Rest in Peace Jane

Posted: June 1st, 2011
5-31-11 We are devastated to report that our Vet in Maryland called to say that to keep Jane alive any longer would have been cruel. They euthanized Baby Jane this afternoon. The vet tech was holding her when it happened :-(. She began to decline rapidly today and the vet detected internal bleeding. He did not think she would survive a surgery and she was almost in a coma. They did an autopsy and one of her kidneys was abnormally enlarged and they suspect she may have had a congenital defect. Tests will soon reveal if it was something else. They did everything they could. So very sad. We are so grateful for all of the donations and we will use it to pay off her emergency room bill and vetting. And no matter what caused this whether a congenital defect, antifreeze, lyme disease, leptospirosis we need to remember that when you buy a dog from a backyard breeder or puppy mill, you are supporting people who could sell a dog to someone in this condition.

We will update this as soon as we get the blood and autopsy results.

  • Sweet¬†Baby Jane is a 3 mo old english/american bulldog mix who has not had a great start in her short little life. Dumped off at a shelter by her owners who could not afford to take care of her, she was pulled by ABR just 2 hours before she was to be put down. Dehydrated, malnourished and so sick she is hanging on by a thread. Despite all that, she still tried to wag her little tail and lick a hand. Jane spent 24 hours in the ER and is not at our regular Vet’s office living on IV fluids and antibiotics. She is a sweetheart who has won over the entire vet hospital staff with her determination to live and we pray she keeps hanging on! We could sure use some help in funding Baby Jane’s care, so please donate if you can and add her to your puppy prayer list.