Rescue Recap- w/e 06/20/10

Posted: June 20th, 2010



Happy Father’s Day!!!!

To all of the Fathers of the two-legged and four-legged versions of children out there, we hope you have a very special day!

Yet another busy week and sadly, another week of all-time lows for adoption applications and donations. We’ll keep plugging along anyhow ūüôā

In addition to the information that we have listed below, we have 5 dogs coming in from a cruelty case. The dogs have been in boarding since last November. The SPCA is working on getting them spayed and neutered and also working on getting us current photos for them. We agreed to take them waaaaay back then and the case has just been settled. The pictures are horrific. We will be posting them in the next couple of days. We are in need of foster homes, desperately. 

We mentioned our deepest gratitude last week to our volunteers. Without them, ABR doesn’t exist. We thought it would be fun for our readers to meet some of the “names” behind the work that goes on. Of course, you shouldn’t get your hopes up on seeing photos of everyone. Most would prefer to remain anonymous and avoid a camera like the plague (present company included) but they have, graciously agreed to share a little about themselves. We’ll be working on that over the next few weeks.

Thanks to everyone that joined our Rock-a-Bully event last Friday in MD. It was a huge success! If anyone took photos, we’d love to see them.

A big THANK YOU to the folks that are supporting us on Facebook. Wow, who would have thought? We’ve reached 600+ fans.

We’re so thankful most importantly of everyone that follows our website. We have received the nicest notes this week. Just when we think we want to give up….. you guys are there to pick us up, dust us off, and get us busy with what we’re best at.

Still waiting…..

It’s me Penny! I don’t quite have all my hair back but boy am I sure turning out to be beautiful! Remember how I looked when they first got me?

From her foster mom:¬† she goes really still and gets this weird look on her face…..then will pounce on said puppy¬†or toy.¬† It is really funny¬† and always good for a laugh.¬† And, by the way she is a total lap dog and her favorite past time is cuddling =)

She is currently in FL. Penny’s photo album


Rocco here! Sigh, I’m still waiting here at a boarding Kennel in MD for my forever humans to find me. I can’t figure out what’s taking them so long. I love to go for car rides, know basic commands, and I’m a really sweet and happy guy (but lonely). Check out my photo album. Won’t you Rescue Me?

Patch Adams here! I’m really sad. My owner died and that’s how I ended up in the shelter. I traveled up to MD from KY with Sheba and sure hope to find my forever home soon.¬† I’m about 3 yrs old. I’m very very good on a leash, get along well with other dogs, and am ok with cats. I perk up on my walks when kids are around! Here’s my photo album.
Hey, it’s Sheba! I was rescued from a shelter in Kentucky after my owners gave me up because they were moving. I made the trip up to Maryland and am looking for my forever family! Here’s what my foster mom has to say about me: Sheba is an absolute delight! She walks right beside me while we walk at the park, even stopping and waiting for people to pet her! She’s quiet and has good manners. We gave her a bath and she was very good when being handled. She is very smart and learns quickly! She gets along great with our male American Bulldog, and the other dogs at the park! She will make a great family dog!! Sheba is currently in MD, here is her photo album.
It’s Wally! I was pulled from the Cobb County (GA) Animal Shelter. They found me wandering around with a big jagged gash on my chest. They gave me some stitches while I was there. One of the really nice ladies there liked me an awful lot and kept moving my name to the bottom of “the list” to buy me some more time. But my time had run out and this really nice lady named Cheryl came and got me from that awful place. She told me I’m a big ol’ goofball. I made my way to MD last weekend and I’m looking for my forever home! Here’s my photo album.¬†
Kettle-  This pretty lady is quiet, gentle and loves hugs and kisses. She enjoys the company of other dogs, walks well on a leash and is eager to please. Kettle came from a high-kill shelter in the south where she was on the list to be put to sleep. She has been in boarding for months now and really wants/needs to find her forever home. She is currently in MD. View her photo album.

New Arrivals:

Meet Moses & Jenny! This was a massive joint effort to save these two from euthansia.¬† With help from the staff at the kill shelter who sent out massive e-mails and contacting us at ABR to help from Michelle (Phoenix Rescue) who pulled for us, to Aunt Louise (Sun Kiva Kennels ) who boarded them for us, to Beverly who will temporarily foster, we were able to save these two 8 year old beauties.¬† Their euthansia date was extended two times at the shelter in hopes someone could rescue them as they are just wonderful dogs.¬† Their owner has MS and was staying with friends.¬† Something shifted in his situation and he wasn’t allowed to keep his dogs.¬† This grown man was shaking and crying when he surrendered his dogs to the shelter.¬† He took the Change of Heart form (allowing him to change his mind and come back to get his dogs), which most people waive because they don’t care about the dogs they are dropping off at the shelter.¬† This guy genuinely cared for his dogs and had absolutely no other option for them.¬† We are trying to locate him so that he can rest easily that they were not euthanized but we don’t have a current address¬† but we will continue to search for him to reassure him… that his babies are still alive and in good care. They are adults, making them more difficult to place, but are well-loved, well-cared for dogs with no issues.¬† They are family dogs who have lost their family.¬† We would love to see them find new homes, as they SO deserve it. Both Moses and Jenny are in FL.¬†

Moses’ and Jenny’s¬† photo album

ps- We come as a package deal! We couldn’t bear the thought of being separated.


Jackson was rescued on his last day at a high kill shelter in Georgia. He was a staff favorite at the vet while he waited for transport north! He has now made the long trip up to Maryland, and is ready for his new forever home! Jackson gets along well with other dogs and cats don’t seem bother him at all! He is pretty quiet and super playful! As soon as he arrived, he showered us with kisses! He’s a young guy, so he’ll need a little training, but he is a good listener, so it won’t be hard at all! Check out Jackson’s photo album



It’s Droopy! Absolutely one of the sweetest faces we’ve ever seen and one of the best dogs we’ve ever had in our care! Sweet and wonderful Droopy had his entropian surgery on Tuesday.¬† He sees so much better now.¬† Unfortunately, all he gets to see is the vet’s¬†office where he’s been for almost a month.¬† He’s still waiting for a foster home to open up so he can cuddle with a family.¬†We can’t wait until¬†a¬†very special family steps up to adopt¬†this very special boy and gives him all the love and attention he deserves.¬† Droopy is currently in FL. Here is his photo album.

It’s me Jack…. I got fixed this week. I was so ready to get out of that place that I was willing to drive home to my foster mom’s house. Here’s what she wrote- Well, we just got home from Dr. Collins. Jack says he feels a little light in the rear. He did great! No problems with the procedure.

“A little light in the rear”???? Jiminy Cricket, everyone’s a comedian huh? Well it’s over and I get to go to my new furever home soon! Check out my photo album.


Here’s a note from Maggie Moo’s new forever mom- Moo is here and she is LOVELY!!!! I love her and so does lil obnoxious Mia, AND Moo tolerates puppy Mia pretty well. Isn’t she something.¬† Her belly will dry up soon, that will help her with her mobility…. she just chugs around, and SNORES!!! WOW!!! She’s very quiet and easy otherwise. I just cleaned her up, she LOVES to be pampered! Amazing.

Now for the bad news…..
She has mass cell cancer.  The vet said in its location on hind leg inside Рnot enough skin to cover area to get enough margins.  She is going to be as happy as she can be for the rest of her life with me until an angel comes for her.She LOVES to eat and I LOVE to see that. She may have a herniated disc as well, so i help her get up some times. Her back feet bend the wrong way sometimes, but he said thats her disc issue. She is happy though because she LOVES chicken and she knows her good food! she LOVES natural balance fish and sweet potato!

Here’s Maggie Moo’s photo album

We love you Maggie Moo!


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June 17, 2010

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