Romeo’s Happy Tail

Posted: December 27th, 2009
We recently adopted Romeo, a four year old male, from American Bulldog Rescue and we could not be happier.  We noticed Romeo on the website and it was love at first sight.  Our experience with American Bulldog Rescue has been and continues to be great.  From the information they supplied on each individual dog and the ease and user friendly website, I knew we were dealing with a caring and trusted organization. We completed the application and within hours I was contacted by the rescuer who was currently fostering Romeo and within a week’s time I was able to visit him.  ABR was “right on” with their evaluation of Romeo.  He is such a loving dog, with a good temperament and they were able to explain to me exactly what he needed in a new home.  ABR checked our references, conducted a home visit, and also spoke with my veterinarian to ensure that Romeo was going to a good home.  We have had Romeo for a week now and he has been an awesome addition to our family.  He is loving, gentle and great with our children!  ABR has been checking in with us to ensure that we have had a smooth transition and I can’t say enough about their organization and how awesome this has been for us!!!!!! 

Hi Carey,
Romeo is doing great. His personality is really starting to come out and we love him very much. He is funny with the vacuum. He is such a good dog. He met our entire family and they all love him as well. I have been walking him everyday and he is not pulling and really seems to look forward to it. My kids love him here as well. We watch movies at night and both kids lay on the floor and pet him and love on him. I gave him his first bath here today and he did just fine.

Thank you again for everything. You have brought so much love to our family! We LOVE Romeo!!

Happy New Year!

Hi Carey,
I hope this email finds you doing well!  I was thinking about you and thought I would drop you an email and give you an update on Romeo.
Romeo is doing just great.  He has adjusted very well to his new home  He is such a good boy!  My kids just adore him and Romeo is so patient and loving with them.  Our extended family loves him as well.  When they come and visit they have all complimented him on how cute and well behaved he is.  We still go for daily walks which he really looks forward to (me too).  Romeo also loves to ride in the car with us…even when we are just running errands.  My kids think that is just the coolest thing as well.  He loves to sit outside in the backyard and soak up the sun on these cool winter days.  Such as cool dog!
I just took a picture of him for you (attached)…..he still tries to lay down and roll over on his back when you get the camera out but I was able to sneak one in of him sitting down.  
Thank you again for letting us adopt him!  Our lives are all greatly improved because Rome is part of our family and we could not imagine life without him!!!!!
Take Care,
Kyle, Lisa, Hayden, Kendal and Romeo
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