Rescue Recap- w/e 06/27/10

Posted: June 27th, 2010
Wow, is it ever hot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Given that it IS so hot, we urge everyone to take a minute and read this article on heat stroke and dogs. Please make sure your babies have plenty of water, shade, and shelter.

As we’ve written a gazillion times, we have several dogs in boarding. So many so, that we’re limited (both in space, resources, & funds) as to how many dogs we can take until some of these beautiful babies get adopted. We’ve added a new section this week for courtesy posts for dogs that are in danger of being PTS (put to sleep) that we are unable to help. It’s really a sad situation.

Also, please remember that this is just a sampling of the dogs in our care. Please be sure to visit our adoptables link for more of our available dogs.

We should have an update for Kingston later this evening.

Thanks for visiting and as always, we appreciate your support. Have a great week everyone!

Still waiting…..

Augustus is doing great with his foster family and is ready for his very own home.  His BFF, Twinkie, has taught him to be a gentleman….until the popcorn pops in the microwave…then he resorts to being the bratty little brother that barks at the microwave.  Twinkie and Erron are the best thing to happen to poor Augustus that’s had a horrible life until now.  We can’t wait to see his very own ‘happy tail’. We first wrote about him on 03/21/10. Augustus is currently in FL. Here’s his photo album.

Hey it’s me, Pretty in Pink Penny! I’m having the time of my life with my foster mom, Aireal, but I’m ready for my furever home. They wrote about me last week and also included the link to where they first wrote about me. Boy, have I come a long way. I’m currently in FL. They just added a bunch of pictures for me so check out my photo album.


Murphy (Maggie Moo’s baby), our chunky hunk of puppiness is still awaiting his forever home.  But there’s no rush as he has many BFFs at Ms. Maggie’s home….he’s so adorable.  We’re sure the perfect family will fall in love with the little pork chop. Murphy is currently in FL.

Here’s my photo album.

Ciao! It’s me Luigi. They first wrote about me (and my brother) on 02/28/10. I’m still waiting for my forever humans to find me. Here’s more about me- How can you resist that face and those beautiful green eyes ?!? This is Luigi . He is a 7 month old puppy. We are not sure what breeds could be all mixed up in him. It’s actually quite a mystery really but he sure is CUTE ! Luigi loves to play…especially fetch with his tennis ball…but he also LOVES to snuggle. He is just as sweet as can be. His eyes light up when he sees his foster kids. He loves nothing more than to run and play with them outside in the yard. His sidekick Mario has been adopted into his forever family but Luigi is still patiently waiting. If you think that you may be that special family that he has been waiting for then please apply to adopt him today. He is currently in PA. View Luigi’s photo album.
Are you looking for some fun in your life ? Well have we got the guy for you ! This is Angus. He is a 15 month old pittie boy who is full of good times. He is a big beautiful boy…weighing in at approximately 80 pounds. He is GREAT with every person that he meets even kids. However, he will not be placed with any very young children because he doesn’t know his own strength and may knock them over! Angus gets along with some medium to large size dogs but he doesn’t seem to like small dogs and he definitely doesn’t like kitty cats. We are looking for an experienced bully breed home where Angus can be an only dog so he can be the “King of the Castle ” and hog up all the attention . Angus knows most of his basic commands….sit,down,stay…and he is fully crate and house trained. Angus is currently in PA. View his photo album.
Meet Bloomy! This sweet and sensitive girl just wants to find her forever family and feel safe and secure. Bloomy was found as a stray in NYC. She had to have been loved and cared for at one time because she is really just a perfect lady. She came into her foster home and immediately made friends with the chickens : ) She is totally crate trained, housebroken, great on a leash and quiet. Bloomy is currently in PA. View her photo album.
Hey guys, it’s me Shayna! You probably remember me as Bama Girl though. Here’s my writeup- Sweet as sugar Shayna was flown to PA from a shelter in Alabama with her buddy Ham. She is so perfect. She loves everyone, she knows how to sit and come and she loves other dogs. She has met horses and was a little afraid…not aggressive. She shares her toys and stuff with her new roomie Bronko and he is happy to share back . Shayna is 10 -12 months old and crate trained, housebroken, great in the car and great on walks. Shayna is currently in PA. Here is her photo album.
Puck is a 4 yr old purebred, papered American Bulldog. He has been in rescue for the past 3-4 months seeking the perfect home. He is great with other dogs, big and small and either gender. Puck needs an owner that has previous bully experience and will be willing to keep him on a schedule (which is recommended for ALL dogs). He needs to know that there is a definite leader within his pack and he is more than happy to be a submissive follower. With the right handling, Puck is an incredible dog and has so much to offer. He’s like a comic book character and is always good for a laugh with his expressive face. Puck is currently in FL. Here’s his photo album

Jimmy Jammer here! I’m still waiting for my furever humans. Here’s my writeup: Jimmy is wonderful, he came to us feeling very depressed and very under the weather but all has changed! He is a really sweet, sensitive boy. Jimmy is calm and quiet, he is somewhat shy yet loves attention especially having his ears cleaned and getting brushed. He loves his very outgoing “sister” Tanzy and usually follows her lead. He is crate trained and very recently neutered.  Jimmy is eager to learn and would love a home with a confident female who will bring him out of his shell a little bit more. He was found on the streets and then brought to a shelter where she caught an upper respiratory infection. Tanzy was found a few hours later in the same general area. They act like they have known each other forever.

Here is Jimmy & Tanzy’s photo album


It’s me, Tanzy! I’m still waiting for my furever home too! Maybe someone would adopt me and my brother Jimmy together????? Here is my writeup: Tanzy is a real character!!!! She was so depressed a week ago when she arrived. Now she is happy 24-7! Definitely a complete 180! Tanzy is very outgoing and always likes to know what is going on. As you can see in the photos, she likes for you to hang with her. Tanzy never barks, she is crate trained and seems house trained. She does know how to sit and is pretty decent on a leash. She would like the companionship of another large male dog. Tanzy weighs 88 pounds and needs to gain about 10. She is around 4 years old. She was found on the streets and then brought to a shelter where she caught an upper respiratory infection. Jimmy was found a few hours later in the same general area. They act like thay have known each other forever. Tanzy is good on a leash and she knows how to sit. She is also crate trained.

Here is Jimmy & Tanzy’s photo album


Belle (aka Bella Bright Star) LOVES people and other dogs. She is a beautiful and sensitive girl who came to us in alot of pain and could barely walk. She had a torn cruciate and luxating patellas and has since had surgery and is recovering. She is 3 weeks out of her surgery and she much happier. The Orthopedic surgeon said that her knee looks fantastic. Belle is a very grunty-snorty Bulldog and she is somewhat protective of her people. She is not aggressive at all but she will glue herself to her person and make sure that any stranger is welcome. View Belle’s photo album.

Hey, it’s me Belle! For the record, I’m grunty-snorty in the most adorable kind of way Kiss

Courtesy Posts (these are URGENT cases that we are unable to take because of lack of foster homes and funds):

URGENT!!! This is a courtesy posting for York County, PA animal control. This sweet boy is almost out of time! He has a day or two left at the shelter. Please help! His pictures do not really do him justice!! Moose is a fitting name, as he weighs in at about 94 pounds! He did very well meeting larger, female dogs and he did pretty well meeting a scruffy little male dog. He was tested with a cat in its carrier, and was actually scared of it! Moose has had a lot of handling ( i.e. grabbing his feet, checking his teeth etc..) and he responded fine. Since Moose is a big strong boy, he will need some training on the leash, although he walks along nicely most of the time. Please give Moose a second chance at having a wonderful life! Again, Moose has only days left at the shelter! If you would like to meet Moose, please call Jessie at 410-627-8085.


Updates (and in need of furever/foster homes):

Moses and Jenny are still waiting to have a family again after losing their daddy and their home.  They’re still in boarding patiently waiting for their miracle family to bring them home.  They are just such well behaved and carefree dogs. We wrote about this very sad story last week and that they need to be adopted together because they are so bonded. We now understand their very close bond. Jenny is hearing impaired and Moses has been her “ears” for the past 8 years. Here’s a note from Carey (kleenex alert!)- This pair REALLY has to be a package deal.  Moses has helped her all her life…he cannot abandon her now.  If ever a pair were meant to be together, it’s them since she’s hearing impaired. GOD!…I cry as I type.  They’re such a special couple that’s had their lives turned upside down due to a medical crisis and on top of it all, they just keep looking for someone to take their leash and take them away.  They went to every transporter so wonderfully in spite of all they’ve been through for the last couple of weeks.  I love these two.

Please consider opening your heart and home to this beautiful couple. Moses and Jenny are currently in FL. Here is their photo album
Droopy had his eye surgery and will move to a wonderful doggy day care to await his forever home.  His new roommate will be a sweet and wonderful Pug that was rescued from Humane Society of Tampa.  We don’t want him to feel lonely after Ms. Daisy moves to her foster home so hopefully Droopy will fill the void of Ms. Daisy’s absence.  Thank you Dayle for offering to take another of our ‘special needs’ babies. Droopy is currently in FL. Here is his photo album.
Here’s an update from Carey on Daisy: I’m taking Daisy tomorrow to her foster family for her upcoming surgery.  Finally, Daisy is on her way to being pain free.  Chris and Hillary did a beautiful job preparing Nike for her forever home.  Now they signed up for the long haul of seeing and caring for Ms. Daisy through 2 extensive surgeries and rehab.  Daisy will be a member of their family for quite some time.


New Arrivals:

Hello, my name is Waverly! Here is my writeup:
Waverly is a sweet and shy one year old! His family bought him as a puppy, but now that he has gotten to be 100 pounds, they no longer let him in the house. He was stuck outside in the summer heat all day in an unsafe area. It was only a matter of time before something bad happened to him. Thankfully, a kind elderly neighbor fed Waverly every day, and contacted the rescue for help.The family surrendered Waverly, and he is now in the care of our rescue! He is currently at the vet being neutered and fully vetted! He is doing well with the people at the vet, and the other dogs there!

I’m currently in MD and really want to find my forever home. Until my forever humans find me, I sure could use a foster home so I don’t have to go into boarding. Here’s my photo album.

My name is Trinity! Well, for now anyway. My rescue angel, Laura, says that I don’t look like a “Trinity” so my name might change. I don’t mind. I’m just so glad to be out! I busted out of the Miami Dade shelter on Thursday. I’m only about 3 mos. old. Whew, it was really close for me as I had just about run out of time there. I have something going on with my hips and they’re not sure what it is just yet but I’m looking for my forever home or even a foster home! They’ll write more about me when they know what’s up. Take a look at my photo album– Am I not just precious?????
Hello, my name is Cindy Lou Who. As you can see, I’m a mess right now. I’m currently in a shelter in NY but will soon make my way to my new foster mom’s home (Jodi’s) where she’s going to get me all fixed up. My list of issues is verrrrrry long but I’ll be getting better soon. Please keep me in your thoughts.


In Memoriam:

June, 2010

Moose was a stray that obviously was not given heartworm preventative.  He was rescued by St. Frances Rescue and started on the treatment to kill the horrible worms that were strangling his heart.  He had a beautiful 2 months of feeling totally loved.  He was an awesome dog…

There’s a risk of clotting when the worms are killed….Poor Moose threw a clot that gave him a heart attack.  But he died knowing he was loved….he had a wonderful 2 mos. living as family member and being totally loved and cherished….



Happy Tails:

Patch Adams here! I’ve been adopted. Here’s my photo album
It’s me, Sheba. I’ve been adopted!!! Here’s my photo album
Hey guys! Max here. Check out my Happy Tail page.
Ham here! …… as in Birmingham. You probably remember me as Bama Boy. I’ve been adopted! Here’s my photo album.
It’s Cha Cha! I’ve been adopted! Here’s my photo album.
Hey, Lucy here! I’ve been adopted. Here’s my photo album.