Rescue Recap w/e 8-29-10

Posted: August 28th, 2010

We realize it’s been a couple of weeks since we updated our site but to be perfectly honest, nothing much has changed…..We still desperately needs donations and foster homes to save these sweet and sensitive goof balls. We’re still getting inundated with owner surrenders and dogs about to be euthanized at animal shelters and there’s only so much we can do. Please consider fostering to help save these big babies. We have so many wonderful dogs that are still waiting for their forever homes. They cannot wait to become a loving and cherished member of your family.

American Bulldog Rescue is a non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to rescuing and finding forever homes for bull breed dogs in need. American Bulldog Rescue is not a shelter, but an all volunteer group where the dogs recieve loving care in a network of dedicated foster homes until the time when their forever family is found. American Bulldog Rescue operates solely on the generous donation of bulldog lovers so every dollar donated goes directly to helping a homeless dog. So please consider helping us continue our life saving efforts for these amazing dogs. Please, take a moment to look at the dogs we have currently for adoption. Your generous support will not only help them, but the countless dogs that will come after them, desperate for a chance at a new life.

We need a helping hand!!!!




Mickens was surrendered to a shelter in NJ when his family was moving… I’m not so sure I believe this. I think he was turned into the shelter because he is in ton of pain. Mick has severe hip displaysia and 2 partially torn cruciate ligaments.

There is absolutely no muscle tone in his hind legs, he swaggers along and rests alot. The sad thing is that he was available for adoption in this condition, so e could have gone home with a family who really had no financial means to take care of this.

He had his first Femoral head and neck ostectomy on his left leg on Thursday August 25th. He is in some pain and is trying to do a little bit of leash walking.

We could really use some help because in 4-6 weeks he will need his other hip done.

Mickens is great with other dogs, pigs, parrots. He deserves to play and live life to it’s fullest.Please help us raise the funds to have his much needed surgeries taken care of as soon as possible.

We have an Emergency.

NEWS 8-29 Pickles got her splint off last week and is doing well without it!

She’s going to start swimming this weekend so that should help tremendously!

She’s almost up to twenty pounds also! She is a pig!

On Sun, July 25, 2010 12:25:20 PM

We received this e-mail:

>Subject: I need help My name is XXXX and I bought a puppy an ab. I have had her for two weeks and she as a broken femur. I was told she was going to need surgery. I can not afford he surgery. I was hoping maybe you would know someone who could afford he surgery and take care of her. My only other choice is to have her put down. Please let me know if u can help!

Our Miss Suzanne sprung into action and took “Pickles” right to her vet who confirmed the spiral fracture.

On Monday the 26th we had an appointment and a quote of $800 -$1,200 and today, the 27th at 8am Pickles is in an appointment with an Orthopedic surgeon.

Magoo is at Deland Animal Hospital in Florida preparing to have bilateral entropian surgery on Wednesday. He’s a friendly guy who loves loves loves to have his face and ears rubbed. He kept putting his big paw on my shoulder as I was driving and butting me with his head to make me keep rubbing his ears. He gave me several big wet kisses and licks all over my face. “Someone would be verrrrrry lucky to get this sweet baby. In spite of his horrible eye situation, he gave me a big ol’ hug with both paws around my neck and LOTS of kisses. “Here’s what the vet at the shelter wrote: The dog has excessive bilateral entropion of both the upper and lower eye lids. The very large extent of the entropion is normally the result of the eye being removed, microphthalmia or the globe being ruptured. The dog was very uncooperative at time of exam and would not hold the head still to allow for exam of the eyes so it is not known if the dog has eyes or not and if so perhaps microphthalmia or repute of the globes. If there are normal eye behind the lids they are not being used as the eyes are closed all the time making the dog blind.

Pudgy was advertised for sale in Alabama. When a family arrived they were told by the owners….”they don’t remember the last time they gave her food or water”. Pudgy was brought to their home and when they realized she was severely anemic and her medical needs were more than they could handle to save her life, they contacted us.

A fantastic rescuer in AL assisted us and took Pudgy in and got her to a vet. Their initial thoughts were to send her to Heaven as she was so close to death. American Bulldog Rescue decided to take the chance and put Pudgy through surgery to find out what was going on in her emaciated body. Well, Pudgy made it through surgery today which no one expected especially the vet. You don’t know how surprised we were to hear that she survived surgery. Dr. Pucket put her condition as poor to grave. He removed 10 lbs. of fluids from her abdomen. She is full of hooks and rounds and extremely hw+. She also has severe heartworm disease which has caused major damage to her lungs and heart. She’s not out of the woods yet.. Please keep sweet and wonderful Pudgy in your thoughts and prayers as she fights to survive diseases that are so preventable with monthly preventative medications. She is a true testimony to monthly heart worm preventative….she survived being starved but may not survive the deadly disease that cost approx. $13.00 a month.

Cindy Lou Who will be a Cinderella story. The sweetest most gentle girl who has probably been neglected her entire life is about to become a princess. Cindy Lou was about 30 pounds underweight at 94 and is now all the vay up to 105 pounds and lookin’ great, she had her eye surgery and was spayed and her skin is improving by the day. Cindy likes other dogs and is located in PA. Her surgeries so far have been over $1,500 and we are not done yet.

Cindy is making so much progress. She is loving her life, her foster mom and her foster brothers. Lookin fine Cindy!!!

Goliath is a good boy who just had bad luck. He came from GA and if he had a family, they just didn’t take care of him. Skinny and Heartworm positive, he is now getting the care he needs. Goliath is good with other dogs and great in the car. He could really use a family who will appreciate his charming personality.

Lydia is a 1 year old beauty again with the dreaded Demodex. She loves other dogs and is getting better by the minute. We really could use donations. If you would rather donate items, Lydia needs Promeris, SulfOxydex Shampoo and Cefalexin. Lydia is chillin’ in Florida.

Daisy here again! I’m looking for my furever home. I love to go for walks, car rides, and play with my pet humans. I get along with other dogs big and small but not sure about cats yet. I like everyone especially if they give me attention. I don’t bite or gnaw on anything (except my toys of course). I just love life and am grateful that soon I’ll be pain free and I’m half way there. I’m house trained, cage trained and will even talk to you when I need to go out or if I want some attention. My foster daddy and mommy say I’m one of the most perfect bullys ever. I do have one more surgery to go through but good news is ABR is going to pay for it. It would make me the happiest to be a furever part of your family!

I’m in sunny and HOT Florida. Paws out!


Darla was rescued from Animal Control where she was has been for almost a month and hadn’t see the sun or smelled fresh air until she was sprung by ABR. She loves other dogs and wants to play with everyone she meets. She’s was so happy to be out of her cell that she jumped right in the car.She is between 3 and 4 years old and light heart worm positive and being treated.

Still Waiting : /

Have you ever met a dog that you would swear was a person trapped in a canine body? A dog who you know understands every word you say? Kettle is this someone. She is a remarkable girl, she is in the mood to do whatever you like and communicates with you. She sits in the front seat of the car and thinks she is driving with you. She makes all kinds of faces and actually tries to make you laugh. Kettle is one cool girl and she’s hanging out in PA waiting for her forever home.

Good News! Kingston is doing very well in his foster home He’s eating all meals on schedule and as you can see on my profile pic, he’s enjoying the couches. He is looking for a VERY SPECIAL home. He has a special place in our hearts and we want to find him a home that will love the heck out of him like we do- oh and Kingston says he wants dibs on the bed- but that’s negotiable =)
(it has not been updated for a while but chronicles his rough start) he’s a star!

I’m on my way to my new foster home in Maryland!!!

Hi everyone, its Mandy giving a shout out for me and my sister Sandy and boy are we lookin’ good. I went on an outing to Pen Veterinary Clinic and EVERYONE loved me, I was the center of attention in the waiting room and with the staff. I am the sweetest dog ever and will make someone a great companion. The shelter I came from said I was around two years old but, the doctor at Penn said “no way!” They think I am under a year because my molars have not fully errupted. I don’t act much like a puppy, I like to play but my favorite thing to do is sit in someone’s lap!

I get along great with the dogs I am living with, even the cat. I am crate trained but still working on being 100% housetrained Livin’ in PA

Auggie is a rockstar. He is honestly the best dog we have ever fostered.We hardly ever put him in his crate anymore, he sleeps on his blanket wherever you put it. As long as he has a toy or two laying around he wont’ chew anything else. His housebreaking is fantastic. He lets you know when he wants out. Anyone can put their hand in his food bowl while he’s eating. he gets a little hyper that you will take it away but if you do he sits right down and waits for you to put it back. he isn’t aggressive at all, only a few insecurities still. he doesn’t have many bad habits at all. he still tries to be dominant but that is waning a lot. he is learning his place in the pack well.

Augustus is in FL.

Jayden is a 5 year old English Bulldog mix being fostered in suburban Philadelphia. She is a friendly, playful girl who wants to please her owner. She likes to play with different toys, loves belly rubs and is content to lay at your feet while you read or work on the computer. She enjoys her walks and is almost puppy- like in her curiosity about leaves blowing across the street or watching a bird hop through the leaves. Squirrels get the most attention and a good grip on her leash is needed if she spies a squirrel. She also enjoys running at full speed in the large outdoor enclosure at the foster mom’s home. She knows Sit, Off and Wait. Foster mom is working on Down. Jayden is a great eater and is currently about 42 pounds.

New Arrivals : }

Hi! I’m Mojo. I’m living in New Orleans now (made my way to my foster mom’s house from GA). Down here in our local New Orleans culture, it is believed that those born with two different color eyes are imparted with the spirit of wisdom and love. That’s why I’m called Mojo! I’m very smart and have lots of love to give my forever family. I’m doing well in my house training, walk well on my leash, and like my crate. I’m still a little frightened when I first meet a new dog or cat, but once I see they aren’t going to hurt me, we become fast friends! I play with the cat and the other dog in my foster home! So if you’d like a best friend who is a very special, gifted girl, I’m her!

Diesel’s family decided they no longer had time for him so they went on vacation and left a relative to dispose of the dog. Diesel has only been here for less than 24 hours so we are still getting to know him. From what we have seen so far I can tell you this. Diesel is incredibly loyal and although cautious of strangers he warms up quickly. If you scratch his butt he will be your friend for life. He knows sit and will give you his paw. He sits and waits for his food and has shown no food aggression at all. He gets very excited about going for walks. He likes to sniff on a walk, so if ambling along at a leisurely pace is your thing this guy is perfect. That said I have him doing a structured leash walk using a slip lead twice a day and he is right by my side trotting along in an amazing fashion. Cars were driving by and I could see heads turning… he was very impressive. He loves a bath and will do a silly dance afterward. At 7 years young he takes our old narrow stairs better than my young pup.

He has lived with three kids and two cats as well as a rabbit and a very small dog. He is currently sharing living quarters with my male 2 1/2 year old American Bulldog. At present they have decided to show respect for one another and not much more. He is currently being fostered in NH.

Hello everyone! My name is Budkus, of Texas, and I somehow ended up in a local shelter where the great folks at the rescue came and picked me up. My foster family just loves me and they are always telling people that I am such a gentle giant and am really the perfect gentleman. I am about 5 or 6 years young? Somehow I ended up with heartworms, but have been successfully treated for them and am now ready for my new home.I am completely housebroken; I never chew on anything that isn’t my very own specifically for chewing, I don’t jump on people or furniture, and I am more of the sit back and watch everything around me kind of guy. I love people, I do love to go on walks, which my foster mom says I need more of because I am a little to plump;-) I haven’t been able to go on much of a walk since being with my foster family because I have been on cage rest because of the heartworm treatment. I’m really pretty happy just sleeping or sitting with my family watching what they are doing.

Hi my name is Gertie. I am such a sweet, loving and shy 5 year old sweetie that was left behind when my family moved. I don’t understand why? I’ve also had many litters but those days are over. I will be spayed next week. After the nice people found me I was put into a shelter. I was there for four months being treated for heart worms. I got all my shots and have been taking my treatment like a good girl. I am so happy to be living in a wonderful and loving foster home with children and another puppy that absolutely adore me. My foster puppy brother is great but at times I need to bark at him to tell him to leave me alone! Other then that I am a sweet girl who will wag my whole body when I meet you. I love to take a bath and when my mommy cleans my ears or grooms me. I just sit there and “purr” I do love the water and did take a dip in the pool once while Mommy and Daddy were watching. I mostly just like to lay by you and be loved on. I love my 2 human kids and I keep a good eye on them. When I think they will get into trouble I go and tell Mom and nudge them away. Please consider adopting me. I would love a wonderful home to call my very own ‘forever’. I live in NC!

Meet Maggie! She is a year old and a social butterfly. She had a litter of puppies that her owner sold before dropping her off at animal control. Maggie is housebroken, walks great on a leash, loves to give hugs & kisses, and is great in the car. She will bemost comfortable
in a family where she is the only dog.
Mags is located in Maryland.

Piper is now ready for her forever home. She’s been to the vets for x-rays and vaccinations is spayed. Piper is living in a foster home in Florida with cats and large dogs and does just great Please consider making Piper a member of your family.

Betsey is a sweet and sensitive 7 month old bully who is on the dainty side. She is a baby who needs to forget her old life living on the streets of NYC. She is doing amazing with her training and is pretty much 100% housetrained. She is 100% crate trained, learning to like car rides and visits to the park, she prefers to be at home snuggling with her family. She is on the clingy side and would definately enjoy the company of a confident male K9 brother. Betsey is being fostered in Westchester County, NY

Happy happy happy happy. I’m always happy. I love everyone. Everything. I’m always trying to be everyone’s best friend and when some other dogs don’t think I’m cute I run away. I am so so so amazing on a leash that even when a squirrel runs across my path I do not pull. I’m lovin’ life. I can chill or I can do whatever you are into. I’l just love a sister to romp with. I don’t mind a crate but I prefer your feet. Car rides are great. Love walks and I’m good on a leash. Love, Sammy in PA

Courtesy postings. Please see contact info.

Lady is a 2 year old American Bulldog located in Georgia who is all wiggles, nubby tail wags, and (let’s admit it – pretty slobbery) kisses! Lady is a lover all the way – she loves people, going for walks, playing with balls, getting a good belly rub or back scratch – and just having a person in her life. Her only fault is that she doesn’t like other dogs She is wonderful with people and just
a super sweet, gorgeous girl that deserve her chance. She’s spayed, heartworm negative and current on vaccines.

For more info please contact:


We’ve been adopted.

“Hi, I’m Camo. They call me that because I have brindle patches all over me and sometimes I army crawl over to my toys. As you can see, I like to sleep in the laundry basket, you can barely see me in there right? I’m about a year old and still have some growing to do! I would love to have a brother or sister to play with and I would need to have a fenced in yard because I am deaf.” Camo is a very loving dog with a sweet disposition. His only problem is that he cannot hear us tell him what a good boy he is. Camo is deaf but does remarkable well. He responds well to hand signals and will come, sit, lay down and give paw. He would do well with another dog to follow and must have a fenced in yard. He walks well on a leash and is completely house trained. The fact that Camo is deaf, only makes him more special, he is an extremely happy and active bully!

Hi! my name is Batgirl!I am looking for new home. I am shy with people and kids but love other dogs. I need a calm, loving home with another dog (hopefully a playful one) older kids might be good! I’m sure I can get over my shyness in time. these things would be pretty important for my happiness.

please consider me if you think I would be a good fit for your family!