Rescue Recap- w/e 03/06/11

Posted: March 6th, 2011
We’re making an urgent plea for donations. We seem to have an onslaught of dogs with serious medical conditions of late as opposed to the usual heartworms and mange issues. Our donations are at a seriously low level. We cannot do this without you. Every little bit helps….. won’t you please consider making a donation?

Thank you so much everyone and we hope you all have a great week! 

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Please read about Cleo and Snowball.

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Mojo is not too happy…..she managed to get a few stitches open and had to go back to the vet for a little touch up.  Unfortunately for her, she now has to wear the dreaded satellite dish. Momma Mary says she doing great on her little therapy walks but tires easily.  She’s still heavily medicated for pain but she has a whole new life to look forward to. Go Mo!!!


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Canolli really needs to go to a home. She has been boarded for more than three months. They are wonderful to her at the kennel, but the cost ($10/day) is preventing us from having the money to save other dogs. Canolli was at the end of her rope when we pulled her from the shelter, skin and bones, loaded with tape worms, round worms, heart worms, fleas and over 20 ticks. After two heartworm treatments, she is now a healthy, happy girl who is gentle and just wants to be loved. Canolli does need to be the only dog in the family and isn’t suitable for dog parks etc. She is in MD. Won’t you please consider opening your home to her?

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New Arrivals:

Hello, my name is Grace. As you can probably tell, I’ve had a pretty tough life so far but things are about to change for me. I’m currently in NC waiting patiently for my transport to be arranged where ABR is going to find me the kind of home that I truly deserve. More to come on me…..

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 In Memorium:


February, 2011

From Jodi: Our thoughts go out to the Thomas family and everyone who knew and loved Blade. There will never be a more majestic, proud or loving dogue. Rest in peace best friend, there are many new lucky souls up there who are lucky to be enjoying your presence. 


January, 2011

In Memorium


Happy Tails:

Hey guys, it’s me Cannon and I’ve been adopted! My name is Boomer now and here’s what my new humans wrote about me:

“Well we are sooooo thankful for our lil angel!! His name is now Mr. Boomer aka prince of Catonsville!”

Boomer's photo album 


From a horrible abuse case to a safe and loving home……

It’s Crash here and I’ve been adopted!

Crash’s photo album 

Handsome Hugo here…. I’ve been adopted!

Hugo’s photo album

Hello, my name is Queenie! You’ve never met me before as I was never in ABR’s care but they courtesy posted me and I have a forever home now! Yeah!

Hey everyone! It’s John Smith here and I’ve been adopted. I have gone to the most amazing family and home. My mom already wrote to let ABR know how much they LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me. This is a picture of me & my new mom in the car on the way to my new home. Can you tell that I’m smiling?

John Smith’s photo album


Bueller here! They let you know that I was adopted in January but I just wanted to check in with everyone. As you can see, life is sooooooooo hard for me (snicker, snicker) at my forever home.

Bueller’s photo album


Marvelous Merle here! My mom sent ABR a note to let everyone know how well I’m doing. Check out my Happy Tail.

Merle’s photo album

Hi it’s me Sunni, and today my name really fits me because my world is Sunny. I have a new home, with a great Mom and new furry sister. This is me on my new bed. I know what you’re thinking I have really grown up since you saw me last. I have come a long way since being in the shelter with my Mom and sister. There was a time when I didn’t know if I was going to make it or not. But you know what it is just like the song says, “The Sun will come out tomorrow” and today the Sun is shining brightly just like me!! Love Always, Sunni

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A blast from the past…… you can read more about Queen Annie here.

An update on our dear, sweet, Annie Banannie from her dad, Pablo:

OK ya can’t tell Val.  We learned about making healthy treats from our friend Maggie in GA, using a dehydrator.  None were made, blind bulldog Annie texted, wanting contraband rawhide treats for all doggies on a beautiful 70F day, so I snuck out the rawhide chips!  The doggies ain’t tellin – “what happens in the yard stays in the yard!”

“Is that Dad with the banned treats?   Yes!  We’re SO happy!” says high-leaping Annie Ballerina the Blind Bulldog Beauty and the others. 


Awesome photo: