Rescue Recap- w/e 12/06/09

Posted: December 6th, 2009


Momma and babies– trip to PA has been delayed a week.


Magoo's Journey



Magoo is the 10 yr old deaf beauty that was an owner surrender to a shelter.

A HUGE thank you to Carey (ABR volunteer) for all of her efforts in saving Magoo. She has worked tirelessly to save him.

Magoo began his journey from Florida to Pennsylvania on Friday. Read more here.




 GA Peach”Bella”:
GA Peach Bella


We wrote about the two Georgia Peaches last week. Meet Bella-

Seven month old Bella is a really sweet girl who loves other dogs. She is still a pup and has puppy energy. Bella is crate trained, pretty good on a leash is a really sweet girl….but she is a typical energetic puppy and requires alot of exercise, training and activity…her little brain never stops going. She loves other dogs and should not be placed with small children because she does jump up on you to get your attention.






GA Peach “Violet”:
Dainty Violet

The 2nd Georgia Peach from last week- Meet Violet:


Beautiful, dainty Violet is as angelic as they come. Violet is a walking skeleton yet she does not fight over food or treats, she is so well mannered. Great on a leash, in her crate, in the house, in the car, with other dogs and people she is just a good little girl. She is guessed to be between 7-10 months old.



Harley was never in ABR’s care but Carey worked tirelessly to save him. We received the email that Harley was going to be euthanized and Carrie got busy. Harley is heartworm positive and ABR didn’t have the resources to help him in Florida. He was/is too sick to be transported. Carey worked with a neighbor, that is really attached to Harley, to find a quiet place for him to receive his treatments with another rescue group and be still for a long while. Harley left the shelter yesterday. Thanks Carey.

Update on King:

King is a 9 month old American Bulldog puppy. He has panosteitis and bad hips. We are desperately trying to save his life, but simply do not have the funds. He was picked up from a homeless woman in downtown Orlando, never knowing when or where he would get his next meal or even where he would sleep for the night . The economy has hit everyone hard, but we are hoping that you will take a look at his picture and his story, and find it in your heart to help us to save this guy from the constant pain that he is in and allow him the opportunity to simply be a dog….hopefully a spoiled rotten dog, but a dog nonetheless. For those of you wondering, panosteitis is a disease that puppies get that makes their bones grow too fast and causes them tremendous pain. King is on pain medication, but spends most of his day crying out in agony due to his condition. He will need to be on pain meds until he completely stops growing, and then he will need to have hip surgery that ranges anywhere from 3-10,000 dollars. We are trying to start raising money for him now as it will take a miracle in order to achieve what his hip surgery will cost. Update as of 12/06/09 at 7:13 pm- we’re just finding out that he’s probably deaf too. If it weren’t for bad luck, the poor guy would have no luck at all. Hang in there King. We won’t let you down.

Queen Victoria:
Queen Victoria
Meet Queen Victoria- She’s new in ABR foster care. She has eye problems, possibly blind. No write up as of yet.
But Queen Victoria seems to suit her JUST fine!