Rescue Recap- w/e 05/23/10

Posted: May 22nd, 2010

Greetings! We want to thank everyone for their donations and well wishes for Kingston! We’ll post updates as we get them. Update- 7:10 p.m., we’ve already received a note from someone concerned that Kingston isn’t on the front page. We’ve added a “quick link” to the right side of the site so every one can get to his page quickly. Thanks for the input everyone! We can’t do this without you.

Please don’t forget about Daisy and Maggie Moo as we still need funds for their medical costs too (in addition to the ever-growing boarding costs, medical costs etc. for the rest of our babies). We’ve also added some new pictures of Maggie Moo’s pups.

We also want to thank everyone that participated in the jewelry party. It raised $250 for ABR!

Please be sure to visit our adoptables page. We have several dogs that have been with us for quite some time and are so very deserving. There’s simply too many list on this one page.

We hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend! 


Hey! It’s me Augustus. The top picture is what I used to look like. I was soooooooo scared at the shelter. My Rescue Angel told me that people cried when they looked at that picture and everyone sent me well wishes for a better life. Well, here I am, still waiting for my forever humans but I’m starting to get a little scared again thinking it might not happen. I really need a second chance.

They first wrote about me on 03/21/10….. I was a mess! Look how good I look now! Here is my write up: Augustus is a young man that loves, absolutely loves the girl dogs but isn’t too keen on boy dogs or cats.  Luckily he’s young enough to be trained (as far as boy dogs) but I wouldn’t push the ‘cat issue’.  Augustus is approximately 1 year old and is doing great in his foster home with his 2 girlfriends.  Unfortunately he’s going to have to go back to boarding as his foster mom has another commitment.  Please consider making Augustus a member of your family.  He was rescued from a Miami kill shelter bald and weighing only 39 lbs.  He’s had such a rough life and is ready to be loved.  He will be your best friend for life.

Somebody quick (!) help me. I’m currently in FL and I sure don’t want to go into boarding. Check out my photo album.

Puck, poor Puck, is so wonderful and so much fun but still waiting for his new family.  No one, including Puck, can figure out why he’s been sitting at the vet’s office for 2 months.  We all love him so much and he wins the hearts of everyone that meets him. Puck wrote this on 05/11/10- Puck here, I’m not feeling the love yet. I’ve been waiting so patiently for my new home.  Look at this physique, I’m HUGE, how can they miss this??? My AB volunteer and I have daily pep talks, not to get discouraged, that we only want the best home, but like any bulldog, my patience is almost out! I want to play and give my love and big mooshy kisses to someone! I’m a big teddy bear who might pretend to be shy up front, but watch out, when I’m ready, you’re going to get a big lap full of Puck! I enjoy playing with other dogs and got pummeled by a cat.  Really, can you believe that?  That furball did a drum roll on my face.  The nerve!  PLEASE come meet me, I’m a big goofball who will provide non stop entertainment. Won’t someone please give me a chance? I’m in FL. View Puck’s photo album.

Rocco is another one of our beautiful babies that has been in boarding for months. This gentle four year old was turned in to a high kill shelter when his family decided they wanted a smaller dog and bought a puppy for Christmas (nice huh?). Rocco knows basic commands, is well behaved, loves car rides and greets everyone with a wag of his tail. Please consider opening your heart and home to this adorable boy. He is currently in MD. View Rocco’s photo album.

Poor, poor, Champ. We have written about him numerous times and his forever human still hasn’t found him yet. Won’t someone please give this little guy a chance? He is currently being boarded at a vet’s office and needs a family to call his own. Champ is currently in MD. Here’s more about him- Champ is 3 yrs. old, 65 lbs., loves car rides, walks fairly well on a leash, plays nicely with other dogs and was raised with children. His previous owner tells us that he was well behaved in their house. He’s a healthy, athletic boy who is intelligent and eager to please. View Champ’s Photo Album

Still Waiting:

Belle (aka Bella Bright Star) LOVES people and other dogs. She is a beautiful and sensitive girl who came to us in alot of pain and could barely walk. She had a torn cruciate and luxating patellas and has since had surgery and is recovering. She is 3 weeks out of her surgery and she much happier. The Orthopedic surgeon said that her knee looks fantastic. Belle is a very grunty-snorty Bulldog and she is somewhat protective of her people. She is not aggressive at all but she will glue herself to her person and make sure that any stranger is welcome. View Belle’s photo album.

Hey, it’s me Belle! For the record, I’m grunty-snorty in the most adorable kind of way Kiss

Hi, I’m Lucy! Here’s some stuff about me- “Lucy is a happy, pretty girl who loves to play, give millions of kisses and get her treats when she comes in from outside.  She is totally house trained, crate trained and has been good with our 7 year old daughter.   She turned 1 year old in March and she is an American Bulldog / Boxer mix.  Lucy wags her tail nonstop, and wants to be involved in EVERYTHING!  She will protect her new family as she has a very loud bark when anyone walks past the house! Lucy  loves to run!  She will need to training on a leash as her curiosity tends to make her pull. Lucy is not a cat fan so no cats please.” I’m currently in PA. View my photo album.
Hey it’s me, Bronko and I’m still looking for my forever humans. I have graduated from the prison program with flying colors at I’m currently in PA and here is my writeup: Bronko would make the BEST companion ever! This cool guy is housebroken, great in the car, calm, quiet, snuggly and really likes female dogs. Bronko is so so appreciative of having a warm home and someone to love. He was turned into a shelter and the guy who owned him actually admitted to leaving him outside chained to a fence. Now Bronko is livin’ the life. He really would make someone a very lucky person!

View Bronko’s Photo Album

View Bronko’s “Hope Dog” page

New Arrivals:

Meet ChaCha! ChaCha is an active bulldog who could make you laugh all day with her antics. She really seems to like other dogs but we are not 100% sure yet, it may be a week until her kennel cough goes away (she was a stray who ended up in a shelter). She is great on a leash and a little stubborn off a leash…when she is sunbathing she doesn’t hear you calling her. She is totally housebroken and is not crated at all but she has been and is fine in a crate. No young children for this shorty who likes to jump up and get a little mouthy for attention. We are going to work on that in foster but she needs an adult home with a bit of Bully experience. She is currently in PA. View ChaCha’s photo album.
Hey there! I’m Penny. I just recently busted out of a south FL shelter with just seconds to spare. Was that ever scary!!!!! As you can see, I have a little bit of a skin condition (demodectic mange) but I’m not contagious and I’m getting better every day. You just wait and see how pretty I’m going to be on the outside. I’m already beautiful on the inside. I’m currently staying at Sunkiva Kennels with Aunt Louise and while it’s really nice here and I love Louise, I sure would like to find my furever home. This really nice lady that drove me to Sunkiva, Inga, wrote this about me: “All I can say is OMG….Penny is the sweetest, most lovable dog.  If I was not at my limit at my house, the transport would have been called off and she would have come home with me…Her and my Halo would have been great pals…..two goofballs growing old together. And boy does she develop attachments quickly.  After 10 minutes she was “protecting” me….don’t get me wrong not aggressive, just letting peeps know in cars to stay away…lol…when we got out of the car in Fort Pierce, she did her business and while I was waiting for Bill she sat in front of me and just watched all the people go by.  Her skin still has some healing to do….but she is magnificient! Whoever adopts her is going to be the luckiest person on the planet.”  Penny is in FL. Check out her photo album.
My name is Wally! I was pulled from the Cobb County (GA) Animal Shelter. They found me wandering around with a big jagged gash on my chest. They gave me some stitches while I was there. One of the really nice ladies there liked me an awful lot and kept moving my name to the bottom of “the list” to buy me some more time. But my time had run out and this really nice lady named Cheryl came and got me from that awful place. She told me I’m a big ol’ goofball. I’m in GA right now but I’m heading up to PA soon and am looking for my forever home. Here’s my photo album. Hopefully they’ll have some more pictures of me soon.



Happy Tails!

Remember our sweet Sugar???? She came from such a horrible place but she’s now living like a queen with her new dad Randy.

Sugar’s Happy Tail page 

We love her. Thank you:)

Kyra’s Photo Album

Meet Dixie! She was not in ABR’s care but was an “owner assist” placement. Here she is with her new forever little human. How sweet is that!


Hey guys! It’s me, Liberty…. Libby for short. I’ve been adopted! ABR first wrote about me here. Boy, I’ve come a long way since busting out of the Miami shelter. Here’s my photo album.
It’s me, Patrick!!!! I’ve been adopted to a wonderful family. View my photo album.


We’ve been adopted! You probably remember us as the “Hilton Puppies”. Our names are Emma & Dotty and we’ve gone to a wonderful family on Long Island. Our new dad’s a Vet so we’ll always get the best of care. Woof Woof! Take a look at our photo album. ps- Our Rescue Angel, Carolyn, kept our mom and our brother and they’re really happy and doing just great too!

And just for fun………