Rescue Recap- w/e 02/28/10

Posted: February 28th, 2010

Jake & Kronos were adopted this week!

We wish we had more good news to report for adoptions but it’s been a verrrrry slow week both in adoptions AND donations. We really need everyone’s help as we cannot do this without you. We don’t have too many new arrivals this week but it’s not because they’re not out there to be saved. We simply do not have the foster homes or the money to put any more into boarding. We need to find forever homes for these beautiful babies that are currently in our care! C’mon, we know you’re out there and we have many that are waiting just for you!

Just spoke to Jodi on the phone- she met the transport and picked up Mr. Valentine, Cupid and Mallory this morning. Mr. Valentine and Cupid (our Miami demodex puppies) made the journey all the way from FL and Mallory (our heartworm positive girl) comes to us from AL.  Whitey, who we wrote about last week, is also now in ABR’s care. We should have some pictures of the 4 later today.

Thank you for visiting and we hope everyone is having a great weekend!

New Arrivals:

Urgent! Wrinkles is an owner assisted placement and is not in an ABR foster home. He has 2 weeks to find a new home. Here is his writeup: Hello my name is “Wrinkles”… I’m neutered, micro chipped, up to date on all my shots and on heartworm and flea preventative. I’m house broken and have been a house dog all my life. My family is so sad that I have to find another home. You see my daddy is in the military and we have to leave our home here in NC and rent a home in VA and the mean landlord will not let me stay with my family just because I’m a bully breed. That mean o’l landlord doesn’t realize I’m just a big baby that will follow you around and lay around the house. I’m eight years of age but don’t let that fool you look at my pictures I am GORGEOUS!!! I get a little stiff sometimes if I’m lying around being lazy too much but other then that I’m a pup at heart. My only faults are I don’t like kitty cats or small animals. Maybe it’s because I don’t understand why they are jumping around so much and the kitty cats look funny. However I do love kids but please if you give me a chance tell the kids to respect my space when I’m eating or sleeping because even big dogs get scared too. I’m so sad my family can’t keep me but I know they would be so happy if someone would let me be there big guy of the house and love me like they do. Thanks for reading about me I hope you will consider a big guy like me….Love Wrinkles

Wrinkles is currently in NC. View his photo album


Thank you Julie Sweeney for donating to help with Boris’ medical care!

Hi, my name is Boris! This is a picture of me in the car on my way to freedom. I have to wear one of those stupid things around my neck because I have some skin issues, along with a multitude of other medical issues. I’m going to be living in FL with my new foster dad and he’s going to help me to get healthy so I can find my forever home. Here’s a little more about me that Carey wrote on Friday: Here’s our new boy Boris.  Pulled from a high kill shelter in Orlando.  His laundry list of medicals is getting longer every day but I’ll know for sure what his issues are when he gets to the vet.  He definitely has a sore on his foot and has vision issues, possibly scarring due to entropia, filthy nasty ears and teeth and possible skin infection on top of runny nose and gooky eyes.  He’s in transport as I type and everyone from Orlando to S. Florida is in love with him already.  He’s approx. 5 years old and hopefully we can find a wonderful home for him to spend the rest of his life after his owners cast him away to be euth.  He is very sick but still wants to give kisses.  Every time he tries to give you a kiss, a sneeze gets in the way.  He was very badly neglected on top of being in prison…needless to say, he’s going to need a good bath, good food and a lot of rest before he’s strong enough to be neutered.  He will be ready for adoption in about 5 weeks (but don’t let that stop you from filling out an application for me!- Thanks, Boris). View my photo album

We mentioned Julie last week. Here is her writeup: Hey Bulldog Lovers! I’m Julie! I have to tell you, this business of being rescued is… AWESOME! You see, my previous “owners” allowed a normally easily treated condition to turn into what you see now. Along with my demodex, I developed secondary entropion (the eyelashes turn in and continually rub against the eye- know the feeling when you have a fuzzy in your eye? (Julie has that in both eyes, ALL the time). I was picked up by animal control and with my eyes being so squinty, I could barely see anything! All I knew was that I was being lifted into a big dark metal box and then we started moving. It smelled like other dogs, and I could tell they were really scared too. Soon we stopped and I was lifted up again and then a big flash- they took that picture you see of me (can’t a girl get a few minutes to clean up!). After a few pokes (vaccines) I was left in a small run, surrounded by crying, barking, jumping dogs. The stories they told me about a room called A Ward were really scary…I’m just a baby, they wouldn’t do that to a baby would they?! I didn’t know, but while I was so scared at the shelter, 2 volunteers with AB rescue were watching me. Heartbroken because there was no room to save me….until…another wonderful baby Ellie found her forever home! On Valentine’s Day, my 6th day at the shelter, my name was at the top of the daily euthanasia list…a beautiful little life about to be extinguished. But AB rescue wouldn’t let that happen! A last minute stay of execution was ordered. A wonderful friend of AB rescue Denise picked me up and brought me to the trainer, who graciously offerred to take me in for a little while, until my new family finds me! It was like a perfect storm of good luck! I feel so much better now, trainer Dave is keeping my eyes clean and giving me oral medicine for my skin. I’m putting on weight and I’m so happy! I’ve been told I can dance really well, and I love Stevie Wonder, look at my impression! Taking me home would earn you 24/7 tickets to the talent show- lucky you! As my skin gets better (it’s not contagious to anyone- animals or people!), so will my eye condition, and my vision is not impaired….my only problem is that I still need a home! Could that be you? I’m currently in FL. Please put in an application and my friends with AB rescue will call you really soon!
Woofs and Wiggles,

View Julie’s Photo Album

Congratulations to Bronko!! He just graduated from the prison program with flying colors at He is currently in PA and here is his writeup: Bronko would make the BEST companion ever! This cool guy is housebroken, great in the car, calm, quiet, snuggly and really likes female dogs. Bronko is so so appreciative of having a warm home and someone to love. He was turned into a shelter and the guy who owned him actually admitted to leaving him outside chained to a fence. Now Bronko is livin’ the life. He really would make someone a very lucky person!

View Bronko’s Photo Album

Meet Spike & Junior! Spike and Junior are big, well behaved 4 year olds. These two brothers came to us when their owner lost his house. The boys are housebroken, play nicely with other dogs and are very healthy. They rode nicely in the car on the long trip from Michigan. Both are OK with cats, are up-to-date with routine shots, house trained and neutered. They are currently in MD and looking or their forever homes.

View their Photo Album

Hey…. it’s me, Cupid! I JUST arrived in PA this morning. What a really long trip it’s been, all the way from Miami, FL. This is me in the car on the way to my new foster home. Here’s what my new foster mom, Emily, just wrote about me: He is too freaking cute! He’s had his bath and isn’t as stinky. He loves all of his toys and gets along well with our bullies. I’ll send more pictures when he actually holds still!

Check out my photo album

High Five everyone! It’s me, Mallory. I just arrived in PA this morning too…. all the way from AL. I’m a really sweet girl and am getting settled in at my new foster mom’s home. I have heartworms and will be starting my treatment very soon so I need to get some rest. I’m sure my foster mom will write more about me soon. Here’s my photo album.
I just got to PA too!!!! My name is Valentine. I made the trip from Miami with Cupid. I’ve just had a bath (loved, loved, loved the blow dryer!!!!!) and am getting settled in BUT, I have NO idea what this white stuff is here on the ground, hmmmm…… Here’s my photo album

Still waiting…..

It’s me, Jingles! I was on the front page in the 02/07/10 Rescue Recap. Sadly, my foster mom can no longer keep me and I urgently need to find a forever home. I just can’t bear the thought of having to go into boarding after living in a real home. Here’s a little more about me:  Jingles sleeps and snuggles with the four cats in her foster home. She is perfectly housebroken and behaves like a proper southern belle. She also knows how to sit for treats and food. Jingles walks well on a leash, doesn’t mind taking a bath and having her nails trimmed and enjoys playing with male dogs. Jingles is comfortable and gentle around the 8 year old child in her foster home. She was skin and bones when we saved her from certain death in a high-kill shelter. Jingles is in a foster home in PA. Won’t you please consider me?

Jingles’ Photo Album

Hey, it’s Champ here. I am still living in a small kennel at the vet’s office. They’re really good to me here, but I sure could use a place to call my own. I was on the front page on the 02/14/10 Rescue Recap, and sigh, my forever human hasn’t found me yet. I’m currently in MD. Here’s my writeup: Poor Champ was living outside under a porch before we rescued him from a Baltimore neighborhood. He is currently in a very small run at our vet’s office in Reisterstown and has been there for 6 weeks. Champ  really needs a home to call his own. Here’s a little more about him: Champ is 3 yrs. old, 65 lbs., loves car rides, walks fairly well on a leash, plays nicely with other dogs and was raised with children. His previous owner tells us that he was well behaved in their house. He’s a healthy, athletic boy who is intelligent and eager to please. He has a bit of a prey drive, so probably not well suited for a home with cats or small dogs. He loves playing with large and medium sized dogs.

View Champ’s Photo Album.

We’re still looking for a Hospice situation for our big, beautiful girl Cinda who is in renal failure. She’s currently at Jodi’s in PA and has her own bedroom but really needs a quiet home with no other dogs. Here is Cinda’s writeup: We are looking for a Hospice Home for Cinda. She is in Renal failure. We do not know how much time she has. She is in a foster home but we are looking for another home without multiple dogs. We are looking for someone to baby her all day, feed her 5 meals a day and where she doesn’t have to deal with other younger dogs pestering her. Cindarella was found in the mountains frozen to the ground under a deck. As you can see from the photos, she is emaciated, a walking skeleton. She weighed in at 76 pounds at the vet. She really needs to be close to 100 pounds. Her ears were filthy but she let me clean them while she licked me to say “thank you”. Cutting her nails was not an issue either. She lives for love. She can’t get enough of people. She is fine with other dogs so far but we have only tried her with calm -gentle dogs as she is too weak to play.

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Meet Mario and Luigi…The Super Mario Bros. =) They are almost 4 months old now and are ready to go to their forever homes. They made their way up from Georgia with their mom Nellie right before Christmas and are now big enough to go out into the world on their own. We are not sure what breeds could be all mixed up in them. It’s quite a mystery but they sure are cute! Although they are a dynamic duo we will NOT be placing them together! They are already way too rough with each other and that will only cause problems in the future as they get older. Mario is the smaller of the two. He has the cutest brindle patch around one eye. He is the more busy boy who ALWAYS wants to play. He LOVES tennis balls and already knows how to play fetch ! He just wants to Go…Go…Go! Luigi is the bigger boy. He is completely white except for one little brown ear and the cutest brown nose. He is playful too but he is also quite the snuggler! He gives the sweetest puppy kisses. These 2 cuties are currently in PA. View their photo album.


I’m doing great!

Hey Guys! It’s me, Stinky 1. I know everyone’s been really worried about me but I’m doing just GREAT after my surgery. My foster mom and dad are taking excellent care of me and I couldn’t be happier. I’m learning to get around just fine. Lot’s of pictures have been added to our (me and my brother, Stinky 2) photo album so check them out!

We wrote about Queen Annie, our little blind girl with terminal cancer in our 01/31/10 recap. Here’s an update from her dad Pablo- 

Attached please find some silly Annie pics.  Val and I just adore Annie Banannie as she has the best attitude and is so very loving.

Bulldogs rock!  Annie has made us Bulldog believers.  :-)~

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Hi! My name is Jake and I was adopted this week. Check out my Happy Tail page.

Thank you’s!

Thank you to Tom for the really nice note- Hello, Its nice to see you guys taking care of these great animals. I have a 11 year old female and she seems to be getting old quickly. Your website is informative and seems to be up to date – job well done. Tom
A big thank you to Pam for donating 2 Phillies tickets for us to raffle off on our March 11 fund raising event at the Blue Dog Family Tavern!!!!