Sad, Sad news about Stinky 1

Posted: February 15th, 2010




As we have written, Stinky 1’s leg was mangled by the heavy logging chain around his mother’s neck. We had hoped that he would be able to live with the deformed leg, but it’s cold to the touch and he gives up on trying to walk. His x-rays have been looked at by 3 orthopedic surgeons- 2 of which have recommended amputation and 1 said they would TRY to fix it by breaking the leg but that arthritis would probably set in and the leg would have to be amputated a couple of years down the road.

With a very heavy heart, we have decided to go ahead and have his leg amputated.  Stinky 1 is having his surgery tomorrow. He needs all the love and well wishes we can muster.

ABR has dealt with several amputees that have gone on to live perfectly normal lives and we believe that Stinky 1 will be another. He is so young and has a great survival instinct. Our thoughts, prayers, and well wishes are with him tomorrow. 

ps- Abraham, an ABR trooper, is on standby in case Stinky 1 needs a blood transfusion.

Go Stinky 1….. we’re with you heart and soul!!!!!

02/16/10, 2:30- Just spoke to Jodi. Stinky 1 did so well with his surgery today that he will be able to go home with his foster mom and dad tonight. He was originally supposed to go home with one of the vet techs to monitor him but he did great. He didn’t need a blood transfusion from Abraham, a fellow AB ready to help, who was on standby there at the vet’s office. Hopefully, this will all be a distant memory for Stinky 1 soon and he can move on to being a puppy with no cares in the world. We’ll post more later.

02/21/10, 6:07 pm- new photo