Rescue Recap w/e 08/01/10

Posted: July 31st, 2010

Another whirlwind week!!! Pickles is on her second surgery, her pin slipped and she is under
anesthesia as we type.

The phone calls to surrender family Bulldogs, calls from shelters with dogs on “The List”,
calls from people reporting abuse. It never slows down. People who are moving are calling
giving us less than a week to help up find their dog a spot. We do not have a shelter,
we are a group of people who love American Bulldogs.

Thank you to everyone opening their hearts and homes. Thanks to everyone helping to
solve the overpopulation problem by adopting.

Here are a few of our special kids:

We need a helping hand!!!!

We have an Emergency.

On Sun, July 25, 2010 12:25:20 PM

We recieved this e-mail:

>Subject: I need help My name is XXXX and I bought a puppy an ab. I have had her for two weeks and she as a broken femur. I was told she was going to need surgery. I can not afford he surgery. I was hoping maybe you would know someone who could afford he surgery and take care of her. My only other choice is to have her put down. Please let me know if u can help!

Our Miss Suzanne sprung into action and took “Pickles” right to her vet who confirmed the spiral fracture.

On Monday the 26th we had an appointment and a quote of $800 -$1,200 and today, the 27th at 8am Pickles is in an appointment with an Orthopedic surgeon.

Pudgy was advertised for sale in 
Alabama. When a family arrived they
were told by the owners...."they
don't remember the last time they gave
her food or water". Pudgy was brought
to their home and when they realized
she was severely anemic and her
medical needs were more than they could
handle to save her life, they contacted us.

A fantastic rescuer in AL assisted us
and took Pudgy in and got her to a vet.
Their initial thoughts were to send her to
Heaven as she was so close to death.
American Bulldog Rescue decided to take
the chance and put Pudgy through surgery
to find out what was going on in her
emaciated body. Well, Pudgy made it
through surgery today which no one
expected especially the vet. You don't
know how surprised we were to hear
that she survived surgery. Dr. Pucket
put her condition as poor to grave.
But he agrees that she is SO SWEET...
he wanted to give it everything he had
but already warned us that she
probably wouldn't survive the anesthesia.
He removed 10 lbs. of fluids from
her abdomen. She is full of hooks
and rounds and extremely hw+.
We'll see how she does this week.
She also has severe heartworm
disease which has caused major
damage to her lungs and heart.
She's not out of the woods yet....we
still have to see how she does this week
before we attempt to start killing all the
worms...that may end up killing her....
but we have try. Please keep sweet
and wonderful Pudgy in your thoughts
and prayers as she fights to survive
diseases that are so preventable with
monthly preventative medications.
She is a true testimony to monthly
heart worm preventative....she
survived being starved but may
not survive the deadly disease
that cost approx. $13.00 a month.

Cindy Lou Who will be a Cinderella story. The sweetest most gentle girl who has probably been neglected her entire life is about to become a princess. Cindy Lou was about 30 pounds underweight at 94 and is now all the vay up to 105 pounds and lookin’ great, she had her eye surgery and was spayed and her skin is improving by the day. Cindy likes other dogs and is located in PA. Her surgeries so far have been over $1,500 and we are not done yet.

Pinkie is just 2 years old and 
abandon in the parking lot of
a Baltimore city shelter in the
middle of the night, Pinkie is
housebroken, great on a leash,
loves people, as little timid
around high energy dogs.
She is not safe at our vet and has
begun getting the treatment she needs.

Lydia is a 1 year old beauty again with the dreaded Demodex. She loves other dogs and is getting better by the minute. We really could use donations. If you would rather donate items, Lydia needs Promeris, SulfOxydex Shampoo and Cefalexin. Lydia is chillin’ in Florida.

Daisy had her right hip and knee surgery 2 weeks ago thanks to all of wonderful people who donated to make it possible for her to be on her way to a pain free life. She is such a wonderful dogs and deserves to live pain free for the first time in her short life. She has 6 more weeks of rehabilitative physical therapy

while we beg for donations, once again, for donations to have her left hip and knee repaired. Daisey is in FL.

Sweet Darla was rescued this week from animal control in Daytona. She has been there for almost a month and hadn’t see the sun or smelled fresh air until she was sprung by ABR on Thursday (you can see her tiny windowless cell in the picture). She passed her dog aggression test wagging her tail but pulled away when the male went to sniff her butt. Kinda normal especially after having giving birth. She was lactating but we don’t know where her puppies are….She’s more than likely been used for breeding over and over and over. She’s was so happy to be out of her cell that she jumped right in the car…stitches and all…. She is between 3 and 4 years old and heart worm positive

Still Waiting : /


I’m Kettle! Being the true lady that I am, I’m quiet and gentle. I also enjoy the company of other dogs. I was in a high kill shelter in Georgia when the good people from AB rescue realized what a sweet girl I am and got me out of there just in time! They brought me up here to Maryland for a second chance at having a family of my own! I’ve been in the rescue’s kennel for a few months now, patiently waiting for my chance to enjoy the finer things in life, like lots of hugs and kisses and walks.

If you would like to give this wonderful lady a warm, comfortable loving home, please fill out the adoption application at right here! I’m in Maryland.

Hi everyone, its Mandy giving a shout out for me and my sister Sandy and boy are we lookin’ good. I went on an outing to Pen Veterinary Clinic and EVERYONE loved me, I was the center of attention in the waiting room and with the staff. I am the sweetest dog ever and will make someone a great companion. The shelter I came from said I was around two years old but, the doctor at Penn said “no way!” They think I am under a year because my molars have not fully errupted. I don’t act much like a puppy, I like to play but my favorite thing to do is sit in someone’s lap!

I get along great with the dogs I am living with, even the cat. I am crate trained but still working on being 100% housetrained Livin’ in PA

Auggie is a rockstar. He is honestly the best dog we have ever fostered.We hardly ever put him in his crate anymore, he sleeps on his blanket wherever you put it. As long as he has a toy or two laying around he wont’ chew anything else. His housebreaking is fantastic. He lets you know when he wants out. Anyone can put their hand in his food bowl while he’s eating. he gets a little hyper that you will take it away but if you do he sits right down and waits for you to put it back. he isn’t aggressive at all, only a few insecurities still. he doesn’t have many bad habits at all. he still tries to be dominant but that is waning a lot. he is learning his place in the pack well.

Augustus is in FL.

Jayden is a 5 year old English Bulldog mix being fostered in suburban Philadelphia. She is a friendly, playful girl who wants to please her owner. She likes to play with different toys, loves belly rubs and is content to lay at your feet while you read or work on the computer. She enjoys her walks and is almost puppy- like in her curiosity about leaves blowing across the street or watching a bird hop through the leaves. Squirrels get the most attention and a good grip on her leash is needed if she spies a squirrel. She also enjoys running at full speed in the large outdoor enclosure at the foster mom’s home. She knows Sit, Off and Wait. Foster mom is working on Down. Jayden is a great eater and is currently about 42 pounds.

New Arrivals : }

Hi! I’m Mojo. I’m living in New Orleans now (made my way to my foster mom’s house from GA). Down here in our local New Orleans culture, it is believed that those born with two different color eyes are imparted with the spirit of wisdom and love. That’s why I’m called Mojo! I’m very smart and have lots of love to give my forever family. I’m doing well in my house training, walk well on my leash, and like my crate. I’m still a little frightened when I first meet a new dog or cat, but once I see they aren’t going to hurt me, we become fast friends! I play with the cat and the other dog in my foster home! So if you’d like a best friend who is a very special, gifted girl, I’m her!

“Hi, I’m Camo. They call me that because I have brindle patches all over me and sometimes I army crawl over to my toys. As you can see, I like to sleep in the laundry basket, you can barely see me in there right? I’m about a year old and still have some growing to do! I would love to have a brother or sister to play with and I would need to have a fenced in yard because I am deaf.” Camo is a very loving dog with a sweet disposition. His only problem is that he cannot hear us tell him what a good boy he is. Camo is deaf but does remarkable well. He responds well to hand signals and will come, sit, lay down and give paw. He would do well with another dog to follow and must have a fenced in yard. He walks well on a leash and is completely house trained. The fact that Camo is deaf, only makes him more special, he is an extremely happy and active bully!

Betsey and her sister Betty were found in NYC as strays. They are between 6-7 months old and are outgoing and happy to be getting out of the shelter and into foster homes. They do have spots of demodex mange will get better as soon as they have a bath and antibiotics. The girls reside in PA. They have had little or no training and will need a patient family to keep up with the training they will begin in their foster homes.

Barry is in PA and he is spectacular! He is housebroken and has the sweetest personality. He is housetrained and knows basic commands. He ignores other dogs unless they are sexy girls.

He is quiet and has his own bedroom at night (no crate) where he collects his pillow, bones and blanket and he gets woken up in the morning.

Hi! I’m a new guy on the block, somebody named me “Cookie“, but I don’t think that fits me. I’m more of a young guy from the old neighborhood that everybody knows and loves as “Frankie the Kid”. I’ve got gold eyes that will make the ladies swoon. I’m only 7 months old, so I have some growing to do, but I’ll only be around 55-60lbs. I’m gonna need a mentor to lead me the right way, show me the ways of the world and teach me to be an even better young man than I already am. Cookie is in MD