Rosie’s Happy Tail

Posted: March 8th, 2009



Rosie’s first week has been wonderful! We can’t even believe that she has only been a part of our lives for one week! She is perfect and is getting along so great with us! She already knows many of the commands we are used to giving from our last dog, is walking better on a leash each time and is great with Ava! She is so easy at night and when we go out with her crate and is a saint when people come over to visit! She loves all of the chew toys we have for her and playing in our yard! She appears to really have grown attached to us in this week and we have really grown attached to her. I think she knows this is her forever home and is very content with that! She is already beginning to learn our routine and we treat her as if she has always been here! So thank you again for bringing us together! We truly feel like we were meant for her to come into our lives and for us to come into hers. Thank you!!!



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