Rescue Recap- w/e 05/15/10

Posted: May 15th, 2010

Happy Weekend Everyone!

As usual, we’ve been busy, busy, busy and we’re broke, broke, broke so any help would be greatly appreciated.  We have a couple of events coming up and, if you’re in the area, we would love to see you. Thanks for visiting and we hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!   


Maggie Moo & Pups

Still Waiting:

We have several dogs that have been in boarding for months and the situation is becoming urgent. It’s very expensive for ABR but more importantly, it’s just not fair to these beautiful dogs that are so deserving of a second chance and a loving home environment. Please consider adopting (or fostering!) one of our “urgent” dogs.


Kettle-  This pretty lady is quiet, gentle and loves hugs and kisses. She enjoys the company of other dogs, walks well on a leash and is eager to please. Kettle came from a high-kill shelter in the south where she was on the list to be put to sleep. She has been in boarding for months now and really wants/needs to find her forever home. She is currently in MD. View her photo album.


Rocco is another one of our beautiful babies that has been in boarding for months. This gentle four year old was turned in to a high kill shelter when his family decided they wanted a smaller dog and bought a puppy for Christmas (nice huh?). Rocco knows basic commands, is well behaved, loves car rides and greets everyone with a wag of his tail. Please consider opening your heart and home to this adorable boy. He is currently in MD. View Rocco’s photo album.


Hi! My name is Oliver and like Kettle and Rocco, I’ve been in boarding for a really long time and would love nothing better than to find my forever home. Here’s a little more about me: Oliver is a happy-go-lucky guy who goes with the flow. He enjoys people and wags his tail at the slightest mention of his name. He is 1-2 years old and enjoys the companionship of other dogs. He’s 85 lbs., loves car rides, playing in the snow and having his ears scratched. We have only had Oliver in a kennel situation, so don’t know if he is housebroken, however, he keeps his run neat and clean. Won’t you give Oliver a chance? He is currently in MD. View Oliver’s photo album.

Ciao! It’s me Luigi. They first wrote about me (and my brother) on 02/28/10. I’m still waiting for my forever humans to find me. Here’s more about me- How can you resist that face and those beautiful green eyes ?!? This is Luigi . He is a five month old puppy. ( As of 4-4-2010 ) We are not sure what breeds could be all mixed up in him. It’s actually quite a mystery really but he sure is CUTE ! Luigi loves to play…especially fetch with his tennis ball…but he also LOVES to snuggle. He is just as sweet as can be. His eyes light up when he sees his foster kids. He loves nothing more than to run and play with them outside in the yard. His sidekick Mario has been adopted into his forever family but Luigi is still patiently waiting. If you think that you may be that special family that he has been waiting for then please apply to adopt him today. He is currently in PA. View Luigi’s photo album.

Hey, it’s me Nike! I spent Mother’s Day with my family at the beach and had such a great time but I sure would like to find my forever humans. I can’t believe I haven’t found them yet. ABR first wrote about me on 02/21/10 when I was a complete train wreck and so very scared at the shelter. Look how pretty I’ve turned out to be!!! Here is my write up: Nike is completely house trained, she will either sit by the door to let you know or she will come and just stare at you. She will also drag her bed out when she’s ready to go to bed. She loves to play with our American Bulldog but can also keep herself occupied just as much with a kong, kong ball or a tug toy.  She’s really getting to know all her basic commands, she rarely jumps and she walks great on a leash. She gets along with dogs of all sizes and children over 5 (due to her size). This is just the perfect lovable bulldog that just needs a forever family and home, she is a very loving dog. Nike is currently in FL. View Nike’s photo album.
Joe is making enough progress at the foster’s home for him to be adopted into a home while he awaits the Hope Dogs training program at Camp Hill State Prison. The adopter must live within a two hour drive of Camp Hill as the professional dog trainers who run the program will continue to offer the adopter ongoing training support in your home as needed. Joe has calmed down enough that he can be uncrated in a home as long as he is directly supervised. Otherwise, he must be crated due to his energy level and curiosity about all things! Joe needs a fenced backyard or a very large fenced enclosure that is secure and at least six feet high if he will be out in the yard without an adult, even for a short time. He has jumped/climbed a five foot chain link fence at the foster’s home. Joe is a sweet American Bulldog/Yellow Lab mix who is neutered and up to date on vaccinations. While he waits to attend the training program, Joe is learning basic commands, putting on weight and learning to share his beloved Kong toy. He enjoys fetching the Kong and has endless endurance! Joe needs extra training to become a calmer inside dog. He gets along with other dogs and is very friendly and playful. Please read more about the Hope Dogs Training Program at http:// . You can follow Joe’s progress once he enters training by going to that website and clicking on his name. If you are interested in adopting Joe after he graduates from Hope Dogs, you must live within a two hour drive of Camp Hill, PA because their trainers offer lifetime support and will do home visits to make sure everything continues to go well with Joe. View Joe’s photo album.
Jayden is a 5 year old English Bulldog mix being fostered in suburban Philadelphia. She is spayed and currently up to date on vaccinations. Jayden came to our rescue from CT and she was bounced around a bit in her previous life so she has some anxiety as a result. She is a friendly, playful girl who wants to please her owner. She likes to play with different toys, loves belly rubs and is content to lay at your feet while you read or work on the computer. She enjoys her walks and is almost puppy- like in her curiosity about leaves blowing across the street or watching a bird hop through the leaves. Squirrels get the most attention and a good grip on her leash is needed if she spies a squirrel. She also enjoys running at full speed in the large outdoor enclosure at the foster mom’s home. She knows Sit, Off and Wait. Foster mom is working on Down. Jayden is a great eater and is currently about 42 pounds. She is not overly rough and with close supervision has been very calm with children in the foster mom’s neighborhood. Jayden is completely housebroken now and has been re-introduced to the two other dogs that she knew before. She is playing with them nicely, so the foster mom feels more confident about Jayden being adopted by a home that has another dog. View Jayden’s photo album.


Hey! It’s me Augustus. They first wrote about me on 03/21/10….. I was a mess! Look how good I look now! Here is my write up: Augustus is a young man that loves, absolutely loves the girl dogs but isn’t too keen on boy dogs or cats.  Luckily he’s young enough to be trained (as far as boy dogs) but I wouldn’t push the ‘cat issue’.  Augustus is approximately 1 year old and is doing great in his foster home with his 2 girlfriends.  Unfortunately he’s going to have to go back to boarding as his foster mom has another commitment.  Please consider making Augustus a member of your family.  He was rescued from a Miami kill shelter bald and weighing only 39 lbs.  He’s had such a rough life and is ready to be loved.  He will be your best friend for life.

Somebody quick (!) help me. I’m currently in FL and I sure don’t want to go into boarding. Check out my photo album.

New Arrivals:

Are you looking for some fun in your life ? Well have we got the guy for you ! This is Angus. He is a 15 month old pittie boy who is full of good times. He is a big beautiful boy…weighing in at approximately 80 pounds. He is GREAT with every person that he meets even kids. However, he will not be placed with any very young children because he doesn’t know his own strength and may knock them over! Angus gets along with some medium to large size dogs but he doesn’t seem to like small dogs and he definitely doesn’t like kitty cats. We are looking for an experienced bully breed home where Angus can be an only dog so he can be the “King of the Castle ” and hog up all the attention . Angus knows most of his basic commands….sit,down,stay…and he is fully crate and house trained. Angus is currently in PA. View his photo album.

Chris…(we call him Ralphie) is turning into the most fabulous dog. He looks exactly like Chance from the Homeward Bound movie and has a personality to match. He was abandoned in a NYC 19 floor walk-up but doesn’t hold it against anyone. He is so happy with people and greets everyone with a big waggy tail. At only about a year old, he is as calm and gentle as can be. Yet if you want a running partner he will come bounding alongside of you with the utmost enthusiasm. He plays beautifully with other dogs at the dog park, both large and small, and has always proved himself to be a perfect gentleman even though we haven’t been able to neuter him yet because of a previous upper respiratory infection. (sorry Ralphie, it’s coming). He’s currently living with 2 cats but can’t be left alone with them since he views them as play toys. He’s learning some basic commands and is very eager to work with you and please you, and walks perfectly on a leash with absolutely no pulling. This dog stays literally glued to your side at all times probably because he fears being abandoned again. He is crate trained but is so much happier sleeping alongside the bed on his doggie bed and is so well behaved that we’re fine with that. He most likely would do best in a home with no small children and an only dog, just because he is so incredibly clumsy he would certainly knock a child down with his enthusiasm. He gets along fabulously with other dogs but wants to be the center of attention at all times. He loves, loves. loves the beach and likes to chase the waves and ripples on the bay side like a nut. He hasn’t been introduced to the ocean yet because he would probably jump right in and we don’t want to take the chance of him drowning in the waves since he’s such a clutz. Ralphie (Chris) is such a great dog. He really deserves the best of homes for the best of dogs. He is a one in a million. Chris is currently in NJ. Check out his photo album.
Meet Bloomy! This sweet and sensitive girl just wants to find her forever family and feel safe and secure. Bloomy was found as a stray in NYC. She had to have been loved and cared for at one time because she is really just a perfect lady. She came into her foster home and immediately made friends with the chickens : ) She is totally crate trained, housebroken, great on a leash and quiet. Bloomy is currently in PA. View her photo album.
Meet Norm! What a funny guy he is. His feet are so big that it sounds like a 200 pound dog is walking through the house. Norm was left in a car on a 90 degree day, while his un-human, went to run a marathon. Norm was confiscated from his owner. He is a happy-go-lucky pup in spite of his first few weeks of living with an irresponsible person. Norm is between 8-12 weeks old and is going to be a big boy, he is learning crate training and doing pretty well but he is not house trained. He is neutered and up to date on shots. Norm is in PA. View his photo album.

Adoptions & Updates:

It’s me Hurley! I’ve been adopted by my foster mom and dad. They tell me all the time that they couldn’t imagine life without me.  My foster mom awoke in the middle of a nightmare that someone else had adopted me so she ran to her computer to fill out the adoption application.  Boy am I living the life with my wonderful new family. Here’s my photo album.

Hi Jodi, It’s me, precious! Well, now my name is Dixie. I wanted to give you an update on how I’m doing with my forever family. I just love my big brother Tank! And traveling with my mom and dad! As you can see by this picture I’ve gained some weight…and love the beach! Hope all is well with everyone at the rescue. Thank you so much for new life! Love, Dixie

Dixie’s Photo Album

Jackson (formerly known as Cupid)

Hi Jodi – Just wanted to tell you Jackson is the best and is living the life! Tara

Jackson’s Photo Album

Hey, it’s me, Harrison White (also known as Whitey)! I’ve been adopted!

Harrison White’s Photo Album

Petey White Sox here…. I’ve been adopted!

Petey’s Photo Album

Boris Sweeney… “the jackrabbit”

Hi All…Thought I’d share these pics of Boris having fun running today… boy is he fast… and SO stinkin’ cute!  He had another fabulous day at the spa yesterday so I suspect he was feeling extra aerodynamic! Enjoy! Julie

Note to Julie- The spa???? ABR also has one webprincess that is in need of adoption.

In Memoriam:

Our dear little girl Sammi needed to go to heaven. We could not surgically remove the 25-30 chicken bones from her stomach. She would not have made it through the surgery. Our hope was to have her gain weight and push some of the bones through, but she started turning yellow. She had so much damage from being starved for so long. Rest in Peace Little One. We are heartbroken and will look for you when we cross the Rainbow Bridge.