Seamus’ Happy Tail

Posted: March 5th, 2010




Hi!  I was sitting here watching my canine-kids playing, and thought I’d like to give you an update on one of your former rescues, “Pedro”.

This past summer my husband I decided that we wanted to adopt a playmate for our 1 yr. old Boxer female, Riley.  I did some research and found that an American Bulldog was just the sort of dog we were looking for.  I started looking at and decided that I would like to inquire about “Guernsey”.  Guernsey was about the same size as our Boxer, so we figured we’d try to arrange an introduction.  Kim, from Bulldog Rescue Farm, contacted me after I completed the application.  We took our 3 and 5 yr. old kids, along with our Boxer, to meet Guernsey.  Guernsey was still recovering from being hit by a car, but  was still very tolerant of our kids.  She was not, however, tolerant with our Boxer at all; thus, we knew it would not be a good match for our house.  We were disappointed.  As Kim was about to take Guernsey back to his kennel, she mentioned that she had one other dog, and asked if we’d like to meet him.  We said, “Sure.  We may as well while we’re here.”  Our first impression of “Pedro” was WOW, is he big!  His head was huge!  I have to admit I was initially quite intimidated by his size.  He immediately focused on our kids.  He wanted to be near them and could care less about the rest of us.  We could tell immediately that he adored children.  We then introduced him to Riley—- success!  There was no tension or growling.  He was a much larger dog than we had wanted, so we were not sure if he would fit into our family.  That is, until we saw him interact with a 4 mos. old blind Pit Bull puppy that was walking by on a leash.  We, at that moment, saw how sweet he is.  His size is inversely correlated to how gentle and sweet he is!  It was at that moment that we knew he would be coming home with us.

Pedro, now known as “Seamus”, was a sick boy.  He was undergoing heartworm treatment and had two more rounds to go when we got him.  For the first 7 weeks that he was with us he had to be leash-walked and was quite lethargic, due to the treatment.  In addition, he had worms and he also had to have surgery on both of his eyes to correct entropion, as well as being neutered and having an undescended testicle removed!  But, these surgeries could not be performed until 6 mos. after his “all clear” for heartworms.  We had to put salve in both eyes 3-4 times per day to prevent ulcers on his cornea from developing.  I am happy to report that all surgeries are completed and he is a very happy, healthy boy!  Seamus weighed approx. 77 lbs. when we got him.  Today, he is a strapping 96 lbs. of muscle and happiness!  He and Riley are inseparable!  On occassion, one dog has to leave the house without the other, and the crying heard is heartbreaking.  He loves my kids and tolerates more from them than I can, on certain days;-)  Anyone who has ever come into contact with him simply adores him!  We can’t remember life before him!

Angela Dobbins-Allen

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