Rescue Recap- w/e 11/29/09

Posted: November 29th, 2009

With SO many animals and different issues we have going on, there’s simply not enough front page room on the site to cover all of them. We thought we would try something new and provide a rescue recap of some of highlights for the past week’s events. Please know that these few brief updates can in no way capture the hundreds of emails and phone calls that our volunteers spend their time on, as well as, trying to save as many as we can. Our volunteers also spend time helping to get information for “at risk” dogs that are not American Bulldogs to various other rescue groups. If you can, please consider making a donation to help us continue saving these beautiful creatures.

Momma & puppies– they will be arriving at Jodi’s next weekend. No names for them yet.



Bella was rescued from a shelter in Miami. She has a wicked case of demodectic mange but otherwise is doing really well. She’s currently staying at Micki’s home.





GA Peaches:

These two beauties caught a ride on the Freedom Train from GA to PA. They arrived at Jodi’s home today. Jodi reports that they’re as sweet as can be…… but coughing and sneezing. Not named yet.





Your eyes are not deceiving you. Heather is clearly not an American Bulldog. Jodi is fostering her. Heather has given the web princess countless hours of laughter (via Jodi with Heather stories). Why just today, Heather busted out of the fence and went to visit Jodi’s neighbors. When I spoke to Jodi late this afternoon, she had just gotten back from Lowes with some “stronger” fence.






King is just a baby. He needs to have his hips replaced but is too young for the surgery. In the meanwhile, he’s comfortable and we’re trying to raise money for his surgery.







And probably the most gut-wrenching story of the week is this beautiful 10 year old deaf baby. He’s an owner surrender and is coming from a shelter in FL. We’re currently working on a transport flight to get him to PA. Bless his heart.



Big Guy:



Pulled from a shelter in FL on Friday. This particular shelter doesn’t even afford owner surrenders the possibility of adoption. They are euthanized within 24 hours. He weighs roughly 135 pounds. His world has been shattered and Micki reported that he was just terrified. He is currently staying at Micki’s.



 Please consider donating to help.