Sammy’s having surgery tomorrow

Posted: October 26th, 2009

SammySammy was found in Miami in horrible shape. He was skinny, missing one eye and had damage in another. He got a ride to Pennsylvania and was rushed to our vet who told us that if we would have waited another day or 2 his other eye would have burst from infection. So the good Doc. stitched up Sammy’s infected eye and Sam’s foster mom is applying antibiotic drops 4x a day.

Unfortunately, Sammy’s other eye cannot be saved. He’s been to the eye doctor every week for 5 weeks now. He’s having surgery tomorrow to remove both of his eyes.

His foster mom writes (today): “He can’t see at all now but he doesn’t seem to care. He is still trying to play with me, the kids and the other dogs. Anyway as I am sure you know he is all set to have surgery tomorrow. I will drop him off in the early a.m. and pray it all goes well for him. Wanted to share a few pics of my bully buddy since you wanted to see him asleep in the pink race car bed.”

We don’t know how much his surgery is going to cost….. sometimes it’s better not to ask. 

Please keep Sammy in your thoughts with well wishes for a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.

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10/28/09- From Sammy’s foster mom: Just got off the phone with Dr. Liz, she called to check in on Sammy. She said 1st of all we need to wait about 6 weeks and see how this eye is before we do anything else with the other one. As for that there is actually an eye in there. She said it took 3 instruments and 4 people staring to find it but it is in there. Its the size of a blueberry and does not look damaged, diseased or unusual except that it is miniature. I asked her if she thought it was a birth defect, she said yes. I am thinking most likely a breeder threw him away after he was born with a deformed eye. Anyway she has never seen an eye that small or removed anything that small so that is why she would need to consult with an opthamalogist to find out #1 if it needs to come out and #2 how to proceed. she said it may have to be done by an opthamalogist. She said she has worked closely with Dr. Gross and he knows her surgical skills well enough to be able to tell her if this is something she can perform or not. Either way she doesn’t want to look into it for at least 6 weeks to give his first surgery time to heal and make sure there are no complications. She said when the eye ruptures like his did there is a higher chance of a fragment being left in there and causing complications. I think he will need at least the 6 weeks to recoup from this one. He is pretty down and out tonight. I did manage to get a handful of dog food in him so that I didn’t give him his medications on an empty stomach. Other than that he has been sleeping.

11/08/09- Sammy is recovering nicely AND…… he’s been adopted!


And this last note goes out to Barbara S., which we’ll file under “pinch us, we must be dreaming”……. you are an Angel!!!!! You’ve left everyone at ABR weepy eyed with your kindness. There really are no words.