Rescue Recap- w/e 09/19/10

Posted: September 17th, 2010

Kingston has been adopted!!!!

His new dad (Jim) writes- “He’s my shadow and my co-pilot and I love him dearly!”

Kingston has gone to the most perfect home. Thank you Jim & Julie!

Greetings everyone!

My apologies for missing last week’s updates. What started as a forgotten family event on Sunday turned into computer problems on Monday and then turned into a very hectic work week (what a nuisance work is but that pesky mortgage company insists on being paid).

Let’s go ahead and get it out of the way- we’re still broke!!!!! We have several dogs that we have committed to taking in addition to the ones already in our care. Any help would be very much appreciated.

We know the economy stinks and most everyone is just simply trying to keep the bills paid and put food on the table. We can relate! We’ve recently partnered with Market America and we hope that you will check it out. You can shop online for things that you normally purchase on a daily/weekly basis and help ABR at the same time. Plus, you can get cash back. It’s a win-win for everyone. There’s lots of stores on there that you’re familiar with (Walmart, Petco, Best Buy to name a couple), as well as, items that are exclusive to Market America only. Please take a moment to visit the site.  

There’s several fund raising events coming up for ABR. We’ll hopefully have a calendar with dates/times/locations etc by the end of the weekend and we’ll post them on our Facebook page as well.We’d love to see you there if at all possible.

We hope everyone has had a great week and that you have a fabulous weekend. TGIF!!!!

ps- Please keep in mind that this is a very small sampling of the dogs in our care. Please be sure to take a look at all of our adoptables. There are SO many that are deserving of loving homes.

pps- We have more updates coming. Please check back. Thank you everyone, we so appreciate you!

Still waiting:

It’s me, Kettle! Well I’m still waiting for my furever home but things got a whole lot better for me this week. I had been living in a Kennel for months (!) and Jodi came and got me. Here’s what she wrote about me-

Have you ever met a dog that you would swear was a person trapped in a canine body? A dog who you know understands every word you say? Kettle is this someone. She is a remarkable girl, she is in the mood to do whatever you like and communicates with you. She sits in the front seat of the car and thinks she is driving with you. She makes all kinds of faces and actually tries to make you laugh. Kettle is one cool girl and she’s hanging out in PA waiting for her forever home.

Kettle’s photo album

Cindy Lou Who here!

Cindy Lou Who will be a Cinderella story. The sweetest most gentle girl who has probably been neglected her entire life is about to become a princess. Cindy Lou was about 30 pounds underweight at 94 and is now all the way up to 105 pounds and lookin’ great, she had her eye surgery and was spayed and her skin is improving by the day. Cindy likes other dogs and is located in PA. Her surgeries so far have been over $1,500 and we are not done yet.Cindy is making so much progress. She is loving her life, her foster mom and her foster brothers. Lookin fine Cindy!!!

Cindy Lou’s photo album

Lady J was picked up as a stray in Miami, FL. She was being brought into ‘the room’ with the staff just crying.  Luckily Laura was there and Lady J just came up and gave her a big kiss…..what else could we do?  Even though we’re so full and her only place to go was boarding at a vet’s office, we had to save her.  Her pictures do not do her justice.  She is absolutely stunning with her hazel eyes and unique markings.  Unfortunately, it’s very hard to get good pictures as when she’s with people, all she wants is to be WITH you or on your lap cuddling. We’re shifting some dogs around to get Jaybird into a wonderful foster home next weekend.  She’ll get all the love and attention she desires with Chris and Hillary. 
PS….she needs a new name too…lol… one likes the name that the shelter gave her but we’re waiting for her new family to choose a fitting name for this beauty. Lady J is in FL.

Lady J’s photo album

Although Augie has a wonderful foster family, he still waits for a loving family to call his own.  He was supposed to have a family meet him but lost out to another dog that also needs a great home.  Poor Augie keeps getting overlooked!  Please consider adopting Augie.  He is such a good boy and has come sooooo far from the starving and neglected puppy he used to be. Here’s what his foster mom wrote about him-

Auggie is a rockstar. He is honestly the best dog we have ever fostered.We hardly ever put him in his crate anymore, he sleeps on his blanket wherever you put it.

Augustus is currently in FL. Check out his photo album.


Sweet and smiling Darla wasn’t always this happy.  She was confiscated from her owner and sat at Animal Control in a windowless cell for almost 2 months.  ABR rescued her and brought her to Doggie Disneyland with her tail between her legs.  It just broke everyone’s heart.  The wonderful woman that transported her said when she said ‘no’ to correct her from pulling on her leash, she hit the ground and looked up cringing waiting to be beat.  She is testimony as to the forgiving nature of dogs and she’s having a blast at Sun Kiva Boarding.  They just love this happy girl and witnessing her blossom.  She LOVES other dogs and people and can’t wait to hang out with them in the office and play with the other dogs in the yard.  But sweet Darla has been there for almost 2 months.  She really would love her very own forever family to live happily ever after. Darla is in FL.

Darla’s Photo Album


Lydia is ready for her forever home.  ABR will have her spayed and an ‘eye lift’ done next week so she’s just as stunning as her personality.  She’s been in a foster home where she’s proven to be the angel we knew she was.  She has full run of the house with a little maltese and doesn’t chew anything or have accidents.  She’s absolutely perfect. Lydia is currently in FL.

Lydia’s photo album

Hey, it’s me Lydia- they just added a bunch of new photos for me. Check them out!

Goliath is a good boy who just had bad luck. He came from GA and if he had a family, they just didn’t take care of him. Skinny and Heartworm positive, he is now getting the care he needs. Goliath is good with other dogs and great in the car. He is loved by everyone who meets him because his southern charm shines. He could really use a family who will appreciate his charming personality.  He is in the beginning stages of his heartworm treatment and could use a foster family to help him through it. He is currently in PA.

Goliath’s photo album

Hello friends! It’s me Sumo. You’re probably thinking I was named after a sumo wrestler, but I’m really just an exceptionally good natured, low key and easy going guy. I really like going for walks and riding in the car, but I LOVE people and getting loved on! I make new friends wherever I go. I also like experiencing new things. See, I spent the first part of my life tied to my doghouse in the mountains of Virginia. Now I’m loving freedom and ready to go home with you so you can keep fueling my curiosity for learning and seeing new things! I’m crate trained and I rarely bark, but I would prefer a house where I can be the only dog so I can hog all of the attention (hey, I’ve got a lot of making up to do!)

Sumo has been in a foster home for what seems like forever. Won’t you please consider opening your heart and home to this beautiful boy? He is currently in MD. Sumo’s Photo Album

We’re simply amazed this little cutie hasn’t been adopted yet. Piper is in FL and looking for her furever home. Here is her writeup:

Piper is a cute, playful and adorable puppy with a very sad past. To the best of our knowledge, she was left in a very small kennel her entire puppyhood, which caused her muscles to not develop properly. When we got her she could barely walk. Since she has been in our care she is doing much better. Her muscles are developing nicely. Now, she can even RUN, although she still limps if she overdoes it. The doctors have reviewed her x-rays and are optimistic that with good therapy (short walks and swimming lessons) she will continue to develop good muscle tone and be a happy, healthy puppy! Piper is also learning well in her foster home and knows sit, does well with coming when called, and is completely kennel trained (a hard task with her neglectful past). She loves cats and large dogs but can get a little too rough with smaller pups. Piper would love to be a part of a loving family.

Piper’s photo album


It’s Gertie here! I’m still looking for my forever home. They first wrote about me on 08/29/10. I just wanted to give you a update on how I have been doing.  My loving Foster family has been doing great with me.    Mommy took me to a nice person who at first I was very afraid of. They said I needed to get “fixed” hummm…did not know what that meant but O.K. if my Momma said so.  I was very scared when they put me in the cage and when they tried to put that UFO thing on my head…OMG!

I am learning that when my family leaves they will COME BACK. I try and go as much as I can with them. Lucky for me my Mommy takes me when she drops off my human brother to school.  I luv that!  I just jump right into the back seat and sit.  I also am learning to do that thing they call “playing”.  WOW is that fun!  And guess what? I can RUN!  Yeppers, I love to run and play!    My little doggie brother still loves to pester me and get on my nerves and bite me. I have been so good with that.  If I do anything, its only to tell him to stop.   I eat really well now too and I have to say, I am looking GOOD!  I stretch out so Mommy can tell me how pretty I am.  WUV it! WOOF!  I am hoping I get my furever family real soon. I am such a great girl who just needed that love and understanding. Please think of me when looking. Thanks Gertie

ps- I’m in NC/VA.



Hey guys! Mickens here…… it’s been a little over a week since I had my first surgery and I’m doing great so far. I had acupuncture on Wednesday, that was a little weird.

I have my very own web page now where you can check on my progress AND they even added a link to the top right side of the page so you don’t have to go searching for me.

I’m so very thankful to everyone that has donated to help me so far. I’m gonna be a new guy in no time but Jodi told me that we’re going to need lots more donations for me but that I shouldn’t worry about it and to leave that stuff up to her.

Thanks again everyone for looking out for me! Oooops, forgot to tell you, I’m in PA.

Oh my goodness, I can see!!!! Magoo here. Don’t I look soooooooo much better????? Being able to see is a really good thing, not just for the obvious reasons, but because they found out I can’t hear. They updated my web page with a note from my last foster mom I’m in FL and am looking for my forever home now. Thanks to everyone that helped with my surgery!!!

Magoo’s web page and photo album

ps- they’re looking for a foster family for me that can teach me hand signals.


New Arrivals:

Hi, my name is Marlon! Here’s my writeup-

Marlon turned up as a stray in NYC and has been horribly neglected. He is unbelievably under 2 years old and looks like an old man. Marlon has a very treatable skin condition called Demodectic Mange which if treated when he was younger would have dissipated. Now after years of neglect he will have a long road ahead of him. Antibiotics, a bath ever other day with medicated shampoo, multiple supplements, and acupuncture will have Marlon’s outside matching his beautiful inside. He is currently in PA.

Marlon’s photo album

Hello, my name is Einstein. My current dad has to move to a new place and I won’t be able to go with him so I’m in need of a new furever home. He wrote lots of stuff about me so my new family will know just how special I am. It’s too much to put here so I have my own web page where you can read all about me. I’m currently in FL.

Read more about Einstein (Kleenex Alert!!!!!)

Einstein’s photo album

09/17/10, 6:10 p.m.- We don’t have names yet…. who cares? We’ve busted out today!!!!!

Note from Carey- They were literally in the room to be euthed and vet tech couldn’t do it.  They hid them over night at the shelter and contacted us AT THE LAST MINUTE….we had about 12 hours to find someone willing to foster for a few weeks to be able to save their lives…..

Mom and baby…. how CUTE is that?????? Welcome to ABR sweet babies. Your worries are OVER!!!!!!!

Courtesy Posts:

Courtesy Post for South Hampton Animal Shelter (NY):

Scotty: Plagued with heartworm disease when we found him, our shy guy is now on the mend. Finally starting to feel confident and happy. He deserves a new lease on a new life. Scotty gets along with some dogs and confident cats.

Please contact Teri at 516-532-5431 or visit their website.


Courtesy Post for South Hampton Animal Shelter (NY):

Here is Floyd. Very sweet/ friendly/ a little shy in play group but not aggressive. Seems to be ok with cats.  about 1.5 yrs/ MN all vax microchipped etc. If you could cross post him it would be great!

Please contact Teri at 516-532-5431 or visit their website.


Happy Tails:

Hey, it’s me Camo! Check out my Happy Tail page.

Hey guys! Sandy and Mandy here. We’ve been adopted!

Sandy & Mandy’s photo album

Yawn….. Brutus here, checking in. You probably remember me as Boss. I was one of the Winnipeg beauties. As you can see, my life is so incredibly hard (cough, cough). I’m doing just great and they’ve updated my Happy Tail page.
My name is Kate! You haven’t seen me before because I was rescued AND adopted last week. Check out my photo album

Hello, my name is Tyson! You’ve never seen me before either because I was rescued and adopted all in the same DAY. Here’s my story:

09/11/10- The combined efforts of six people will save Tyson today, just in the nick of time. His owner has an eviction notice and her neighbor has been throwing poison meat in her yard for a month. New volunteers Lisa and Ray are doing the transport and Michael is adopting him.

What an amazing day!

It’s me, Pickles!!!! ….. Except my name is now Jolene Princess Pickles, also known as Little Miss Perfect. I’ve been adopted. Check out my Happy Tail page.
Do I look familiar? It’s me, Nellie, from Momma & Babies! Well I’m a city girl now and doing just great. Check out my Happy Tail page.

My name is Blu! You haven’t seen me before because ABR helped my previous owner find me my new furever home (which I’m lovin’ by the way!). Here I am with my new BFF.

Blu’s photo album

Moses & Jenny here! We couldn’t be happier- can you tell? Check out our Happy Tail page.

Hey, it’s Star! I’ve been adopted.

Finally!!!!!! It’s me Rocco. I was in boarding FOREVER but I have found my forever home. Yeah!

Rocco’s photo album


 And just for fun……



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