Sammy’s Happy Tail

Posted: December 27th, 2009




Hi Jodi !!

Sam has found his way into everyone’s hearts including our grouchy terrier. She now plays with Sam every day and occassionally lets him sleep with her. Of course Sam prefers to sleep in our bed and even burrows under the covers and puts his head on the pillow. He also thinks he is a lap dog and likes to sit or lay right on top of you. Of all of our dogs Sam is by far the most affectionate. He loves to spend a morning curled up with our 3 year old while she watches tv. He now knows when the school bus drops the kids off and he waits at the door for our other daughter to come home from school. As far as being a blind dog goes I don’t think he cares at all. We have found him some toys that make noise, like a stuffed sheep that baaa’s. He happily throws it around the living room and finds it again by the sound. He knows exactly where the dog toy basket is and goes into head first hunting for just the right toy. Now if we could only teach him the difference between our shoes, the kids toys, and his doggy toys life would be perfect. Our favorite game of all is playing hide and seek with Sam. As time goes on he is getting faster at finding us by sound and smell. When we began the adventure of fostering dogs we really weren’t looking to adopt a 4th dog. We knew we couldn’t possibly let Sam go after he lost the little bit of sight he had left. We are glad the Sam, our big boy, is part of our family !! Enjoy the new pics of Sammy !!
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