Rescue Recap- w/e 07/04/10

Posted: July 2nd, 2010


Happy Independence Day everyone!!!!!

This is a partial update with probably more to come over the weekend. We haven’t heard from our MD folks as of yet but wanted to go ahead and get this posted since it’s a long weekend.

We know we sound like a broken record, but we truly need donations. Our vet/boarding/transport bills are at almost $6,000 (and growing)…. yes, you read it correctly. We owe A LOT and it’s really overwhelming!!!!! And as you will read, the dogs just keep coming. Anything, any amount, is greatly appreciated. It’s tax deductible and 100%….. 100%….. goes to the animals. We have no paid staff, just a small network of volunteers who care about making a difference. We have some volunteers that are paying expenses out of their own pockets and some that are working another job to help with the costs. Every little bit helps.

It occurred to us that we haven’t posted the email for folks to submit their Happy Tails in quite some time so we’ve added it to the feedback section on the right side of the site towards the bottom. If you adopted one of our beauties, we’d love to hear the story and see some pictures!

We added a new video for Kingston. He has a new trick.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday everyone!

07/02/10, 8:05 p.m. update-
Well, for those of you new to our site, this probably won’t mean much… yet. We would encourage you to do a search on our site for the Stinky Boys. It’s a story that is etched forever in our minds and hearts and seeing this picture…. well, it makes our heart just sing! Stinky1 contemplating swimming….. be still our beating hearts. (Here’s his story and here)



Still Waiting….

Jimmy Jammer here (along with Bacon, Jodi’s pig)! I’m still waiting for my furever humans. Here’s my writeup: Jimmy is wonderful, he came to us feeling very depressed and very under the weather but all has changed! He is a really sweet, sensitive boy. Jimmy is calm and quiet, he is somewhat shy yet loves attention especially having his ears cleaned and getting brushed. He loves his very outgoing “sister” Tanzy and usually follows her lead. He is crate trained and very recently neutered. Jimmy is eager to learn and would love a home with a confident female who will bring him out of his shell a little bit more. He was found on the streets and then brought to a shelter where she caught an upper respiratory infection. Tanzy was found a few hours later in the same general area. They act like they have known each other forever.

Here is Jimmy & Tanzy’s photo album

It’s me, Tanzy! I’m still waiting for my furever home too! Here is my writeup: Tanzy is a real character!!!! She was so depressed a week ago when she arrived. Now she is happy 24-7! Definitely a complete 180! Tanzy is very outgoing and always likes to know what is going on. As you can see in the photos, she likes for you to hang with her. Tanzy never barks, she is crate trained and house trained. She does know how to sit and is pretty decent on a leash. She would like the companionship of another large male dog. Tanzy weighs 90 pounds and needs to gain about 10. She is around 12-14 months old. She was found on the streets and then brought to a shelter where she caught an upper respiratory infection. Jimmy was found a few hours later in the same general area. They act like thay have known each other forever.

Here is Jimmy & Tanzy’s photo album



Hi everyone, its me, Mandy, now Charlotte! My name was changed to Charlotte, from Charlotte’s Web because I snort like a pig. I know the pig in that movie was named Wilbur, but I’m a girl so I can’t be named Wilbur. I went on an outing to Penn Veterinary Clinic and EVERYONE loved me, I was the center of attention in the waiting room and with the staff. I am the sweetest dog ever and will make someone a great companion. The shelter I came from said I was around two years old but, the doctor at Penn said “no way!” They think I am under a year because my molars have not fully erupted. I don’t act much like a puppy, I like to play but my favorite thing to do is sit in someone’s lap! I get along great with the dogs I am living with, even the cat. They first wrote about me on 06/13/10…. look how much better I am!!! I’m currently in PA. View Sandy & Charlotte’s photo album

Hi everyone, its me Sandy. I’ve been out of the shelter for three weeks now and I love living in a home. I get along great with the other dogs I am living with, I even like playing with the cat. I have been taking private obedience training classes twice a week and I’m doing well. I still don’t get the sit command but only because I am so excited to have people pay attention to me I have a hard time containing myself. I’m doing very well with learning not to jump on people and I do pretty good on the leash too. My fur finally grew back so I don’t look pink anymore. I’m having a great time in my foster home but it would be nice to have a home of my own where I wouldn’t have to share the attention with all the other dogs! They first wrote about me on 06/13/10…. look how much better I am!!! I’m currently in PA. View Sandy & Charlotte’s photo album

It’s me Trinity…. or is it Winnie, or is it Piper, or is it Emma, or is it Tulip? Oh my gosh, you should have seen those silly ABR volunteers going back and forth today on my name. Goofy girls. Well, for now my name is Piper (though I don’t think everyone agreed). They wrote last week that there may be something wrong with my hips. I get around just fine!!!! I was just stuck in a crate for too long! Here’s my writeup:

Piper is a sweet little puppy that was rescued from a Miami kill shelter. She’s only 10-12 weeks old and apparently hasn’t been treated well in her short little life. She must have been kept in a crate for an inordinate amount of time as she has under-developed muscle tone in her back legs which is getting better every day with all the playing and exercising she’s getting with some of her doggy friends. She will need soft food for the next few months as she has very little baby teeth left probably from chewing on the crate she was confined in all day long. Piper would love to be a member of your family where she can get all the exercise and play time that puppies need to develop into strong and healthy adults.

I’m in FL. Take a look at my photo album


Cindy Lou Who will be a Cinderella story. The sweetest most gentle girl who has probably been neglected her entire life is about to become a princess. Cindy Lou is about 30 pounds underweight at 94 pounds, she is a big girl. She had generalized Demodex mange (non contagious to people or animals) which causes a secondary skin infection, inflammation, eye irritation and bleeding. She loved her first bath in probably forever and stood there like a lady. She lets you treat her eyes, she takes her meds and she walks well on a leash. She met Jelly today, she sniffed him with her tail between her legs and then laid down next to him. Luckily her new foster mom is an esthetician and will have her skin looking 5 years younger in no time. Our vet guesses that Cindy Lou Who is not that old at all, she is between 4-5 but just neglected for years. All she wants to do is kiss you on your chin. More to come on this princess. View Cindy Lou Who’s photo album
‘Proud as a Peacock’ Clarabelle here!!!!! I got up (and down) on the sofa all by myself. Okay, I had a little bit of coaching from Kiwi (Jodi’s bird). I go back to the doctor next week to find out how the medicine has been working for my eyes. Keep me in your thoughts! Here’s my photo album.


New Arrivals: (we have a couple more to add…. please check back!)

Meet the DC Pups….. also known as The Justice League.

And why The Justice League? Well, we’re glad you asked. Jodi said they need Superhero names and since they came from DC, what better name than the Justice League from DC Comics. There are 4 females and 1 male (the largest in the center of the photo). The male is from a previous litter and the females are from a recent litter. And yes, we’re going to name the mom Saint something or other. The Justice League currently resides in MD.

And here she is, the Wonder Woman of the beautiful pups you just read about. She is the perfect mother but her “pup producing” days are over and she will now learn what it means to be loved unconditionally and pampered. We’ll write more about her later. She’s currently in a fabulous foster home and probably feeling special for the first time in her life.

Check out Mama and babies photo album

Meet June Bug! Also affectionately known as Summer, which made us think of this-

June Bug was rescued Thursday from Orlando where she came in as a stray. She’s apparently had many litters and was probably tossed aside so they can sell her babies. She is the sweetest little girl that just wiggles her entire body when she sees you. Juney was spayed and vaccinated today and is ready for a family to love her. She is currently in FL. Here is June Bug’s photo album.


LILLY’S CLOSE CALL: A couple of weeks ago Lilly, this deaf American Bulldog, was living in a home in Longview and having a normal life for a dog that can’t hear. Then, something odd happened. We get the story from “Don The Rescuer” Martin of Texas American Bulldog Rescue. “Lilly and her owner got their feet tangled up and he fell on her. He also lost his job and could not afford the price to fix her leg… He then took her to the Northeast Texas Humane Society in Longview and she was to be euthanized.” But rescuers stepped in and now this dog has had surgery to repair the multiple fractures and is awaiting a new home that knows how to live with a sweet dog who will keep her eyes on you. In the meantime, the rescue group not only is trying to find a home for this dog, but also is trying to raise at least $600 to pay for the surgery and aftercare.You can donate to the Lilly Fund at Park Plaza Animal Clinic, 1811 East Park Row, Arlington, Texas 76010 or via our Paypal Donate button. Lilly is in Texas.


Courtesy Posts (the ever expanding list as we do not have the funds or foster homes to take them):

Urgent!!!! Mack’s family is moving in less than a week. He must find a new home:
MACK is a purebred male American Bulldog, he is 5 years old white in color with black markings on his body and one black patch over one eye. He is about 110 lbs. and 28″ in height. Macks loves adults and should be only pet. He is housebroken and well mannered and loves to romp and play on the floor. His last vet visit was May 2010 and he is current on all shots and was given a clean bill of health. He is located in Latham NY. If you are interested in Mack, please complete an ABR Adoption Application.

Courtesy Post for South Hampton Animal Shelter (NY):

Scotty: Plagued with heartworm disease when we found him, our shy guy is now on the mend. Finally starting to feel confident and happy. He deserves a new lease on a new life. Scotty gets along with some dogs and confident cats.

Please contact Teri at 516-532-5431 or visit their website.

Courtesy Post for South Hampton Animal Shelter (NY):

Bigg: Truly a bull in a china shop! Goofy and big, he will keep you in stitches just by his goofy expressions. Bigg is a laid back guy. Bigg gets along with some other dogs and confident cats.

Please contact Teri at 516-532-5431 or visit their website.

Courtesy Post for South Hampton Animal Shelter (NY):

Petey: Petey is simply a doll. He is about 2 1/2 yrs- MN all shots/microchipped etc. Loves every dog he has ever met and we use him as our male tester for other dogs. OK with cats it seems. Shy with people at 1st but once you get to know him a true gem. You can flood him with attention and he shows absolutely no aggression or issues. Just a sweetie!

Please contact Teri at 516-532-5431 or visit their website.

Jake, is around 1.5 yrs old, very sweet. His owners are divorcing and neither can take him with them. They said he was good with other dogs. He seems to know some basic commands, but needs more leash training. Jake is at a high killer shelter in Salisbury, Maryland. He only has a few days left. Please contact Sue at 410-713-9992 or e-mail her at This is a courtesy posting. No one from our organization has met Jake, thus, we cannot verify the accuracy of the information provided. It is the responsibility of the adopter to evaluate Jake and make sure he is suitable for their household.

Happy Tails:

Hey guys…. it’s me, Sugar checking in with you! If you don’t remember me, here’s a little more about where I came from. Well, my dad, Randy, just sent ABR a note about me titled “Sugar is the Bomb!” and some new pictures. ABR worried for the longest time that my forever human wouldn’t find me, but he did. Not only did he find me, he waited so patiently for me to get better and then drove a really long way to pick me up. I’m the luckiest girl on the planet. Take a look at the update to my Happy Tail page.
It’s me, Jack! Here I am with my new furever little humans. My new mom, Molly, calls me Jackpot cause that’s what she says they hit when they got me. Boy, I feel the same…. it’s so nice to be home. Check out my Happy Tail

Pretty in Pink Penny here!

Penny has a wonderful new home in her future. We’re so excited. She’ll have a new brother named Tiger to play with everyday and will reside in Tampa. She has made her way through Florida…

She came from Miami, was moved to boarding near Gainesville and is living with her foster mom in Jacksonville until she moves to her furever home in Tampa.

Here’s my photo album.


And totally not “dog” related but one of the cutest, feel good, videos we’ve seen in ages- Ain’t love grand!!!!!