster home as soon as possible. 

Please consider helping Thurber

Help Thurber here!


Pennsylvania: Mike is a smart and playful kid with a big attitude, he is a fast learner and wants to please. He is doing great with his crate training and after an active day and snuggle time Mike is more than willing to crash in his crate. Mike is such a great boy!
Pennsylvania: Poor Lexi was surrendered to a shelter with Zodiac. Their “owner brought them both to a shelter on a very hot day. He brought Zodiac into the shelter and left Lexi in the car, they literally had to bring Lexi back to life. Lexi is shy at first but comes to life when she has a confident male dog to show her that everything will be OK.
Pennsylvania: Mercy’s pups are 6 weeks old not and will be ready to go home in a few weeks. There are 9 of them! Please fill out an application if you are interested. We do not know who their dad was but we can tell you that their mom is the smartest, sweetest most wonderful girl around.


Maryland: I knew about this purebred American Bulldog from staff, and they said the usual “she’s sweet”. Well, you can take that info for a grain of salt- they’re almost ALL sweet.. but I went down to pick up a dog Friday and met this girl in person and she is a full-out HEARTBREAKER.
Serena learly bred for puppies, has some hot spots or flea allergy issues, a funky tail, but what is horrifying is it looks like someone filed her front teeth and canines down. Why? I have no idea, this girl is as personable as they get. She was trying to climb up in the kennel attendant’s lap while he was on the phone. A big couch potato. Loves to give amazing kisses. Tested a-ok with males and females on leash.
She was supposedly brought to a friend’s house for them to keep for awhile, and that person in turned dumped her at the pound. Could have been that person’s dog or a true story, but this approx 5 year old girl needs help regardless. Hopefully the pictures convey what a great girl she is.

Florida: Here is the big goofball. He is a lover boy and all he wants is attention. That’s not surprising for this very loving breed. They love their people! He is sleeping in a crate at night and did really well so I think he has been crated before. He needs to gain about 10lbs. He has been neutered and vaccinated and gets along with all his foster dog family at the farm. Tater did test a low heart worm positive and is undergoing the slow kill (safer) treatment and should test negative in a few months.Tater is located in Sebring, FL. Please fill out an adoption application if you’re interested in making Tater a permanent member of your family. You can contact me at if you have any questions.

Happy Tails:

Pennsylvania: Zodiac is a 4 year old ANGEL who was surrendered with his “partner” Lexi they were a breeding pair. Zodiac’s “owner brought them both to a shelter on a very hot day. He brought Zodiac into the shelter and left Lexi in the car, they literally had to bring Lxi back to life. Zodiac is one of the sweetest laid back guys around.
Pennsylvania: Pearl is the 3rd new Waldorf pup who is as sweet and quiet as they come. She loves her foster brother Dewey and her skin is healing slowly but surely
Pennsylvania: Apollo Our Apollo is not the God of the Sun; he is the God of Fun!! This puppy spent the first 9 months of his life in a crate only being let out on a leash to go to the bathroom on a patch of grass between the concrete. But he has found a forever family to play with every day ..all day!
Pennsylvania: It’s hard to believe but 3 more pups showed up at the same shelter, in the same overnight drop box as our last 4 Waldorf pups. Jack and Jill are 12 weeks old so they are a few weeks younger and most likely half brothers and sisters to the Waldorf pups. There are 2 girls and a boy. They too have demodex mange. Not pictured is their sister Pearl who is equally adorable.

Charlotte was picked up tonight by her adoptive Dad…. She is going to be living on 5 acres with a wonderful couple and a 15 year old lab:-) I am very sad to see this sweet monkey go who has shown so much progress and with time, love and care will be the most amazing dog and blossom. That is why we don’t buy dogs and we all rescue- the most incredible dogs (like Charlotte who had papers and was discarded) are all rescue animals…..

Lea (Charlotte’s foster momma)

Charlotte got a permanent home today!!! A client called me over a month ago telling me his friend’s brother was taking a dog to animal control. AC kills dogs within 5-10 days. He took her temporarily however the only place he had was a patio in 100 heat and thunderstorms. When I went to bring her toys she could barely lift her head off the patio floor- she was going to die. I picked her up and called Carey from as she was in very serious condition. She was a 3 yr old American Bulldog abandoned because the owner was moving. Rescue paid for all the vetting for her. She was heartworm positive, worms, bred several times, 15 lbs underweight and was clearly severely abused, as Carey stated the first time she met her she came combat crawling into her home. Charlotte was clearly hit, she cowers and will go down on all fours. Over this past month we have had her at our house (love you Steve!!!) and I have watched her for the first time walk around the block without her tail between her legs, interacting with my 3 dogs and loving being part of it- she actually has this little bounce when she sees me and has jumped up on me (actually this was positive based on her severe cowering) She started giving me kisses, her paw and she slept on my lap. Charlotte is an incredible dog and I absolutely liver her. American Bulldog Rescue is solely responsible for getting her all the vetting she required- thank you Carey!!!!
Pennsylvania: Ooooooo sexy Lopez, you know how cute you are. You are everyone’s best friend! Lopez is outgoing, confident, dog friendly and living with a trainer so will know a lot of tricks to impress his friends and family! Oh, check out his brothers Chubba and Gus..but come back and look at Lopez…he is the coolest!
Pennsylvania: Guster is everyone’s best buddy, he is Chubba’s brother. he is great with other dogs, fine with chickens, crate trained, shares food, bones, toys, both Gus and Chubba are crate trained, never bark, never met a person who wasn’t their bestest friend. He is is Bucks County, PA

Tribute to Augie adopted in 2003:


Awesome pics of the week

clara waldorf



morgan, jack, jill and isis

Buckus (adopted in 2009)is famous!