Rescue Recap- w/e 10/24/10

Posted: October 23rd, 2010
Greetings everyone!

As always, please be sure to check out all of our adoptables. We have many more that are in need of forever homes.

And I know we just wrote, no more, that’s it, period….. and therein lies our problem. There’s always just ‘one’ more. Please consider opening your hearts and homes to these exquisite beauties. If you’re not able to adopt, please consider donating and spreading the word about our cause. We are forever thankful!

10/27/10- We posted Sunshine as urgent yesterday. She may have a potential adopter. Yeah!

10/27/10- 7:08 p.m.- there are 16 people that want to meet Sunshine to possibly adopt. Woohoo! While Sunshine is a courtesy post, we’re so very appreciative to those folks that are working so hard to help her find her furever human…. including the Londonderry Police department. (NH) Please check out the comments on the story to follow along.



 Still waiting:

Poor, poor, Champ. We have written about him numerous times and his forever human still hasn’t found him yet. Won’t someone please give this little guy a chance? He is currently being boarded and needs a family to call his own. Champ is currently in MD. Here’s more about him- Champ is 3 yrs. old, 65 lbs., loves car rides, walks fairly well on a leash, plays nicely with other dogs and was raised with children. His previous owner tells us that he was well behaved in their house. He’s a healthy, athletic boy who is intelligent and eager to please. View Champ’s photo album
Are you looking for some fun in your life ? Well have we got the guy for you ! This is Angus. He is an almost 2 year old pittie boy who is full of good times. He is a big beautiful boy…weighing in at approximately 80 pounds. He is GREAT with every person that he meets even kids. However, he will not be placed with any very young children because he doesn’t know his own strength and may knock them over! Angus gets along with some medium to large size dogs but he doesn’t seem to like small dogs and he definitely doesn’t like kitty cats. We are looking for an experienced bully breed home where Angus can be an only dog so he can be the “King of the Castle ” and hog up all the attention . Angus knows most of his basic commands….sit,down,stay…and he is fully crate and house trained. Angus is currently in PA. View his photo album.

Mojo here and I’m doing awesome with my foster family.  I get along great with the old grumpy fat cat and my sister Pumkin Head.  My foster mommy just loves me and tells me how good I’m doing.  For a little puppy that had a really crummy life….I hit the jack pot with ABR and my wonderful foster family.  I like the picture with my halo on as I’m such an ANGEL but mommy had to put the Devil costume on me too.  I’m glad SHE thinks it’s funny.  Ha ha ha mommy. I’m living in Louisiana now
ps- Down here in our local New Orleans culture, it is believed that those born with two different color eyes are imparted with the spirit of wisdom and love. That’s why I’m called Mojo!

Mojo’s photo album


Dear sweet June Bug just doesn’t have anyone…..she’s such a sweet and loving dog that’s never known any life other than as a puppy mill breeding machine.  We would love to find her a wonderful family to put a smile on that mug.  She so deserves to know what love is and to enjoy life as a family dog vs. living in a crate all her life. June Bug has lived with cats and children in a temporary foster home but unfortunately, she may have to go back to boarding as it was only a temporary home…. June Bug is located in Florida

June Bug’s photo album

Hello, my name is Layla! I’m currently in MD. Here is a little more about me:

Layla is 2.5 years old, very well behaved, housebroken, knows sit, stay, come and lie down. She was taken to an animal shelter in Delaware when her family could no longer care for her. A volunteer at the shelter was so charmed by Layla that she drove several hundred miles to get her to our rescue. Layla did well on her temperament tests. She would prefer to be the only dog in the family and ignored the cats at the vet hospital.

Layla’s Photo Album


Twinkle, Chully Pepper’s mom, is our little star.  She owes her life to a caring staff member that just couldn’t see this sweet girl and her baby go to Heaven.  Thank you so much for hiding her and thank you to everyone that scrambled to find an emergency foster (Sue) and immediate transport from one end of Florida to the other to safety. Twinkle has proven to be the sweetest little girl and just loves to lounge around on the couch and crawl into bed with you at night to snuggle.  She was spayed on Wednesday and ready for her forever home.  The vet believes she’s approximately 1 year old. She is currently in FL.

Twinkle & Chully Pepper’s photo album

Here she is!  Chully Pepper has arrived! She is just the most adorable baby.  She was rescued from a kill shelter when the staff hid her and her mother (Twinkle) on the day they were to be euthanized.  We named her Chully Pepper as we believe her daddy was a Chihuaha.  Yes, you read that right.  We have our very own Chully (Chihuaha + Bully) .  Mom is a beautiful American Bulldog and dad is high fiving all over Miami right now… Chully Pepper is believed to be approximately 2 1/2 months old (and is as big as mom’s head).  She has a wonderful foster mom here in Florida that just carries her everywhere with her.  Yes, carries!  Chully Pepper is so sweet and highly intelligent with a little bit of the stubborness that comes from her mom’s side.

Twinkle & Chully Pepper’s photo album

It’s me, Jayden! Sadly, I’m still waiting for my furever home. Here’s my writeup:

Jayden is a 5 year-old English Bulldog/Boxer mix being fostered in suburban Philadelphia.  She came to our rescue from CT with some anxiety issues from being crated too long every day. These issues have been resolved during foster care. She is a friendly, playful girl who just wants to hang out with her “people.” She is looking for a home with structure, consistency and love. Jayden likes to play with different toys, loves belly rubs and is content to lay at your feet while you read or work on the computer. She enjoys her walks and is almost puppy-like in her curiosity about leaves blowing across the street or watching a bird hop through the yard. Squirrels get the most attention and a good grip on her leash is needed if she spies a squirrel. She also enjoys running at full speed in the large outdoor enclosure at the foster mom’s home. Jayden knows Sit, Stay, Off, Wait, Come, Crate and Time for Bed. Foster mom is working on Down. Jayden loves to eat and is currently about 50 pounds. She is not overly rough and with close supervision has been very calm with children in the foster mom’s neighborhood. Jayden is completely housebroken. She gets along well with dogs her size or larger and does especially well with dogs that have a calm and somewhat submissive personality. Jayden would also do just fine as an only dog, but she does not like cats. Jayden likes banana slices and baby carrots as snacks. She has figured out that sitting/laying in front of the fan is good place to be!Jayden would do best in a home where someone is home much of the day as she thrives when there is human company. When no one is home to supervise her, she needs to be crated due to her curiosity about all things! While she is content in her crate for short periods of time, it would not help her to be crated for eight hours or more each day, except for overnight. A pet sitter or friend who could visit part way through the day and spend time with  her would also be a possibility.
View Jayden’s photo album.

Cindy Lou Who here!

Cindy Lou Who will be a Cinderella story. The sweetest most gentle girl who has probably been neglected her entire life is about to become a princess. Cindy Lou was about 30 pounds underweight at 94 and is now all the way up to 105 pounds and lookin’ great, she had her eye surgery and was spayed and her skin is improving by the day. Cindy likes other dogs and is located in PA. Her surgeries so far have been over $1,500 and we are not done yet.Cindy is making so much progress. She is loving her life, her foster mom and her foster brothers. Lookin fine Cindy!!!

Cindy Lou’s photo album

Lady J has since been renamed Nessa by her wonderful foster family.  She never liked the name Lady J and we weren’t too impressed either.   Nessa is doing fabulous in her foster home.  She is having a blast being a puppy.  Something she missed out on in her prior horrible life.  She went to the beach with her foster family and had a blast. She is absolutely stunning and keeping her family thoroughly entertained everyday.  Nessa is in FL.

Nessa’s photo album

It’s me, Auggie checking in. Here’s a note from my foster mom about me:

Hey girls, I just wanted to update you on Auggie. I’ve had him for a week now. I must say he is a blessing. It didn’t take me long to get attached to him. He is so awesome. I bought him a beaver with squeeky’s in it. Loves it !!! After a constant 2 hours of nothing but squeeking I had to put it away for the night. Needless to say by the end of the next day the squeeker wore out. Bought him another toy this time a coon { different store }. Had 5 squeekers in it , 2 days, wore the squeekers out. So if anyone knows of a toy that the squeekers will last please let us know !!! Last night a friend stopped by with her grandkids- 2 boys  8 & 11. He loved chasing them in the yard . They had a great time together !!!  I have taken him with me a lot in the car. He likes sticking his head out the window.

Augustus is currently in FL. Check out his photo album.


Sweet Darla has every reason to smile now.  She’s being sprung from boarding and will go to a foster home to learn her leash manners.  Stay tuned.  She is one awesome girl that smiles from ear to ear. She LOVES people and other dogs and just wants to play, play play.  Darla is located in Florida.

Darla’s Photo Album


Lydia is ready for her forever home.  ABR will have her spayed and an ‘eye lift’ done next week so she’s just as stunning as her personality.  She’s been in a foster home where she’s proven to be the angel we knew she was.  She has full run of the house with a little maltese and doesn’t chew anything or have accidents.  She’s absolutely perfect. Lydia is currently in FL.

Lydia’s photo album

Hey, it’s me Lydia- they just added a bunch of new photos for me. Check them out!

Update: Lydia has had her final 2 surgeries and she is going to be GORGEOUS!  She is literally getting prettier and prettier every day.  We are so lucky to have saved this wonderful dog that no one wanted.  She is truly a Cinderella story. She is so sweet and goofy and will make a fabulous dog for some lucky family.


Goliath is a good boy who just had bad luck. He came from GA and if he had a family, they just didn’t take care of him. Skinny and Heartworm positive, he is now getting the care he needs. Goliath is good with other dogs and great in the car. He is loved by everyone who meets him because his southern charm shines. He could really use a family who will appreciate his charming personality.  He is in the beginning stages of his heartworm treatment and could use a foster family to help him through it. He is currently in PA.

Goliath’s photo album

Hello friends! It’s me Sumo. You’re probably thinking I was named after a sumo wrestler, but I’m really just an exceptionally good natured, low key and easy going guy. I really like going for walks and riding in the car, but I LOVE people and getting loved on! I make new friends wherever I go. I also like experiencing new things. See, I spent the first part of my life tied to my doghouse in the mountains of Virginia. Now I’m loving freedom and ready to go home with you so you can keep fueling my curiosity for learning and seeing new things! I’m crate trained and I rarely bark, but I would prefer a house where I can be the only dog so I can hog all of the attention (hey, I’ve got a lot of making up to do!)

Sumo has been in a foster home for what seems like forever. Won’t you please consider opening your heart and home to this beautiful boy? He is currently in MD. Sumo’s Photo Album

Piper is a cute, playful and adorable puppy with a very sad past. To the best of our knowledge, she was left in a very small kennel her entire puppyhood, which caused her muscles to not develop properly. When we got her she could barely walk. Since she has been in our care she is doing much better. Her muscles are developing nicely. Now, she can even RUN, although she still limps if she overdoes it. The doctors have reviewed her x-rays and are optimistic that with good therapy (short walks and swimming lessons) she will continue to develop good muscle tone and be a happy, healthy puppy! She will need to be on joint supplements to help her hips. Piper is learning well in her foster home, she knows sit and will come when called. She is kennel trained but does need to go out frequently as she is still a puppy. She would be good with older dogs only, and may need to be the only dog in the house; she should not be with small dogs or puppies. She is a great little puppy, loves to play and also knows when to lay down and cuddle with her new owner!

Piper’s photo album

 Marlon & Jelly
I’m such a nice guy! My skin is not as itchy and I’m actually starting to grow some hair. I hear it’s going to take a lot more time but they feed me lots of good stuff, I get a lot of baths and get stuck with needles twice a week to build my immune system. I really want everyone to love me. Yesterday I was outback with Jodi, she was doing something and 3 little chicks came up to see me. Maybe I was tired from my neuter but I really didn’t even care about those 3 little chicks. All I really care about is people looking at me and telling me I am doing better. I want to be touched by people all the time, it feels so so good. No one ever touched me before when my skin was real yucky.

Marlon’s photo album

Hey guys, it’s Magoo! I’m hanging out at Camp Bow Wow until my forever humans find me. They featured me in their newsletter last week!!!!! Here’s what they wrote about me:

We have a very special dog in the house right now. Meet Mr. Magoo.He is a super sweet American Bulldog that is extremely loving and playful. You would never realize while playing with Magoo face to face that he is deaf.  Don’t let that stop you from considering him as a new family member.  He has a whole new lease on life after his scary shelter days. Mr. Magoo has learned various hand signals and is very smart.  He knows sit, come, thumbs up (good boy), two thumbs up (very good boy), and thumbs down (bad). He is crate trained, walks beautifully on a leash, and is becoming nicely socialized at camp. Magoo needs a family that is knowledgeable with deaf dog training or willing to learn.

Magoo’s web page and photo album

ps- I’m in FL

Update- Well, I’m still hanging out here at Camp Bow Wow. The plane thing didn’t work out last week and they’re working on trying to get me up to PA. I can’t wait! I will have a really cool foster mom that’s going to teach me sign language.

Hi! My name is Kate. I know we just met, but I can already tell that I’m going to like you! I greet everyone with hugs, so please crouch down so I can nuzzle up beside you for a nice warm bulldog snuggle. If I really like you, I’ll even give you my paw!  I also know how to sit and really like to go for rides in the car. The rescue people say that I’m really calm and gentle and that I’m good with kids. I really just love being around people! I also think I’m patient because I had a litter of 11 puppies!  They have all been adopted, so now I’m looking for a nice family to settle in with so I can give them all of my love. I’m currently with a foster family in PA.

Kate’s photo album

Hello there, my name is Pinkie! I’m currently in PA. Here’s what my foster mom just wrote about me- 

Pinkie is such a joy to be around!!  We call her sneaky Pinky because she is so quiet- We don’t even know she is in the room until we turn around and see her big pretty eyes starring at us.  Her fur is really coming in now, she looks so good!  She loves her foster brother and playing/cuddling/bathing him.  She has such a nurturing spirit.  She likes to sit where ever you are and she sleeps in her crate.  She will wait patiently for us to wake up before letting her out.  She does not chew on anything that is not hers. She listens very well and will make an exceptional pet for someone!!!

Pinkie’s photo album


It’s me, Roscoe! I was listed as an urgent courtesy post because my time was up at the shelter. Whew, that was close. I’m at a foster home now in MD. Here’s what my foster mom wrote about me:

He is sooooooooooo sweet! He was great on the long car ride and has enjoyed many walks around my property on his leash. He sits, gives you his paw, and will lay down on command! What a good boy!

Update- I have my very own photo album! Yeah! They added some pictures of me hanging out at my foster mom’s home.

Hey folks, I’m Clementine! I’m a year old and just moved to Maryland from Alabama, where I was in a high kill shelter and things were not looking good. I’m a proper southern girl and love to entertain my dog, cat and people friends, my huge heart is open to everyone! I walk nicely on a leash and I’m well behaved in the house. I don’t do much barking, that would be rude. I love to cuddle and if you brush my coat every morning I hardly shed at all.

Clementine’s photo album

Hi, I’m Bella! My brother and I were were found being kept tied under a deck. I don’t know why my owners were so mean to us! We ended up in a shelter, and my brother was adopted, but I waited and waited. Thankfully, a shelter volunteer contacted the rescue about me and they busted me out of that place! I’m about 10 months old, and I am a total love bug. I will sit and cuddle with you and give you kisses! I love playing with other dogs too! I’m pretty good on a leash, but since I’m a puppy I’ll need a little training. I can’t wait to meet you and be part of your family! I’m currently in MD.

Bella’s photo album

Pudgie is a great dog who came from a crappy place. Some how she has survived more than most. Here is her story to date- Around 7/25/10 I got a call from a woman who “rescued” an American bulldog. She couldn’t keep it and was trying to find a rescue who would take her and treat her for all her ailments. When she called me she had already called two other American bulldog rescues. She said she was trying to figure out where to send her and who was going to “give her the best deal”. I told her that when we take a dog we require some type of donation. That put us out of the running. A few days later a friend from the local shelter asked if we could house a dog for a while until they could figure out transportation north or south. Little did we all know it was the same dog from a few days earlier. On 7/30/10 The Pudge came to live at For Paws. When we got her she had bright red skin, very little hair, a huge swollen abdomen (I think I forgot to mention that she was pregnant too), and when we heart worm tested her really positive. Our vet came here to look at her and said lots of different things- probably not pregnant but filled with fluid due to right sided heart failure due to over load of heart worms, skin infection and sarcoptic mange. So we started on a road to recovery or death. Pudge started a round of Doxycycline, prednisone and keflex. Then she went in for her spay, then her first heart worm treatment. Each time we took her to the vet we didn’t know if we would be going back to pick her up or not. This morning, almost 2 months to the day that we got our little pudgy fiend, she is getting her last heart worm treatment. Now she needs to move to a foster home or forever home! Don’t you want a little Pudge in your life? She is currently in FL.

Never ever in my wildest dreams did I imagine life could be this great. I was so so so scared in that shelter in Georgia. There was so much noise and everyone sounded so so afraid. I wish I could tell everyone back at the shelter that everything is going to be OK. I can seriously feel how much  my foster mom Tracey loves me. She tells everyone all day long! She writes people notes about “whoever adopts him is really lucky” Also, my foster sister Loopie is really patient with me, she waits for me and shows me around…she is like my seeing eye dog! They tell me that I am getting alot of support to get me through my heartworms and I’m just about ready to see the Opthomologist soon.
Thank ya’ll for caring about me so so much. I feel really lucky to be a part of everyone’s lives.

Merle’s photo album

Meet Maggie! She is a year old and a social butterfly. Maggie is housebroken, walks great on a leash, loves to give hugs & kisses, and is great in the car. She is currently in MD.

Maggie’s Photo Album

Hi, my name is Big Head! You can see from my picture where I got my name. I am one handsome devil, and I know it! I am about 3 years old.  My family loved me, but they dropped me off at a shelter because they were moving and couldn’t take me with them. I have been tested with all different kinds of dogs, and passed with flying colors! I am a playful guy.  I am housebroken, and my previous owners said that I am good with children. I learn quickly and know some basic commands! I was great in the car from the shelter to the rescue too. I’m currently in MD.

Big Head’s photo album


Hello, my name is Cannoli.OK, I’m not Italian, but you must admit that I’m as cute as the yummy Italian dessert. I just arrived from Georgia, where I was struggling just to make ends meet. I know it’s hard to look at my “before” pics, but, trust me, I’ve put on some pounds since these were taken. I’m just a year old and really, really sweet and gentle. I have heartworms and am being treated now. I’m looking for a nice, quiet home where I can relax for a few months until I’m back to my old self. I’m currently in MD.

Cannoli’s photo album


New Arrivals:

My name is Sugar! My babies and I are currently in AL but will be heading up to PA very soon (11/06/10). I have heartworms and ABR told me they’re gonna get me fixed right up. They’ll write more about me and the pups later.

Sugar & Pups photo album

Hello to everyone!  My name is Alphonso,I am a French Bulldog / Boston Terrier mix and I arrived in pa. via animal rescue flights! Thank you Jack the pilot. I was a stray in South Carolina, and ABR rescued me. I am approximately two to three years old, but life has been very difficult for my short life thus far. The vet told Jodi that I have stage 2 Heartworm with an enlarged heart, Erlichia (a tickborne disease), high blood pressure, and blood and protein in my urine. On a brighter note my foster parents say how loving and adorable I am. I get along with the other dogs in the house, and they seem to like me too! Life is great now that I am being cared for. Unfortunately it is VERY EXPENSIVE to have me get 100% well. Please won’t you help. I would be eternally grateful! Every dollar counts! Thank you, Alphonso 

ps- Be sure to check out my photo album. I flew from NC to PA with a really cool pilot named Jack. He took such good care of me. That’s Jodi giving me a big ol’ smooch after I got off the plane.

Alfonso’s photo Album


Nobody puts Baby in a corner!  This may not be Dirty Dancing but this girl sure can wiggle to her own beat!  Baby was sprung from a shelter in Baltimore with her handsome brother Bumpy.  She is about a year old and LOVES people.  She is a very fast learner and is eager to please her humans.  She has the cutest ears that stick straight out to the sides which look like angel wings.  She walks well on a leash, is crate trained and doing well with house training.  Baby would prefer a house with another male dog as she seems to miss her brother and will frequently sneak over to her foster brother to give him kisses.  Please consider making Baby a part of your family. She is currently in MD.

My name is Bumpy! Here’s what my foster mom writes about me-

Bumpy……..what can I say about Bumpy?  He is a hunk a hunk of  burning love who seems to love the ladies!!!  Bumpy is approximately 9  months old and was rescued from a shelter in Maryland.   He was  rescued with his sister Baby and is currently in a foster home with a  female american bulldog and three young children and is great with  them all. Bumpy walks well on a leash and is friendly to everyone he  meets on his walks, although the small doggies get him super excited  and he wants to check them out.   He knows how to sit and we are  working on other commands with him currently.  He takes treats so  gently and has absolutely no food aggressions what so ever.   He’s  such a sweet, handsome boy and would love to have a forever home!!!

Bumpy’s photo album

One of the staff members at Miami Animal Control called us with a special request this morning…to take a 2-3 month old baby bulldog. The catch (and there is always one!)… She was brought in by an AC officer the night before, with her eye hanging out! Upon veterinary evaluation, it was determined the eye had been out of the socket for at least a full week. When an eye is removed from the socket, it loses both blood flow and the lubrication that tears provide. Poor little girl’s eye was necrotic (dead tissue), very infected, and unable to be saved. We hate to think of how scary and painful this was for such a small baby, but she seems to be handling it like a trooper! Her saviors at the shelter gave her her own blankie and a little teddy bear that she loves! She carries it around with her and sleeps on top of it. It’ll take some time for her to learn how to navigate with just one eye (she bumps into things now and needs some help) but in no time she will be perfect! Please send your well wishes to Olive (one of the staff at the vet hospital suggested rather than naming her popeye- since she’s a girl- to name her after popeye’s girlfriend- olive oil!) We know our fans make such a huge difference in all of our success stories- both with their encouragement and donations!

Olive’s photo album


Courtesy Posts:

Prattville/Autauga Humane Society, Prattville, AL (334-358-2882)

My name is Mambo and I am an 8-month-old male American Bulldog mix who has already been neutered.  I am white with a couple of black spots and I have a bob tail!  You know they could have named me Spot or even Spots but I love the name Mambo!  I weigh about 50 pounds and may get a little bigger.  I am oh so cute and my mission in life is to look irresistible.  Is it working?  If you could see me in person I would work my magic on you by wagging my little bob tail and being so friendly that you couldn’t possibly leave this shelter without me! I am so friendly that sometimes I will give you a great big bear hug! I am the happiest young dog you will ever meet and I never meet a stranger!   I love to swim and trips to the creek for a dip are my favorite thing to do!  I would be an awesome dog to take to the lake or river!  I love to play outside in the fenced yard.   I am a great fellow and what I need is an equally great family to come and ‘fetch’ me!  How about today? 

Petfinder link


Montgomery County Humane Society, MD (240-773-5960)

Hello! My name is Lollie! Don’t let my goofy looks fool you- I’m a real love bug! I’m about 3 years old. I’ll be your best friend if you just give me a chance. I’m well mannered and want to do whats expected of me. No cats or small mammals please! My interest in them is too strong to be a good fit. Introductions to other dogs should be done slowly and carefully. In fact, I have so much love to give that I’m the only dog you’ll need in your home. I’m looking for an experienced owner who will be as loyal to me as I will be to them. If there are kids in my new home, they should be over the age of 14 yrs.

Poor girl was found in a trash bin, and taken to the shelter. She is a staff favorite, and they are trying to find her an adopter or foster before her time is up.

Petfinder link


Happy Tails:

Gertie here! I’ve been adopted. I’m living with my mom and my furry sister, Princess, here in NC.

Guess who? It’s me, Kettle and I’ve been adopted!

Kettle’s photo album 


You probably remember me as Batgirl! My name is Beatrice now and I’m doing just great. Check out my Happy Tail page.