Rescue Recap- w/e 06/13/10

Posted: June 12th, 2010

Greetings everyone!

It’s been an unbelievable couple of weeks. When it rains, it pours. That said, it’s been an especially stressful time for our volunteers. While we highlight some of the dogs in our care and provide the latest updates, here is a very special tribute to our volunteers. Without them, ABR doesn’t exist. This is truly their attitude- I get knocked down, but I get up again- and thank goodness that they do, each and every day. Thank you ABR Volunteers!

ps- we apologize for the language in the video….. but if you think that’s bad, you should join us on a few phone calls and emails throughout the day ūüôā

As you will read, we are swamped with dogs and issues right now and could really use some help. We are forever thankful for your support.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Still waiting……

Lucy is a happy, pretty girl who loves to play, give millions of kisses and get her treats when she comes in from outside. She is totally house trained, crate trained and has been good with our 7 year old daughter. She turned 1 year old in March and she is an American Bulldog / Boxer mix. Lucy wags her tail nonstop, and wants to be involved in EVERYTHING! She will protect her new family as she has a very loud bark when anyone walks past the house! Lucy loves to run! She will need to training on a leash as her curiosity tends to make her pull. Lucy is not a cat fan so no cats please. She is currently in PA. View Lucy’s photo album.

Jayden is a 5 year old English Bulldog mix being fostered in suburban Philadelphia. She likes to play with different toys, loves belly rubs and is content to lay at your feet while you read or work on the computer. She enjoys her walks and is almost puppy- like in her curiosity about leaves blowing across the street or watching a bird hop through the leaves. Squirrels get the most attention and a good grip on her leash is needed if she spies a squirrel. She also enjoys running at full speed in the large outdoor enclosure at the foster mom’s home. She knows Sit, Off and Wait. Foster mom is working on Down. Jayden is a great eater and is currently about 42 pounds. She is not overly rough and with close supervision has been very calm with children in the foster mom’s neighborhood. Jayden is completely housebroken now and has been re-introduced to the two other dogs that she knew before. She is playing with them nicely, so the foster mom feels more confident about Jayden being adopted by a home that has another dog. She is currently in PA. View Jayden’s photo album.

Joe is a sweet American Bulldog/Yellow Lab mix who is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. Joe is learning basic commands, putting on weight and learning to share his beloved Kong toy. He enjoys fetching the Kong and has endless endurance! Joe needs extra training to become a calmer inside dog. He gets along with other dogs and is very friendly and playful. Please read more about the Hope Dogs Training Program.You can follow Joe’s progress once he enters training by going to that website and clicking on his name. If you are interested in adopting Joe after he graduates from Hope Dogs, you must live within a two hour drive of Camp Hill, PA because their trainers offer lifetime support and will do home visits to make sure everything continues to go well with Joe. He is currently in PA. View Joe’s photo album



Are you looking for some fun in your life ? Well have we got the guy for you ! This is Angus. He is a 15 month old pittie boy who is full of good times. He is a big beautiful boy…weighing in at approximately 80 pounds. He is GREAT with every person that he meets even kids. However, he will not be placed with any very young children because he doesn’t know his own strength and may knock them over! Angus gets along with some medium to large size dogs but he doesn’t seem to like small dogs and he definitely doesn’t like kitty cats. We are looking for an experienced bully breed home where Angus can be an only dog so he can be the “King of the Castle ” and hog up all the attention . Angus knows most of his basic commands….sit,down,stay…and he is fully crate and house trained. Angus is currently in PA. View his photo album.



Droopy is such a sweet, inspirational dog that truly has so much to offer. He was rescued from Miami Dade AS on his last moments, and THANK GOODNESS! Someone would have missed out on one awesome dog. While Droopy may not be a huge stud like Yogi (see happy tails), he is a living breathing version of the Little Engine That Could. His mind is that of a happy puppy, but his body missed the memo. Droopy has a deformity of one of his back feet- he’s missing all of the bones that should be in the foot/toes. It doesn’t cause him any pain, just looks special =) On a not so good note, it turns out that the “good” leg (that provides all his stability and drive) has a BAD case of subluxating patella- meaning with every step Droopy’s knee cap pops in and out of place. If you have never experienced this kind of pain, it STINKS! Dogs will sometimes be in so much pain that they will nip, not Droopy. He chugs right along like nothing is wrong. He also has learned how to accommodate and play with other dogs (he loves to play!). He’ll roll right over on his back and wiggle around and play upside down. Droopy is scheduled to have much needed entropion surgery (the last of many we have had recently) on Tuesday of this coming week. We can’t let Droopy down so we’ll need your well wishes and also donations! We need to fix Droopy up so he can be as comfortable as possible and get his play on! Go Droopy! (Kingston will be rooting him on too- while I was taking these pictures he was hollering his words of support in the background!) View Droopy’s photo album

Maggie Moo here! My foster mom, Nancy, wrote this about me yesterday: Isn’t she something? She is so sweet! It may not be cancer, the new vet did an aspiration biopsy yesterday- he will let me know. She LOVES to have her face cleaned with a cool wash rag and be pampered!

And here’s what Jodi said when she saw my new photos- Don’t you love her deliciousness???? She looks like a big, fat, marshmallow. She looks like the Michelin Girl. I love her….. I wish she was here!

Am I not the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? Check out my photo album.

Hey guys, it’s me, Clarabelle…. hanging out with my BFF Jelly.¬† Not too much to report today. I did go to the park with Jelly this morning. My foster mom Jodi has been putting this icky stuff in my eyes since I got here. I go back to the doctor in 3 weeks so he can check on my eyes. Here’s my photo album.

It’s me, Kingston! This is a picture of me in my Rescue Angel’s car on our way to our outing today. I went to the store where she works on the weekends and had a blast!!!! The last time I went there, I wasn’t feeling so well and I found the bed section so I could lay down. Well this time, because I’m feeling much better, I found the TOY section. I’m still not quite ready to go to a foster home (sigh) but I’m working on it. I’m eating an awful lot. Check out the new photos they added for me today!

Hey…. my Rescue Angel just sent a video of me!!! I love to talk ūüôā

Remember me? It’s Wally! I was pulled from the Cobb County (GA) Animal Shelter. They found me wandering around with a big jagged gash on my chest. They gave me some stitches while I was there. One of the really nice ladies there liked me an awful lot and kept moving my name to the bottom of “the list” to buy me some more time. But my time had run out and this really nice lady named Cheryl came and got me from that awful place. She told me I’m a big ol’ goofball. I’ve been patiently waiting for ABR to find a foster home for me. Well, today’s the day for me to make my journey to MD. I’m looking for my forever home. Here’s my photo album. Hopefully they’ll have some more pictures of me soon.

It’s me, Daisy! Here’s an update from Carey on me: Finally, Daisy has a medical foster home with Chris and Hillary so we can get her first surgery scheduled for her knees.¬† I’m so happy for Daisy as she’s waited a long time for a place to rehab where she’ll be kept calm and quiet to recuperate.¬† She’s¬† finally on her way to becoming pain free.¬† We will have updates and pictures to follow her post-op success.

Here is Daisy’s photo album and update page.


It’s me Penny! This is an old picture and I look MUCH better now. I’m busting out of boarding this weekend and I really want to find my furever home. Here’s an update from Carey on me: Penny will be picked up from boarding this weekend to¬†spend some quality and fun time with Aireal, our wonderful foster in Jacksonville, FL.¬†Penny just loves people sooooo much and is waiting¬†to have her very own home again.¬†¬†We hope to have great new pictures of her from her weekend outing so everyone¬†can see just how¬†cute¬†she is.

Penny is currently in FL. Check out her photo album.


New Arrivals:

I’m Sandy!¬† I’m about 9 months old and I weigh 36 pounds.¬† I was picked up in a playground in Manhattan when my previous owner decided to leave me and my mom Mandy there in a crate.¬† I just got to my foster home in Philadelphia yesterday and I am loving all the attention I’m getting. So far I have been really quiet in my crate, in fact I haven’t barked one time since I got here.¬† I love to play and be petted and sit on someone’s lap.¬† I know I don’t look so great right now but just wait until my skin clears up and my fur grows back, I will be beautiful! I’m currently in PA.

Sandy & Mandy’s photo album

Hey there, I’m Mandy! I just got to Philadelphia with Sandy yesterday. Our previous owner decided to leave us in a playground in a crate! I don’t know why anyone would do that to us, we are good girls. Maybe because they didn’t want to pay for the medicine we need to treat our skin issues. Besides the skin problem, we are healthy. I am about a year and a half old and weigh 42 pounds. As you can see, I am a cutie even though most of my fur is missing but, just wait until my fur grows back! I LOVE getting attention and just sitting next to someone.

Sandy & Mandy’s photo album

Hi, I’m Jimmy! Here’s a little more about me: Jimmy is new to ABR so for now, the only thing we know is that he is not feeling well. He was found on the streets and then brought to a shelter where he caught an upper respiratory infection. Tanzy was found a few hours later in the same general area. They act like thay have known each other forever. Both dogues are decent on a leash.

I’m currently in PA and I sure would like to be adopted with my BFF Tanzy.

Here is Jimmy & Tanzy’s photo album¬†

Hi, I’m Tanzy! My story is the same as my BFF Jimmy. Here is my writeup: Tanzy is new to ABR so for now, the only thing we know is that she is not feeling well. She was found on the streets and then brought to a shelter where she caught an upper respiratory infection. Jimmy was found a few hours earlier in the same general area. They act like they have known each other forever. Tanzy is good on a leash and she knows how to sit. She is also crate trained.

I’m currently in PA too!

Here is Jimmy & Tanzy’s photo album

Hey there, I’m Bama Girl….. well just for now. I’m heading to PA from AL this weekend. They’re working on a name for me. I’m just so glad to be getting out of this place right now that I don’t care what they call me, yet. They’ll update my info when I get there along with some new pictures of me.¬† Check out my photo album. Here’s what the shelter wrote about me:

On the tan/white, leggy female- supposedly, she is a purebred AmBulldog. She is a bit underweight for an Ambull. She needs some work on her leash skills. She had no concerning reactions to her physical manipulation, pinch test, startle test, food aggression, resource guarding. This is a significantly larger dog. Aloof, likemost ABdogs. She has appropriate reactions with other dogs, and no bad reaction to cats- although ABDs don’t always do well in homes with cats, so I’d suggest more cat testing before placing her in a home with cats. Young-12mos?

And I’m Bama Boy for now. I agree totally with Bama Girl, I don’t care what they call me for now.¬† I’m outta here! I’m heading to PA this weekend too. Here’s my photo album. This is what the shelter wrote about us:

The male evaled out great! He and the female did intros and all is well. There was a second or two of hackles, then everyone went about their business. The male has a default sit (ie he does it when he wants something- food, lovin’ kisses..) He is fab. The female is filling out before my eyes. I feel like both would be great candidates for your rescue.

Hi everyone, My name is Sheba! I’m about 1yr old and my owners had to give me up because they’re moving. I made fast friends with Patch Adams on my trip from KY to MD on Friday!¬† I’m a healthy girl, good on a leash, Love other dogs and cats, and kids too!. Here’s my photo album.
Hello, my name is Patch Adams. I’m really sad. My owner died and that’s how I ended up in the shelter. I traveled up to MD from KY with Sheba and sure hope to find my forever home soon.¬† I’m about 3 yrs old. I’m very very good on a leash, get along well with other dogs, and am ok with cats. I perk up on my walks when kids are around! Here’s my photo album.


In Memoriam:

March 25, 2010
May 19, 2010
June 5, 2010


Happy Tails:

Hey everyone, it’s me, Stella Skyy! I’ve been adopted! Here’s my photo album
Hey guys! I’m Maya. I know my furever family sure misses their Lexi but I’m helping them with all of that. Boy, do they ever love me and I’m having the time of my life. Check out my Happy Tail page!

It’s me, Jack! I’ve been adopted!!! Here’s a little more about what’s going on with me: Jack is doing wonderfully with his foster family in New Orleans.¬† He is just the best little boy who loves his foster sister, Pumkin Head. He was rescued from a kill shelter in Houston, TX and transported by wonderful shelter volunteers to meet his foster mom, Mary, for the remainder of his trip back to New Orleans.¬† He was given some antibiotics and treated for kennel cough and a weakened immune system.¬† He is now well enough to be neutered next week.¬† His new forever home is so excited and cannot wait to bring him home.¬† They will drive from Alabama to pick him up and take him back home with them for a wonderful new life in Alabama.¬† Boy does this little guy have some miles on him…lol

Here’s my photo album.

Dewey here! I’ve been adopted! Here’s my photo album.
It’s me, Hula Girl! I’ve been adopted!
Hey everyone, it’s me, Jackson! Well, you might remember me as Cupid. My furever humans sent ABR some really cool pictures of me and an update for my Happy Tails page. I’m having the best time with them!
¬†I’m Oliver and I’ve been adopted!
Queenie here! I’ve been adopted!


WHEW!!!!! That’s it.