Run Free Mussels

Posted: March 23rd, 2014

We had a loss in the foster family this week. Sweet Mussels was undergoing surgery to remove a recurring lump in his inguinal area and as the vet kept digging, the cancer had spread farther than anyone expected.

Mussels was such a sweet guy and although it’s so sad to have said goodbye to him, at least he can be running free over the rainbow bridge. No more deafness, no more blindness, no more cancer. Just a happy, fun guy who might now make up reasons why he should eat cream cheese since he doesn’t have to take pills any more.

You’re a good boy Mussels.

A couple ABR adopters and supporters/volunteers also lost their forever pups this week. We’ll all miss seeing pics of Petey in PA and D-Beaux in Texas. Thanks for sharing your dogs with the ABR family.