Rescue Recap- w/e 05/11/10

Posted: April 3rd, 2010

With your help… we can rebuild her.

Meet Daisy! Her 85 year old owner walked her into to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay 
because he could no longer take care of her. She was scared to death after being left by
the only person and home she ever had. She just stayed in the corner of her cell until the
wonderful staff starting walking her and feeding her treats. She totally blossomed and won
their hearts. After weeks of going around and around and around, we were able to take
possession of Daisy one day before she was to be euthanized due to her hip dyisplasia and
knee issues.Daisy is now in ABR hands and will be scheduled for her first surgery in approx.
two weeks. She will need small walks every day to help build up her atrophied muscle tone
while we collect donations for the first of her very expensive surgeries.Please donate if you can.
Every dollar helps.
please consider making a tax-deductibledonation to
American Bulldog Rescue, 4 Terry Drive, Suite 1D Newtown, PA 18940 or
Waterstone Foods, Chris + Hillary Aran, Betty Burke, Ellen Collins, Jennifer Vermillera,
Iris Lambka

Maggie’s Story

Maggie was found roaming the streets next to the highway. She looked pretty beat up.
She took a couple of days to allow a good samaritan to get her. She was looking horrible by
the 2nd day and the people that lived next door said she was there for a few days but we
got her and cleaned her up. She is extremely docile. She loves to be around people, dogs
and cats. Our vets estimate her age to be between 9-10 years old. Then we found out that
Maggie was pregnant. She was moved to foster home in Florida to prepare for her delivery.
When she could not deliver her babies by Thursday, her foster momtook her to a vet that
x-rayed her. Poor old Maggie could not deliver her babies due to a large tumor in her uterus.
Maggie had to have an emergency C-section today to deliver her six puppies. The tumor was
removed from her uterus and she was spayed but she still has another tumor on her back leg
that may be mass cell cancer. She is safe and sound with her wonderful foster mom
(also named Maggie) who brought her home from surgery with her new family. Even as sore
and tired as Maggie is, she’s still proving to be a wonderful mommy. Luckily this will be the last
litter for this puppy mill mommy.
Sadly Maggie lost 4 of her babies. The last two are fighters
and are being tube fed by their foster mommy. Maggie just cannot produce enough milk
to sustain them. Please keep Maggie and her babies in your prayers.
She will now be able
to lounge around in the yard and bask in the sun for the remainder of her life. No more cages
for Maggie Moo.All donations are greatly appreciated as her mounting medical bills and those
of her puppies are growing fast. Please consider naming and sponsoring a puppy
through their necessary puppy wormings and vaccinations until they find their forever home.
Adoption is always the best option! If you can’t help by adopting a homeless pet, please consider
making a tax-deductible donation to American Bulldog Rescue, 4 Terry Drive, Suite 1D
Newtown, PA 18940 or paypal

Madeleine Mackenzie, Sharron Sample, Denise Carey-Costa, Pedro Cartagena

Another Tragedy

THANK YOU: Andrea McCollum, Lisa Brown, Debby Cornacchia, Barbara Scinto, 

Mary + Gracie Fox, Dina Hitchcock

Mark your Calendar:


Still waiting….




Dewey is a perfect giant gentleman!
97 pounds tall and handsome, he is
an amazing companion. He knows
every command and you never have
to ask him twice. Dewey will not go
on the furniture but I am trying to
get him onto the sofa with him for
snuggle time. He is fine with other
dogs and 100% housebroken, he loves
car rides and has lived with small children.
His family’s living circumstances have
changed and they can no longer care
for him. He’s a wonderfully sweet boy
who loves children and other dogs.
Dewey is well behaved in the house
and walks perfectly on a leash.
His health is excellent and he is a
pleasure to be around!!


Nike is completely house trained, 
she will either sit by the door to
let you know or she will come and
just stare at you. She will also
drag her bed out when she's
ready to go to bed. She loves to
play with our American Bulldog but
can also keep herself occupied just
as much with a kong, kong ball or
a tug toy. She's really getting to
know all her basic commands,
she rarely jumps and she walks
great on a leash. She gets along
with dogs of all sizes and children
over 5 (due to her size). This is
just the perfect lovable bulldog
that just needs a forever family
and home, she is a very loving dog.

Hi everybody. I’m StellaSkyy. I’m not sure exactly what breed I am but everyone says I look like a Boston Terrier mix. As you can see from my pictures, I am as cute as can be. Although I look like a little puppy, I am actually about 6 months old. I am crate trained and I am GREAT on a leash. I love going for walks but I do get scared when loud trucks go by. Since walking on a leash is still new to me I am not comfortable enough to do my business when I’m on the leash so I will need a home with a fenced yard. I go to the dog park with my buddy Keebler and I am so good off the leash, I come as soon as I am called. I also learned how to sit for a treat already. I am working on house training and doing pretty good but I still get confused sometimes. I am living with lots of other dogs and some cats and I love playing with all of them.

New Arrivals:

Puck here, I'm not feeling the love yet. 
I've been waiting so patiently for my
new home. Look at this physique,
I'm HUGE, how can they miss this???
My AB volunteer and I have daily
pep talks, not to get discouraged,
that we only want the best home,
but like any bulldog, my patience
is almost out! I want to play and
give my love and big mooshy kisses
to someone! I'm a big teddy bear
who might pretend to be shy up front,
but watch out, when I'm ready, you're
going to get a big lap full of Puck!
I enjoy playing with other dogs and
got pummeled by a cat. Really, can
you believe that? That furball did a
drum roll on my face. The nerve!
PLEASE come meet me, I'm a big goofball
who will provide non stop entertainment.
For more information on PUCK
please contact:

Belle Obviously just used a little money-maker,
poor Belle was not shown the respect or love
she deserves. We are sure that someone hit
her in especially in the head. She seems extremely
friendly with dogs, chickens and pigs.

On 4-28 Doctor Orsher preformed a
successful surgery to repair her torn
cruciate and luxating patella’s in her
right hind leg.She is recovering at
Aunt Gails.

Hula Girl can shake her thing : ) all you have to do
is smile at her or say her name. She is just a lovely girl,
she likes to hold your hand with her paw, sit next
to you while you work and she loves to take car rides
(sit ting up front and looking at al of the other drivers). She just turned 2 and was a victem of the economy,
her family lost their home. She is totally house
trianed, crate trained and a pleasure to be with.
She has had ear infections in the past which we are
working on clearing up. They will be perfect in
no time.

Patrick is a kind and gentle dog, just looking
for love. His droopy eyes and long jowls
make him absolutely adorable. He is so good
on a leash and he is crate trained and housebroken.
Because of his unfortunate past he is consistently
hungry. Despite this, he is a perfect gentleman
and has no problems sharing his food and bones.
Patrick is being fostered with cats and a dog
and he gets along perfectly with all. He is
gentle with children and doesn’t jump up
unless to tell you he has to go potty. If you can
give Patrick a warm place to sleep, a belly full
of food and lots and lots of love, please consider
filling out the application. He will make a
wonderful companion!

🙂 I’ve been ADOPTED :)))))





Boris Meets His New Mom!!! Julie drove
all the way from MD to FL to pick up her
new love. View Boris’ photo album.

BLUE EYES update
Hi Carey,
First I want to thank you, Laura, and Jodi for helping
me to adopt Blue Eyes. He has now been named
"Halo" because he behaves like an angel and his personality
seems supernatural. The flight to Florida and the
18 hour drive back to Jersey was well worth it.
On the trip home Halo slept in the back of the car for most
of the time. Halo is an amazing animal and a wonderful
companion. He's healthy, happy, and energetic!
Its been 3 months since I've brought him home.
He's extremely intelligent and learns fast.
He already knows about a dozen commands and he's happy
to perform them. Halo has also become quite the home
protector, too. One morning while we were outside
taking a walk, he saw a jogger come running down
the property line and disappear behind the house.
Halo must have thought that, because he couldn't see him,
that he must have gotten into the house.
So Halo proceeded to pull me to the back door growling.
I let him inside and he stalked (while growling) from room
to room. When he was finished making sure the house was
empty and secure he calmed down. Yet, he never shows
any aggression toward other people, animals, or kids.
He's a gentle dog that loves affection.
He lets my 3 year old nephew lay on him.

Halo has filled my life with so much joy and laughter.
I feel very blessed to have him. I love him like a son.
He goes just about everywhere with me.
He loves to ride in the truck. He spends virtually
every minute of the day with me. Halo passes the time
laying 10 to 15 feet away from me in the shop while
I'm building and designing motorcycles. I always have
to be in his line of sight or he isn't happy.
My friends call him my shadow.
Halo also loves to chase a ball as much as you
will throw it. And he always brings it back, too.
I could go on and on...
Thanks again Carey. I am forever grateful for you
chosing me to be Halo's dad. I needed him as much
as he needed me.

Wayne Ransom
Ransom Motorcycles

<> Hurly’s wonderful fosters are in the process of making him
a permanent member of their household.
His foster mommy awoke from a nightmare that another
family wanted to adopt him! She was so shaken by this
nightmare that she had to run to her computer and fill out
an adoption applicaton right away
to prevent him from ever leaving their home….
View Hurley’s photo album




Remember me, Lucas? They tried to change
my name to Patrick, but I was kind of already
fond of Lucas. I was so so sick and everyone
sent me well wishes and I got so
much better. I really could feel all the love
each of you were sending me, really!
Well, I went to stay with my foster dad, Brett.
It didn’t take me long to win him over.
He told me that I get to stay there with him
forever! Yeah! Check out my photo album


Big Mac update: Just wanted to say hello and let
you know that Yogi is the most wonderful dog in the world!

He has adjusted so well, its like he always lived here.
He is spoiled rotten and living a wonderful life!

Kevin & Dana

Ruby (AKA “SpeedRacer)

Hi guys,
Janet got a new car with a convertible
top and Ruby seems to have taken to it
pretty well. Had to send you these photos.