Rescue Recap- w/e 03/07/10

Posted: March 7th, 2010

Hello everyone! Don’t forget that we have a big fundraiser this week, on the 11th. Please scroll all the way to the bottom of the front page for more information. If you’re not able to attend, you can donate via Paypal using the link to the right side on the site. We need all the help we can get.

Here are some of the highlights for the week:

  • Azalia is on her way to PA from GA. We first wrote about her here. Her rescue angel in GA, Susan, writes: Well . . . I said my goodbye’s. I did good. I didn’t cry.  When we got there I gave her some turkey and rice, couple of treats.  Just sat in the kennel and petted her.  She loves attention.  She loves to play fetch with her toys.  She loves it. Tell Jodi she has the most beautiful eyes.  You can see her soul.  Thank you for saving her.
  • Boris is now at his foster mom’s home in FL for rest, good food, good bath and lots of loving.  When he’s healthy enough to be neutered, he’ll be available for adoption.
  • Julie will spend another week in sunny Miami before being moved to foster/boarding. We wrote about her last week.
  • Wrinkles, whom we wrote as “urgent” last week is going to live with one of his human’s fathers. Yeah!
  • Cupid and Valentine are doing fine. Cupid is very outgoing and lovey-dovey. Valentine is much more independent, loves his crate and loves to nap. They are both in PA.
  • Eva (Eve) went to a wonderful new home in Baltimore. She was a frightened girl at the kennel and so timid in her new home that she wouldn’t leave the security of the family room. She is coming out of her shell and now realizes that she is loved. Eve’s family is taking things slowly for the next few months while she recovers from her heartworm treatment.
  • Mario and Purdy were adopted this week too! We hope to post their Happy Tails soon. Mario’s brother, Luigi, still needs a home!

Thanks for visiting and we hope everyone has a great week!


New Arrivals:

My name is Lucas! I was pulled from the Miami-Dade shelter and I have entropian. I’m only a little over a year old. Here’s what my rescue angel wrote about me: He is coming out of MDAC (which is a miracle because he’s 3 days overdue with no interested parties). He has bad entropion and what they are calling an open tumor on his elbow. I do not believe that will be the case as he is so young and it’s more than likely an abscess or wound of some kind. He is happy go lucky, friendly with all the staff and they said he was so excited when he was offered play time with another dog. He should make someone a great bulldog.

Lucas is currently in FL. We’ll post more info on Lucas soon.

View my photo album

Hi, I’m Precious…. no I really am! Coincidentally, that happens to be my name too. I’m only about 5 mos old. Oh my goodness, what a week it’s been for me. Clayton County (GA) Animal Control found me wandering the streets and picked me up. They contacted my humans and they said they didn’t want me so they took me to prison. I have never been so scared!!!! Just look at my shelter pictures in my photo album. Then one of my rescue angels, Susan, found me on Petfinder, and then another one of my angels, Cheryl, came and got me from that horrible place. I was so afraid that I didn’t want to come out of my pen. This is a picture of me in the car on my way to freedom. Cheryl drove me a long way to the vet’s office so they could give me a bath and check me out. I was so terrified that I ran and hid up under the desk but then a really nice lady told me everything was going to be okay and I felt a little better.

But here’s a really funny story…. while Susan, Cheryl, Kim and Jodi were all working on trying to save me, another ABR volunteer, Colleen, found me on Petfinder too and sent Jodi a note to see if they could take me. She didn’t know  that I was on my way to freedom. Jodi sent her a note that I would be coming to stay with her once I get my shots, get fixed and all that good stuff. I can’t believe how many people were looking out for me. I’m currently in GA but will be heading up to PA very soon.

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My name is lil’ Deva. My family lost their apartment and that left me homeless. I’m a 9 month old teeny Bulldog with a big personality : ) I have lived with a 3, 7 and 15 year old child and I let them take food right out of my mouth. I’m a really good girl, housetrained and I really like other dogs. I’m currently in PA with my foster mom. Here is my photo album.
Hey there! My name is Skyy. I’m only a baby, about 3 1/2 months old. I was picked up as a stray and went to a high kill shelter in SC. I’m making way up to PA today and will be staying with my foster mom, Jodi. I have demodex mange and will be starting my treatment as soon as I arrive. Check out my photo album. Right now, it’s just my shelter photos and they’re not so great but we’ll add some more pictures as soon as I get all cleaned up.
Meet Ibis! He’s a handsome fawn and white one year old that came in this week after he was dropped off at Baltimore Animal Control. They were full and euthanizing owner surrenders. Rachel, a new volunteer, picked him up after work and the kennel opened after hours to help him get to safety. He a goofy boy. We only have his shelter picture right now but will make a photo album for Ibis when we get some more pictures. He is currently in MD.


Still Waiting……..

Poor, poor, Champ. We have written about him for three weeks now and his forever human still hasn’t found him yet. Won’t someone please give this little guy a chance? He is currently being boarded at a vet’s office and needs a family to call his own. Champ is currently in MD. Here’s more about him- Champ is 3 yrs. old, 65 lbs., loves car rides, walks fairly well on a leash, plays nicely with other dogs and was raised with children. His previous owner tells us that he was well behaved in their house. He’s a healthy, athletic boy who is intelligent and eager to please. View Champ’s Photo Album
We cannot believe that Dewey is still looking for his forever humans. Look at this big, beautiful guy! We first wrote about him on 02/21/10. Here’s more about him- Poor Dewey. His family’s living circumstances have changed and they can no longer care for him. He’s a wonderfully sweet boy who loves children and other dogs. Dewey is well behaved in the house and walks perfectly on a leash. His health is excellent and he is a pleasure to be around!! Dewey is currently in PA. View Dewey’s Photo Album.
Hey! I’m CC and I REALLLY love to play! I used to play a lot, but then my owners dumped me at a very high kill shelter…I don’t understand! It was a scary and very cold couple of days and I started to get really sad. Someone met me and told me they were going to take me home! I had my spay surgery and waited in recover…but they never came for me. Then some nice people at the shelter called one of the volunteers with AB rescue to see if they could save my life so here I am! I’m a big snuggle bug emphasis on BIG being only 6 months old and already around 75lb! I love other dogs although would probably do well in a house hold that doesn’t have a dominate pup already since I like to put meanies in their place before I play, but when I get started playing man do I ever. My current foster mommy brings me to this nice big fenced in yard on the weekend where I play with about 7 other dog and man is it a blast. I run and play for hours before going home and collapsing into bed with my foster mom and sister and taking a nice long nap. CC is currently in FL and looking for her forever home. We first wrote about CC on 01/24/10 and she still needs a forever home! View CC’s Photo Album


In Memoriam:

What a terrible week Jodi has had. She lost two of her babies in the same week. She needs a BIG “group hug”!

Cinda, our big beautiful girl, crossed the Rainbow Bridge on March 4, 2010 after losing her battle with chronic renal failure.

Cinda’s Photo Album

Our deepest sympathy goes out to Jodi (yes, our very own Jodi of ABR). Her little girl, Abby, crossed the Rainbow Bridge yesterday morning, March 6, 2010.

Abby’s Photo Album