Rescue Recap- w/e 03/21/10

Posted: March 20th, 2010


……. never, ever, ever, write that it’s been a quiet week in the updates (like last week). Clearly, it is just the calm before the storm.


LOTS of updates and new arrivals this week! We could SURE use some donations to care for all of these babies.  Don’t forget, this is just a “sampling” of the dogs in our care. Please be sure to check out all of our adoptables that are looking for their forever homes.

We’re sending out a special request for CHAMP. He’s been at the vet’s office for 2 months now and needs a forever home. We have featured him for the past 3 weeks. Please, we just KNOW someone out there has a big yard where he can stretch his legs and learn how to be a puppy. He so deserves it! Champ is in MD.

Thank you for visiting and we hope you have a great weekend!

Still waiting…..

Hey everybody, its me, Keebler.  I’m still waiting for my furever home.  I’m having a great time playing with all of the other dogs, I’m still not sure about those cats!  The other day a stray cat came into the yard and I ran and hid under the deck.  I am such a good boy I don’t even have to go in the crate anymore.  I’ve met a lot of new people since I have been here and everyone always says they can’t believe what a good boy I am, especially since I am still a pup!  Keebler is in MD. View his photo album.
Gimble, formerly known as Dimples, is still looking for his forever human. We first wrote about Gimble in our 01/31/10 recap. Here is what his foster mom writes about him: GOOFY!  Gimble is a goofball….but the best kind because he’s a smart goofball.  He knows the names for his various toys and plays with them like a puppy.  In short, he is a pleasure.  He rarely barks.  He likes children but is not overly concerned with them.  He is not bothered by cats- recently an old kitty tried to attack him and Gimble just ignored him.  His favorite activities are playing with his kong and chasing a stick.  He even knows where in the house he is not allowed to bring Kong and knows better than to try to bring sticks inside. He loves to wrestle, likes to nibble if you let him (literally nibble, not even close to the gentle chewing some dogs like to do in play).  He likes other dogs but can amuse himself as well.  He’s grown up but with the heart of a pup.Why did anyone give up such a great dog?  Unfortunately Gimble’s family lost their home in the economic downturn and went to stay with family who did not like dogs.  They loved Gimble enough to give him up so he didn’t have to live out in the yard.  While Gimble enjoys his foster home he would love a new forever family. He is currently in NY. View Gimble’s photo album.
CC is still looking for her forever home too! We wrote about CC on 01/24/10 and on 03/07/10 and she’s still waiting for her human to find her. Won’t you give CC a chance? She’s such a sweet and playful girl. CC is currently in FL. View CC’s photo album
Julie is now named Nike by her fabulous foster family.  We first wrote about her on 02/21/10. She has moved right in with their 2 big girls and made herself at home.  She’s already looking so much more relaxed and happy in a home versus isolation at the vet’s office while she recovered from her kennel cough.  She will be spayed and ready for her forever home soon.  She’s going to be such a stunning girl when she gets all her hair back. Here’s what her foster dad writes about her: Nike is doing good. She is getting long well with my girls, sometimes my girls will have enough but that’s to be expected when you put a crazy puppy with a 6 and 10 year olds. She knows how to sit, lay down and no although sometimes she gets a little stubborn. So far no accidents in the house she knows to go outside, granted with the nice weather I keep the back door open for her to go in and out. She’s eating and drinking like a little monster.  She is so sweet and such a lover, she follows me around all day and if not me she will follow around Venus (my American Bulldog) and of course my wife when she is home. She is the cutest little thing her front paws are huge she will be a big one.  Nike is in FL. View Nike’s photo album
Harrison White, formerly known as Whitey, is still looking for his forever home. We first wrote about Harrison on 02/21/10. Here is what Jodi writes about him: Harrison loves the car and is very well behaved. He walks through town and every dog is his best friend, Cairn Terriers, a miniature poodle (not toy) and he acts appropriately. Everyone thinks he is very handsome. He is very interested in the cat, but knows not to chase when someone is looking.  Also responds well to “leave it.” He found the couch and sits on it like a little old man–belly hanging out, smacking his chompers.  It’s hilarious! He has definitely been hit in his previous life 🙁 and cowers when you raise your hand so we would like to place him in an adult only home. Harrison is currently in PA. View his photo album


New Arrivals:

Maggie is an extremely friendly, happy, young lady despite her horrible start. This beautiful dainty girl is skin and bones and has pressure sores on her legs from being forced to spend most of her life in a crate. Mags loves other dogs and is extremely playful, She is great in the car and on a leash. She needs to gain about 20 pounds and she will be the most beautiful girl in the world. Maggie is currently in PA. View her photo album.

Hi, I’m, Kyra! I arrived at my foster mom’s home (Jodi’s) on the 17th. Here’s what she wrote about me: Kyra is 3 years old. She is great with Kids, other dogs, cats and strangers. She is house trained, leash trained and she LOVES to go on walks and for rides in the car  🙂  she sits in the car like a little person with her belly hanging out.  Kyra has a ton of personality and will make you laugh all day with her little noises. She grunts, snorts, and I think at times even tries to talk. Kyra needs to eat a grain free food because she is prone to itchy skin if she eats corn, wheat soy or rice. She is a typical Bulldog who needs her ears cleaned and needs to eat good food.

View my photo album

Hey there, I’m Willie! I’m about 2 years old and weigh about 55lbs. I’m healthy and as friendly as I can be. My humans surrendered me because….. wait for it…… wait for it…… I’m too big. Yep, you read it right. Anyway, I’ll be arriving at Jodi’s today (Sat), all the way from SC, and I’m sure she will write more about me when I get there. I’m in PA and am looking for my new forever humans, someone who will love all 55lbs of me. Check out my photo album.

Hey there! My name is Bama. I will be heading to my new foster mom’s home in PA in 2-3 weeks. I’m coming from a shelter in, you guessed it, AL. Stay tuned for more to come on me. View my photo album.
Meet Smith! We don’t know much about Smith except that he loves other dogs. He is coming to ABR from the shelter in New York. He will be arriving at his foster home in PA hopefully today or tomorrow. We’ll write more about Smith and add new pictures as soon as he gets to his foster mom’s home. View Smith’s photo album

Hey there! My name is Augustus.

I know, I know…. just look at me, I’m a train wreck. I know you’re sad when you look at my picture but I’m busting out of the Miami shelter this weekend and I’m getting a second chance!  (thank goodness- yesterday was going to be my “last” day) You won’t even recognize me when I get all cleaned up. I’m gonna be the most beautiful American Bulldog ever… you just wait. I’m going to some special place in Central FL this weekend where they’re going to fix me right up. It’s been a really scary week but things are sure looking up! I’ll be ready for my forever home soon. View my photo album. (new photos of Augustus on his way to freedom added)

*see note below

I’m Liberty! I’m busting out of the Miami shelter this weekend with Augustus too. All I know is that the ABR volunteers were looking at the list of dogs in the Miami shelter for Augustus and they came across me. They said, “We can’t let anything happen to Liberty”! It was a really hard week for my rescue angel because they didn’t have any place to put Augustus, let alone me. But at the last minute, she was able to make things work. Whew. View my photo album. (new photos of Liberty on her way to freedom added)

ps- Let Freedom Ring! wags & wiggles, Liberty

*see note below

* 03/20/10, 5:33 pm- just spoke to Augustus & Liberty’s rescue angel. She had them in the car with her on their way to safety. She said Augustus is in pretty bad shape and that Liberty was literally terrified (on the ground in the parking lot in fear). They are safe and will soon be on their way to recovery. We are SO happy to have them.


Looks like Lucas (now Patrick) has a new name and a new lease of life after barely surviving what apparently was a bad case of dog flu.  He has a wonderful foster daddy ready and willing to take care of him until he is adopted.  He should be moved to Naples towards the end of next week.  Once he’s healthy again, he will be neutered and ready for adoption. Here’s what his rescue angel wrote about him- for his bio: “Bulldog fans- allow me the HUGE pleasure of introducing Patrick (formally Lucas). I wanted to change his name in celebration- that he will still be alive to see St. Patrick’s Day! Patrick has had a rough go lately. He was brought into Miami Dade Animal Services as a stray with severe entropion. He had such a stunning bulldog smile in his intake picture that we Florida volunteers had a tough conversation that rescue faces all too often…Could we find room? Would we be able to get enough funding for much needed eye surgery and a neuter?…The Luck of the Irish was on his side, as the vet had ONE spot left! He is just a phenomenal dog and the epitome of bulldog spirit.

Hey guys! It’s the Stinky Boys here.

It’s been a long time since we’ve updated everyone on the boys and we’ve received a few notes from people wanting to know what’s going on with them. Stinky 2 has been adopted by a delightful couple. They also adopted Purdy from ABR so Stinky 2 will be in great company. Stinky 1 is recovering beautifully from his surgery and learning to get around just fine. Stinky 1’s foster dad and mom, Micky & Trish, are going to keep him. Yeah! What a happy ending for these two cuties who had such a terrible start in life.

Boris is almost healthy enough for his surgery.  He had a quick trip to the vet’s last night because his foot still hadn’t healed.  He must have hurt himself while in the field he was dumped in.  So, another course of strong antibiotics and he should be ready for his last surgery and off to his wonderful new life in Maryland with his perfect forever family. View Boris’ photo album

And Boris’ new mom, Julie, just made a VERY generous donation to help with his medical care. It was love at first sight for her. She’s keeping a journal of Boris’ journeys. We hope to read it some day. Thank you Julie, you are the best!

Sugar is getting better everyday and will hopefully be spayed next week and go to her forever home in Mississippi the first week of April.  Louise is really going to miss her.  She just loves Sugar.  Sugar’s new daddy has been waiting patiently for her to get well enough to be adopted and live the rest of her life lounging around as a spoiled and lazy old girl should.


I’ve been adopted!

Sara went to a great home in MD! View Sara’s photo album
Our little girl Azalia was adopted this week. Her new dad drove 2 hours one way to pick her up. She’s living with her new brother, Gus. Her dad wrote that Gus is just absolutely smitten with her 🙂 View Azalia’s photo album
Mallory has been adopted! She wrote Jodi this note- Dear Miss Jodi, Here are a few pictures of my new family.  We are having a fun time – lots of walks, playing, and love! Hugs and Kisses, Mallory Maree Hickey, the Princess. View Mallory’s photo album
Hey, it’s me Cupid!!! I was adopted this week too. Check out my photo album