Rescue Recap- w/e 12/20/09

Posted: December 20th, 2009

Winnipeg Beauties:

We are still working with desperately with someone in Winnipeg to get these boys into ABR’s care but we’re not sure if it’s going to happen at this point. They have since been moved to a different location (out of the abandoned house) and we have been told that they are safe but they are at an undisclosed location so we’re not able to verify what’s going on. We will continue to work to get them into our care. We wish we could tell everyone the whole story but we can’t right now.

I’ll be updating their web page in just a moment with the recent donations that we have received. Please know that if we are unable to get these dogs into ABR care, we will be contacting everyone that contributed to get the money back to you or to find out if you would like your donation to go to another one or two of our needy dogs. We’re so very thankful, as always, for everyone that quickly responded to help these 2 boys and we’re keeping our fingers crossed, okay praying, that we can eventually get them to the States.

Romeo's new family



Carey’s foster boy Romeo was adopted yesterday to a beautiful family. We’re hoping to add a Romeo’s Happy Tail page very soon. Romeo loves kids and it looks like he got his Christmas Wish!







Reagan was supposed to fly in from Beaufort, SC on Friday but was delayed with the snow storm. She will be arriving at Jodi’s tomorrow. What a cutie.







 Momma and babies:



Momma and babies- remember them? They arrive at Jodi’s tomorrow.







Names Unknown:
We have 5 more possibly coming to ABR in January from a court case. Some of the most gut wrenching stuff you could ever imagine.



Ashley was adopted by a family who adopted 2 other dogs.. a Bulldog and little thing  from the shelter that Ashley came from. The shelter called the family and told them how sweet Ashley was and they met her before her stitches were out.
A week later after her stitches were removed, they brought their 2 other K9s and it was a perfect match!






Magoo, our 10 year old deaf baby, is happy as can be right now with his foster mom and dad. We hear that he likes to sleep right between them in the bed.






 Bella (FL Bella):
Florida Bella


Our Florida Bella, demodectic baby, was adopted yesterday to a delightful family. We hope she’s doing well and look forward to posting her Happy Tail page!








Nowhere near finished with the updates…. please keep checking back. Going through hundreds of emails.