Rescue Recap- w/e 03/28/10

Posted: March 27th, 2010

Greetings! Short and sweet this week.

Thanks for visiting and we hope you’re having a great weekend!

ps- It’s been a really depressing few days with BooBoo and the myriad of other beautiful babies. We’re going to leave you with something fun… one of our favorites. Crank it up full blast (scroll all the way to the end of the updates)!

pps- Please ADOPT and if you can’t, Please DONATE. We’re forever thankful.

Still waiting…..

I’m Rocco and I’ve been at a Kennel in MD for 3 months now. ABR first wrote about me on 02/07/10. I sure would like to find my forever home. Here’s a little more about me: This gentle four year old was turned in to a high kill shelter when his family decided they wanted a smaller dog and bought a puppy for Christmas. Rocco knows basic commands, is well behaved, loves car rides and greets everyone with wag of his tail. Please consider giving this beautiful boy a second chance. View Rocco’s photo album


SoCo (Southern Comfort) is on her way from AL to VA where she will stay with her foster mom, Missi. We’ll post some new pictures of her soon. We first wrote about this little girl in our 03/14/10 update. View SoCo’s photo album.
BooBoo will be neutered on Monday to prevent any medical issues due to him no longer having a penis.  He got a nice bath from Trina on Friday and she said he was actually happy and wagging (what’s left his tail) like the sweet and forgiving puppy that he is. We first wrote about BooBoo here (warning- the photos are extremely graphic) and hopefully we’ll have some new pictures soon. BooBoo is in FL.

Patrick (fomerly Lucas) is with his wonderful (and new addition to ABR) foster daddy Brett.  He came through his surgery like a champ and is ready for his forever home. We’ve written about Patrick on 03/07/10, 03/14/10, and last week. View Patrick’s photo album. Patrick is in FL.

Nike is settling in beautifully in her new foster home.  She just LOVES having a family.  This is probably the only family she’s ever had.  Being found bald and wondering the streets of Miami does not lead us to believe she ever lived in a home with love and attention. Nike is n FL and looking for her forever home. View Nike’s photo album
Hey! It’s me, Big Willie! They wrote about me last week. I was supposed to arrive at my foster mom’s home in PA last weekend but caught a cold so I couldn’t get on the freedom train. I finally made it to PA all the way from SC last Thursday. I was so happy that I just rolled around and played in the grass. I have the cutest underbite you’ve ever seen too! I’m in PA now and looking for my forever home. Check out my photo album.
We introduced Mr. Smith last week. We don’t know much about him other than he came to us from a shelter in NY. What a hoot he is. Here’s what his foster mom writes about him- Meet Mr. Smith. He is an adorable young American Bulldog. Adopting Smith will give you the cute face of a puppy without all the hassle of having to teach basic commands (because he already learned them!). He is about 60 pounds, but still growing- which is evident by the clumsy way he gets around. It’s almost as if his feet are currently too big for his body! His markings are to die for, with a nice brindle patch on his eye. He does great in the car and is perfectly content keeping himself occupied at home. He lives up to his name “Mr.”, as he is a true gentleman when walking on a leash, and you will definitely get a kick out of the way he sits upright on a chair. The best part about Smith is that he LOVES other animals and has no problem with cats or dogs of any size. If you are looking for a young American bulldog that is laid back and easy to get along with, Mr. Smith is your man! Mr. Smith is currently in PA. Check out his photo album

New Arrivals:

Meet Maggie! Here is what her rescue angel wrote about her- Maggie was found roaming the streets next to the highway. She looked pretty beat up. She took a couple of days to allow us to get her. She was looking horrible by the 2nd day, the people that lived next door said she was there for a few days but we got her and cleaned her up. She is not spayed and looks like she just had puppies and they got rid of her. She is extremely docile. She loves to be around people, dogs and cats.  Her Age is unknown, could be 7+. I am taking her to the vets office to see what else she needs. Help this gentle older giant. She needs someone to take the bad away.

Maggie will be spayed tomorrow (hopefully) and go on to stay with our fantastic Nancy in Orlando until she finds her wonderful new family to love her forever.  We’re afraid her spay is going to have the same findings as poor Sugar.  Maggie appears to have be overly bred too.  We’re so thankful for Brenda picking her up off the side of a busy highway and saving her life.  Brenda has been taking wonderful care of her and is happy to have ABR take her into rescue and keep her safe. Maggie is currently in FL. View Maggie’s photo album

Hey guys, I’m Patrick! No, not that other Patrick that they keep writing about in FL. I’m new but I was also named Patrick because I lived to see St. Patrick’s day. I’m reeeeeaaaallllyy skinny right now but I’m going to be putting some weight on in no time. I was rescued from a shelter in Henry County, GA. This is what the shelter wrote about me- “Intact, nice young male, very sweet and scared. GOOD boy.” It was my last day and this really nice woman named Cheryl came and got me. Thank goodness (!) cause I really was scared.  I got “fixed” on Friday and as soon as I’m feeling a little better, I’ll be heading up to PA. View my photo album.
Meet Daisy! Her 85 year old owner walked her into to the Tampa shelter.  She was scared to death. We’re looking for a foster but she’ll have to go to a kennel until we find one. Unless someone adopts her before then 🙂 Daisy is in FL. View her photo album

I’ve been adopted!

Boris’ new mom, Julie, will begin her drive on Wednesday (from MD to FL) and take sweet and wonderful Boris. He had a pretty invasive surgery done on Thursday and will get his staples out on Saturday.  He will spend the Holiday weekend here in Tampa with Julie’s family before heading back to his wonderful new life in Maryland. Boris could not have ended up with a more perfect family. View Boris’ photo album
Sugar also had a pretty invasiive and extensive spay completed yesterday.  The vet was amazed at the mess in her stomach from years of being over bred.  She will be ready to meet her wonderful new daddy on April 8 when he drives in from Mississippi.  We’re so excited for the both of them to have found such wonderful new families that will love them and allow them to have the fairytale lives they deserve. View Sugar’s photo album.
Hey, it’s me Valentine! I was adopted this week. Here’s the really cool part…. my sister, Cupid, was adopted last week by a vet (yeah!). And then, the owner of the practice, also a vet, adopted me. Woohoo.